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March Q&A – 11

Master wants me to start wearing make-up, but I have never really worn make-up before. Any tips or tricks on were to start?

I am by far not a make-up guru but I’ll do my best with giving you some tips. Starting to wear makeup can be a daunting task. You see people with so much makeup; foundations and bronzers, eyeshadow palettes, 100′s of lipsticks and blushes. It can get confusing. So, start small. Look in the mirror and pick your favorite facial feature. Is it your eyes, cheeks or lips?  If so, start by learning how to apply makeup to that feature to enhance it. I started with my lips because Master always said he loved red lips.

Then go to Youtube and search for make up tutorials on “easy, simple makeup tutorials.” You’ll find hundreds to watch and try and copy. Don’t worry if you don’t have the same brands of make up that they use, as long as you try to have similar colors you’ll get a similar look. Some people get too hung up on the brands but when you are first starting just get what you can afford.

Practice. Practice when you have time to remove it if it looks funny. You don’t want to try something new and then leave the house looking like a clown! LOL. Trust me though, starting with one feature and then once you are comfortable doing another it will come easier to you.

My favorite Youtube Makeup Guru: MakeupbyTiffanyD


Still Healing

I’m feeling quite a bit better today but Master is still coughing up a lung. I went to the British food store and got some reminders of home sick care – Ribena and Lucozade. I guess that would be the same as if I were to go get 7Up and Orange juice.

We are still healing, of course, so things haven’t been happening here at all.

A good friend of ours had a huge accident yesterday. She fell and broke her nose and her neck. Thankfully it was a stable fracture so there is no paralysis. She’s got a long road to recovery though. She’s in high spirits which is good.  I’m still worried about her.

Other than that I don’t have a whole lot to say.


March Q&A – 10

What is Domestic Servitude?

Domestic servitude is providing domestic services in a D/s dynamic. So, everything that would be considered household chores are under the domestic umbrella. This could also include childcare, budgeting and lawn maintenance. It’s considered servitude or submission when the submissive is the one doing these things at the charge of the Dominant and not by some other unspoken rule of living or by happenstance.

Master commonly jokes that the reason he has a submissive is that he never has to wash dishes. And that’s true. I think he’s done them only a handful of times (when I’m sick) since we got together 7.5 years ago.

Thanks for the question!



We are both down with bronchitis. Fevers are breaking just now. That is all.

March Q&A – 9

Do you have any tips for good Spring Cleaning? I was asked to clean our bedroom specifically, but I would love to be able to get to the rest of the house after doing that and surprise Him?

I don’t have any honestly. I follow other people’s advice on cleaning since I really don’t love it. danae on Domestic Servitude just reposted her Spring Cleaning lists if that will help you. I also recommend Those two sites have helped my cleaning tremendously.


March Q&A – 8

Dear lunaKM,

I will admit I’m a bit young (mid-teen, to be specific) and of course, I am just discovering various ways to explore sexual prowess. And what appeals to me most is the idea of being a submissive on the BDSM scene.

So here’s my question: When is a good time to jump into stuff like this? (I understand I’m too young. I can wait.) And, when did you happen to decide YOU were into submission?

Hi there. It’s okay that you are discovering what makes you unique as far as your sexuality and I would strongly suggest you wait until you are 18 for any offline, face-to-face exploration. I also wouldn’t jump into it. I’d dip a toe here, test the waters there. Learn how to be safe and still enjoy yourself because there are a lot of real dangers to BDSM and meeting people for relationships of any kind.

Realizing I wanted to be submissive took time. I knew from early in my sexual experience (started at 19) I was kinky. I enjoyed being tied up, held down, forced to do things and rough sex. About 2 years into my first marriage I became bored with the sex I was having and wanted more. I stumbled, almost literally, upon a yahoo profile of someone who said they were a Dominant and it intrigued me. I messaged him and we struck up a conversation.

Now, for 2 years I still never really realized I could be submissive; what I did know was that my kinky nature was a lot deeper than I had realized. I don’t think I realized I was submissive and wanted to open up that personality in me until I started attending BDSM groups in 2003. That’s when I realized that what makes me happiest is when I’m submitting. Learning to enhance those personality traits appealed to me greatly and that’s when I started to really identify as submissive and not just a kinky bottom with sub tendencies.

I hope this answered your question!


I have an icky cough today. I really wish my immune system were stronger so that every time I went out to be social I didn’t come home with an illness. It seems like I get something every month after a munch or other gathering anymore.

I hurt my back late last week so I’ve been taking it easy anyhow, which is frustrating because while I enjoy sitting around, when I don’t want to I still have to. That stinks. Master is taking it in stride but I know he’s frustrated too.

The Submissive Forum that I host once a month had a really good discussion last night. It inspired me to write a post for if I can concentrate enough to get it done today.

The gym membership will be cancelled at the end of this month. I didn’t make it to the gym 10 times; but only once. So, as the deal stated, it’s gone. That means I’ll have to work out at home and walk. No biggie really but I liked using the machines. Obviously not well enough to get my ass to the gym though.

Master and I have been struggling…. okay… I have been still struggling with initiating and being decisive for sex. I understand where Master is coming from but I don’t have any solid clue how to correct or change my behavior or lack thereof. I’m worried that the more I disappoint him in the bedroom the more he’ll want to seek it elsewhere. It terrifies me.

I really should talk about this more but I’m currently still not able to focus. Hopefully later I’ll readdress it. It must be corrected…

I have several questions yet to answer for March Question month and I will likely get to those in the next couple of days. Promise!


March Q&A – 7

What can a single submissive do to further her training by herself in preparation for meeting her future Dom?

There are a lot of things that a single submissive can do to improve themselves and prepare for a life long dream of service to someone.

1. Know what you want and need when it comes to a relationship and yourself. Make sure that when someone asks you what it is you want in a relationship you can tell them without saying, “to serve(submit) to you.” It’s okay to be selfish and want things for yourself, it is your life too after all.

2. Ask a lot of questions of senior, more experienced submissives. You can learn a lot about yourself just by asking the right and wrong questions of others who have been where you are. Read everything you can, remembering to take it all with a grain of salt. None of it is the “Bible truth” and you need to use only what you find appealing and toss the rest.

3. Create a personal protocol for your behavior and learn good habits, removing old negative ones. Include gentlemanners and etiquette; it’s a good skill to have no matter who you are.

4. Work on removing all debt you may have. Clean up your finances and sweep away the cobwebs in your closet. Everyone comes into relationships with baggage, but you can start now by working away some of it so you have less to lay on the table.

5. Serve the community. If you have a drive to serve find a community you can be a part of. This can be the local BDSM community, or a charity, or perhaps volunteer at the local nursing home. Anything that gets you into a position to help others will help feed your submissive need and keep that sub frenzy down.

I hope these ideas help!


Now until the end of the month I am taking your questions. You can ask me personal questions or general BDSM/kink related ones. Commenting is anonymous or you can send me an email:

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