May 2012

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… and when Master is stressed ain’t nobody happy.

He’s been under a lot of strain at work. Deadlines, bug fixes, huge problems and a headache to fight through to get it all done on time. I do not envy him right now. He’s been taking it out on anyone in his path – which is usually me and it hurts.

I feel used and violated, neglected and lonely when he gets this way. It’s not his fault, it’s merely a result from his stress. I’m doing the best I can to give him  his space so that he can work.

The AC is installed, the electrician was here today wiring it up and now we just need the heating and cooling people to do a final check and get it working. Just in time for cool weather. Yeah, it’s not supposed to be above 80 for at least 5 days. Oh the irony.

I am still sampling gluten free foods when I can. Went to the store today and picked up some GF chocolate chip cookies. Reading the label they are not only gluten free but nut free, egg free and dairy free. I haven’t a clue what they are made of but they taste pretty darned good. Almost like a chips ahoy cookie.  I also bought some sorghum flour to replace the soy flour in the AP flour mix I made because I’m just not liking the soy flavor. I’ve never had sorghum flour but it came recommended as a replacement in the mix. Anyway the pancakes and pizza crust I’ve made from recipes from rock.

Master’s insistence that I walk 4 times a week is hard. I only did 3 times last week and once so far this week. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain so I hope I can get a walk in between storms or something. I’m tracking my walks with and it’s fantastic. It uses my phone’s GPS to log my walk, avg speed, pace, distance and time. That way I can notice how I’m doing.

I had to buy a new vacuum this week, our old one died. Isn’t it amazing how much suction a new vacuum has compared to an old one? I vacuumed 3 times the first time I used it and emptied full canisters each time. Insane. Of course now the carpets look a lot cleaner and that makes me happy.

So that’s about it for me lately.


Happy Memorial Day everyone. I hope you spent the day with those you love. We have been suffering the heat because, I’m not sure if I told you yet, our central air has been broken this summer. Actually it broke last fall but I didn’t tell them until March. They are *hopefully* replacing the unit this next week. I told them I wasn’t happy paying full rent if one of the amenities hasn’t worked since March. It’s an awful long time to decide on a plan to replace the current system if you ask me.

The heat (up to 82 inside) has made us cranky, have headaches and just not want to be around each other. We’ve taken turns in the bedroom where the landlord supplied a window unit but the white noise gets to Master quickly. He’s really sensitive to sounds whereas I prefer to have music or sounds going all the time. It could be due to the fact that I have tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and prefer to try to drown out the ringing which is constant and annoying.

We are just a week away from our one year wedding anniversary. Master has planned to go to the sushi and Japanese steak house for dinner and go to the jeweler to purchase a pair of earrings for me. I had an idea for a gift for Master but he didn’t seem interested in it so I’m back to the drawing board. I have ideas but I’m not sure of any of them just yet. Suggestions are welcome but I’m trying to stick to the traditional anniversary gift list, which is paper for the first year. Modern is clocks and since we both have new wrist watches that one it out anyhow.

Next weekend I have a one day mini-vacation with Mom. We are going to visit grandma’s grave, some relatives and have a small shopping excursion.  Master has demanded that I not allow her to purchase anything for me and that all food and expenses are covered as well. I’ve told her that it’s a gift from him to treat us – when I know it’s because he is concerned for her financial welfare. It’s sweet of him.

I’ve experimented this week with a few gluten-free baked goods. I made pancakes which turned out fantastic and pizza crust. The crust I think needed some proofing time which I will allow for next chance I get. The great thing about this crust is that it has yeast and you knead it just like “the real thing” so it feels normal. The AP flour mix I made is okay, but next time I’m definitely going to replace the soy flour with sorghum flour. I just don’t like the soy flavor. Of course I’ve never had sorghum either but that was recommended as an alternative if you don’t like or can’t have soy.

Other than that life is pretty normal lately. Oh, except the new training for orgasm on command. But that’s for another post ;)


Now we are on to Saturday night’s party. I had contacted a good Dominant friend of ours who is experienced in saline infusions. She had mentioned several times at munches that she’d love to do a demo of a breast infusion. Now at first I wan’t so sure I wanted to try it but it didn’t take me long to get on board. Master was really excited to try it – who wouldn’t want bigger boobs? When I visited her on Wednesday she showed me the 4″ needles that she would be putting in my breasts. I have to admit I was scared.

Once we went back to the hotel to change for the party we were back and ready to play. The infusion was first on the list of fun to be had and we got all set up in a place with good lighting and she laid out the tools. I was beginning to get nervous but honestly once the needle touched my breast I was waiting for pain. She placed it horizontal to my chest, not directly in (just FYI), piercing the breast from the side.

There wasn’t what I thought to be pain. It was the normal pinch that a needle is and then… nothing? She explained that since we were going lower in the tissue that the pain would be less, and she wasn’t kidding. When the needle was seated all the way in she was ready to force saline into my breast.

As that happened the sensation was like a burning tingle. The tissues stretched and the needle was moved about 1/2″ every 5cc’s or so. For my first infusion I got 70cc’s in each breast. They looked fantastic!

While I was feeling high Master prepared to play with froggy. My part was to sit and watch, and watching his face while he plays is so very hot. I loved it. He was so intense with her that I was getting floaty just watching it.

(I’m not going to share what he did with froggy, that’s her story to tell.)

When they finished I cleaned up the station while she got aftercare in a corner.

That wasn’t the end of the night, but the time was running out for the space so playing with me couldn’t happen like we had planned. By that time I needed something and asked Master if I could just get a few minutes right there where we were. I asked him to slap my newly inflated breasts.

He started right off; again why pass up huge tits, right? OMG it sent me to heaven almost instantly. And I laughed. I laughed and laughed with joy just feeling so very good and fantastic. I tried so hard not to laugh but it was just the emotion that my body was giving me. It hurt don’t get me wrong but it was so damned good!

A fantastic party, a great time and bigger boobs that lasted 3 days! That was Mischief in May. I can’t wait for next year :)


Saturday we began the day of classes and education. Our first class was at 9am – Fisting. I don’t know how the bottoms warmed up for fisting that early in the morning but the presenter Mistress Joanne was really interesting and well knowledgeable.

I didn’t really learn anything new from this class other than the myriad of lubes available and the fun one called J-Lube. Which is a birthing agent for large animals. It comes in powder form and mixed with water the texture is like mucus, she said. That gave me the heeby jeebies. Just the thought of that texture against my genitals doesn’t sound good.

The next class was quite entertaining. It was on orgasm play. The presenters, RuleofThree and Naughty Freckles had a great time discussing orgasm denial, control and orgasm on command.

Orgasm on command attracted both Master and myself. We had orgasm control as a part of our relationship since the beginning. Master realized that we were just 3/4 of the way from having orgasm on command work. It sounds quite interesting! He demonstrated orgasm on command with his girl sitting in the front row. Quite fascinating indeed.

I like that he covered how an orgasm happens and the physical symptoms that an orgasm is imminent. Master watches me closely and can already figure that out. Orgasm on command is in my future.

The last class of the day (we skipped the one right after lunch) was role play. It’s something that froggy has an interest in and I’m terrible role playing. Master isn’t really into it but he’s willing to try with froggy. I enjoyed hearing about different forms of role play and it sparks my desire to have costumes for playtime.

I have asked Master before for more lingerie and maybe he’ll be interested in doing that to bring spice to our sex life.

That concludes the day of classes. Friday I’ll talk about the play party!


Mischief in May was awesome! There is so much to talk about that I will likely take all week to cover everything I want to cover.

First, Friday and froggy.

We met up with froggy for lunch before the Submissive Guide meetup and I was already looking forward to the weekend both for Master and I and for watching froggy with Master. He has a very different relationship with her and it’s so much fun to watch.

Apparently Master had a lot of fun every time I disappeared. He told me he had 7 orgasms that day and I know I was only involved in 2! She had just as much fun I heard.

We went to the meet and mingle for the event and got to visit with a bunch of people that were going to be at the event on Saturday. I enjoy socializing but Master had to give me the boot to actually do so instead of sitting at a table. When he finally did though I had a great time talking to people.

After the meet we went to a late dinner at Cracker Barrel. Nothing eventful there but after we returned to the hotel fun was to be had!

We got naked and snuggled, froggy in her bed and Master and I in ours. I started to get Master excited and gave him a blow job. Half way through I asked him if he would like to have froggy suck on his nipples. Without hesitation he called her over. I had fun listening to his enjoyment and drawing a good orgasm out of him.

Then…. we switched places and froggy gave him another blow job while I enjoyed Master’s kiss, necking and nipples. He’s so different with her down on him and it was hot.

This was the first time we (Master and I) had another person in our sex play. I was very hesitant but learned there wasn’t anything to fear. I’m not bisexual so it had to be clear that I wasn’t to be involved with froggy and she was okay with that. It was all about Master.  I had a ton of fun and it was only Friday night!


Off to Mischief

I have just enough time while my coffee cools a bit to get my post in for today.

We are getting ready to go to Mischief in May and I’m so excited! It’s going to be a great time and is a stepping stone for Master and myself for getting out to events. Although I did help plan this one, I think it still counts.

This afternoon I’m having my first ever Submissive Guide meet up. So far I’ve had almost a dozen people say they are attending. I was hoping for at least 2 so I think I’ll be thrilled. (Iowa is small, I never expected a lot of fan base here.)

In other news my car needs some repairs. I noticed the other day that a piece of rusty metal was hanging down near my tail pipe. Turns out it’s my muffler split open! Ah well, old cars tend to need things more frequently. Tuesday I go have that fixed along with getting 2 new tires.

Well that’s it folks, we are off for the weekend. See you Monday!


Lots to Do

I’ve been on a lot of errands lately with hardly any time to rest. I almost forgot to blog today which would have been a disaster since I’m supposed to. Can’t forget the rules!

The other day I got a mani/pedi and loved the attention. I also go my eyebrows waxed in preparation for the event this weekend. I need to shave really well yet on Friday and Master has requested that I curl my hair with my hot rollers on Saturday.

I’m so excited for the event, there is so much I enjoy about these things from the people and the costumes/ fetish wear to the presentations and the play. It just feels so adrenaline-pumping good fun.

Master just came up to me while I was writing and waved his cock in my face so we had a good fuck over the edge of the couch and I had a great moaning good time. I love it when spur of the moment fun happens. *grin*

Tomorrow I have a lot of preparation work to do and packing. I’m going to try my best to stay home tomorrow so that I can get that stuff done.


Got in Trouble

Have you missed me?

I got in trouble. I let the house get really messy and Master had had enough. I’m lax in my cleaning and it’s a primary duty of mine. I hate cleaning but it was something I agreed to do when he pulled me from the workforce so I had to keep up my end of the bargin.

I didn’t so he took away all of my computers. I had my phone but that’s so limited. I didn’t get the computer back for a week. It was painful but I cleaned and cleaned and worked hard to get the house back to a maintainable level. It was that bad.

I’m getting better now, and if I slip up I know what I’m going to lose. It was hard since so much of what I do is online.

We are preparing to go to a BDSM convention this weekend, the three of us, froggy, Master and I. It will be a fun time and I can’t wait!


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