The sex we had this morning was hot and sexy for me. It felt like a spiritual connection, a melding of minds and bodies. I’m certain that for Master it was just sex, but well, it was fantastic.

It’s not often that I feel this way during sex. It’s more like just sex, fucking, being used. Passion and pleasure. The connection is special and unique each and every time it occurs.

The AC guys were here again today. This time they found a crack in our furnace coil. That means we get a new furnace. It also means the blower fan will be high powered enough to cool the apartment with the new AC unit. Took them long enough – it also explains the excessive headaches we had this winter and maybe even the sinus problems.

Gonna make Master some brownies tomorrow before I leave for the submissive forum.  I’m looking forward to seeing him smile when he has yummy chocolate brownies to eat :)

Well, I’m off. I really hope I’ll have more to say on Friday.