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The past couple of days I’ve recovered from my surgery but my carpal tunnel flared up and my trick knee is swollen. It’s making my one pain swapped for another. I’m quite annoyed by the whole thing. It’s like I never catch a break.

I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend. So is Master. But we do have plans. Pointy plans. I’ve asked Master for a needle scene and he has agreed that it would be grand fun. I’m hoping for an endorphin high, I could use the pleasure of that. Master will no doubt want sex afterwards.

Master took me out to get ice cream tonight. Yummy ice cream. I love when he treats me special. I know I am special to him, but it’s these unexpected things that remind me of that.


Master wants a fucking machine. And when I say he ¬†wants one what I really mean is that eventually, soon even, we will have one and I’ll get to ride it until I can’t ride it anymore and then he’ll add more lube. :P

This is the one that we have our eyes on.

Click the picture to be taken to the site and specs

It’s a double penetrator but the beauty of it is that each of the two units is independent and it can be turned to have one cock on each side so that he can fuck both froggy and me at the same time ;) Yup. Soon I think.

Next Saturday the local munch will be having a demonstration of a numerous amount of sex machines and a raffle for a Fuck Saw. Master is going whole hog on that one if he can.

Honestly I can’t wait. I’ve always wanted to experience machine sex and it’s going to be a grand addition to our play.


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This Will Pinch

On Friday I got a new IUD inserted. It would have been an easy process if the old one hadn’t lost its strings and they had to dilate and go hunting for it. Ouch! On top of that the ob/gyn said that my uterus was at a sharp angle so not easy to work in. She had to employ cervical forceps and the ultrasound to get the new one in right. I’m recovering since it was so involving. Pain, so much pain. I’ll be back to normal in a week they said. But now I’m set for another 12 years now.

Master has been great with my recovery. He’s taken care of me, made me relax and even rubbed my belly when it was really hurting. He never ceases to amaze me with his caring patient attitude.

I’m so behind on where I normally am as far as writing is concerned. Hopefully I can get going tomorrow since I’m not allowed to do a lot of housework yet.

In other news Master and froggy had a great time away on their own for her birthday. They came back all smiles and exhausted. Which is good since I’m out of commission for a bit. I had a good time on my own as well watching movies and relaxing.

Well that’s it for now folks. I’m off to rest.



I wish I could curse

I’m not feeling well and the (tons of curse words here) cats have kept me up all night running around, meowing at the top of their voice and jumping on me! I’m pissed at them and wish they’d understand that they are in the great big dog house for a long time because I just can’t put up with not feeling well and dealing with their behavior.

I sound like a mom but really feeling icky is not the time to pretend I’m an amusement park. It’s the time to lay down and purr and snuggle with me.




I have major bad for me food cravings going on right now. I want sandwiches and pasta and fried foods. I want cake and cookies and pie. It’s just insane!

So at the grocery store I purchased Gluten Free Bisquick so that I can make waffles or pancakes later on to help with the urge for food that will make me sick. Hopefully that will take care of that need.

This week has been going by really slow for me. I’m sure froggy can say the same since she and Master have a date night on Sunday. I can’t say I won’t enjoy myself because I will! I may have to change my mind on the kind of movies I’m going to watch though. I’m pretty emotional so sappy movies are out. Any good classic comedy? Maybe a drama? I dunno.

Tonight is the sub forum and I’m putting together the notes for it now. It should be a good topic if I can get people to talk about patience or the lack of it. I know I’m terrible with patience personally. I’m very much a gotta have it now sort of person. Master on the other hand has patience in surplus, I don’t know how he does it sometimes.


The Little Things

  • Master gives me his wedding ring to watch over while he showers.
  • Sneaking out from his office to just give me a kiss.
  • Wiggling his ass at me on his way back to the office.
  • Letting me have pop when I’ve had a hard day.
  • Checking in on me when I’m napping.
  • Ordering it for me even though I haven’t asked!
  • Those understanding eyes that look right through me.
  • Telling me every day that he loves me.

These are just a few of the little things he does each day that remind me how wonderful I have it, how special the man is in my life and just how hard I will work to continue to make him happy.

I’ve done a lot of reflecting recently – probably because of all the added stress at the moment. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have Master and now froggy in my life.

Speaking of froggy; she and Master get to spend a whole night together for her birthday without me! I know she’s super excited – but I also know Master is looking forward to it too. It’s been weeks since we’ve seen her. I dunno what they have planned but to be a fly on the wall in that hotel room, let me tell you!

I, on the other hand, are looking forward to having the whole place to myself. Since Master moved here I have not had a single day alone in our home. Not one. Bring on the sappy movies and ice cream!


PS: For those of you who said, “pee on a stick,” I did. Then my period came. So we are back to normal. Or at least somewhat normal. Thanks for the concern.


Needing Time

A lot of things going on in our life right now have increased the stress at home. I think this weekend we’ll be spending a lot of time close to each other and reconnecting. I think we need that.

I’m sure there will be a time to talk about everything going on but this isn’t it.

I’m going to make this clear though so you don’t start to assume anything. KM and froggy and I are fine. We are closer than close. It has nothing to do with us.


Long Enough

I’ve been dealing with one of the longest and hardest PMS cycle in a long time. It’s been going on for over 8 days and still no period. I feel miserable, fatigued, in pain and cranky. It’s just not a pleasant thing to experience or have to live with. Poor Master has been so sweet but I know he’d be happier if my period would come along too.

I had some energy this morning and cleaned the kitchen counters and scrubbed the sink but that’s about it. Then I got tired. After Master got up I went to do grocery shopping, which is a chore in itself since I have to read labels on everything. When I got home I was beat. I had over done it I guess. I just can’t explain the fatigue that I experience. After a nap I still felt horrible.

It’s not fair – really not. I’ve had my meds increased, I’ll go for more lab tests next week and another dr appt 2 weeks after that. I really need to figure out why I’m so tired all the time.

Now, with all that, I’m turning my focus to weight loss again. I let it get lazy. I’ve picked up the low carb lifestyle again because it works well with my natural eating and with my gluten free living. I really do need to work on losing weight. Hopefully I can get some energy to start exercising again. Gotta get moving again.



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