I made a lasagna tonight with GF rice noodles. It was okay but the noodles turned to real mush. I prefer my noodles a bit more firm. It wasn’t a total fail though since it did take care of the lasagna craving and I have 2 more servings to freeze for later.

I also made Master a banoffee pie. I had never heard of it before he talked about it. And when he talked about it he’d get that “oh my gosh” look on his face. I knew I had to make it for him someday. I made this recipe from the Food Network’s Claire Robinson; http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/claire-robinson/banoffee-mess-recipe/index.html .

He said that it was awesome!

I go see my mom on Friday, she needs some more computer school (LOL) and we’re going out to lunch. It should be a nice day and I’m looking forward to it.

Saturday is a munch that I’m leading one of the topics. I feel a bit unprepared even though its an activity that I’ve been engaged in for 8 years – orgasm play. I have notes and I’m sure I can pull it off without a problem.

Froggy comes up again this weekend. Should be a good time. She’ll be here in time for the munch. Not sure what we are doing, but I know I’m making a crock pot roast.

Boy I’m talking food a lot tonight. Let’s call it.