I’ve been dealing with one of the longest and hardest PMS cycle in a long time. It’s been going on for over 8 days and still no period. I feel miserable, fatigued, in pain and cranky. It’s just not a pleasant thing to experience or have to live with. Poor Master has been so sweet but I know he’d be happier if my period would come along too.

I had some energy this morning and cleaned the kitchen counters and scrubbed the sink but that’s about it. Then I got tired. After Master got up I went to do grocery shopping, which is a chore in itself since I have to read labels on everything. When I got home I was beat. I had over done it I guess. I just can’t explain the fatigue that I experience. After a nap I still felt horrible.

It’s not fair – really not. I’ve had my meds increased, I’ll go for more lab tests next week and another dr appt 2 weeks after that. I really need to figure out why I’m so tired all the time.

Now, with all that, I’m turning my focus to weight loss again. I let it get lazy. I’ve picked up the low carb lifestyle again because it works well with my natural eating and with my gluten free living. I really do need to work on losing weight. Hopefully I can get some energy to start exercising again. Gotta get moving again.