how were your rules lay out and what was your thinking on them as well as your master ?

My rules were planned from the beginning. I still have the first file that had 10 rules on it from when Master and I were long distance, online only. Rules are formed as a way to change my behavior, shift my thinking or to please Master.

How each one comes about is a random process. Recently, the rules come from me. I suggest something to Master and he says, “I like that, do it.” And that’s a new rule. That’s how the 3 second rule was started. Other times they come about as a way to change my behavior or habits in a way that pleases Master.

New rules are always hard, but any sort of behavior changes or habit shifts are hard. It’s filled with growing pains and adjustments on both of our part to incorporate it into our lives. They are a necessary part of my submission though as I don’t function well without them.

Once the rule is a habit I don’t even have to think of them anymore. They are just a normal part of who I am and how I interact with the world around me.

I hope that answers your question.


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