Nothing really exciting to talk about today. It was a good weekend though.

Hung out with friends on Saturday night and had a great time chatting about anything and everything. froggy will be up again next weekend for the munch and the day. Things are going well over all.

Just a great life we lead right now.

Tonight I even told Master that I think I’m getting better with “wanting” to give blowjobs. It’s been a long long time but I actually felt just fine offering myself for a blowjob and had fun doing it!

I weighed in today 1 lb down from last week. I hope I can hang on to it! I’m way off from the goal I’ve set myself but I do hope to continue losing. I’m going to exercise tomorrow morning.

Zeus has been really clingy lately. I’m not sure why. He’s a cuddle cat for sure, but he’s been demanding for attention. It’s hard to figure out. Here he comes again for me attention. Hrm.