This post is going to be all about sex so if you don’t want to read about sex then I suggest you skip this post now.

Still here? Good.

Today was a great fucking day. Master is like a kid in a candy store when it comes to sex. He loves all of it. That little smile he gets when he says, “I love making you come on command because I get to give you lots of orgasms.” I love it too Master, I really do.

I feel like I’m being pounded into the bed most of the time and it’s fantastic. He gets that I love it hard and deep. I’m such a slut at times in bed.

And then, going through our sex toy chest, he comments, “We have a lot of sex toys!” Uh-huh, boy do we and I don’t expect it will get any smaller. Besides we need bigger, giant toys to stuff in wet places, don’t we? I think so.

Master has had me looking at fucking machines. We’ll be getting one in the next year or so. I want one that is adjustable, can have 2 dildos attached to it or be out of the way enough for Master to ride me while I’m being fucked too. I want to fulfill that DP fantasy even more. He can’t wait to tie me down and watch me get fucked with it. Oh yes, such fun will be had!

Tonight Master gave me an orgasm that was one of those whoosh orgasms (reference Eddie Murphy). He said he will keep me forever because of those orgasms. Heh. I think there’s more to him than that, but hell – it’s sure a bonus!

He had me so hot for him after that I asked, no begged to suck his cock. And I really wanted to! It is so much better when I have primal desires and I react to them. I think Master would agree. Slut space rocks.

I’ve never had so much fulfilling and satisfying sex in my life than I have with Master. He just gets me.