February 2012

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Date Night Wait

Master is working another late night. I didn’t see him at all on Monday and yesterday was only a brief visit. He’s been in the home office, working hard to get to a deadline for his job. I miss him but I know that I have to make some sacrifice to get the wonderful things we need with his income.

So tonight’s date night is on hold. I went and got Applebee’s to go and maybe we’ll go out when he’s done and get a slice of pie. Who knows?

Friday Master says he’ll play with those needles in my tits and pussy lips. I’m excited and nervous. One of my protection measures for medical needles has been that I have to watch the needle. If he goes to my pussy lips I won’t be able to see so it will make me more nervous when he goes there. I’ve already told him that my clit is a hard limit. Nothing sharp is going there. No way.

Today I made him a few new toys. They are intense, that’s for sure. Here is Thumper and Poppa Thumper.

Saturday Master has a play date. I’ve given him the go ahead for manual sexual stimulation of his partner if he wants. It will be the first time  I’ve allowed anything sex related to happen with his play mates.

I’m really struggling with finding the line for his play partners like I used to. My trust and confidence in our solidity of relationship somehow makes it less obvious that I have a line. I don’t know where the line is. Of course, I know he’d like to get a blow job from her and I’m working on seeing if I have a problem with it.

The only problem I currently have is that I don’t want to have a new yardstick. I work so hard to get over my blow job issues that if she’s ubber awesome I will have to work even harder to get there. Sounds silly when I write it out. I dunno. I have until Saturday to figure out if I’m okay with it for that play date.

Moving on, I made a pledge to go to the gym to make it worth the $55 we pay on it each month.  If I go at least 10 times  I think it will be worth keeping the membership. If I fail to go to the gym at least 10 times in March then Master agrees that we should give up the gym membership and go back to using DVDs and exercising without the gym. I hope I get my ass to the gym. I prefer the elliptical to exercising at home.


1000 Needles

The needles arrived today. Master gave me permission to purchase the rest of the supplies needed for a basic needle kit so I rushed out the door to Walmart to pick up the supplies. I’m so excited to try a scene with them, just he and I. I’m hoping for intimate and painful, bonding and pleasurable all at once.

We got 22G and 20G needles. I even have friends offering up their different gauge needles for us to try something different! Cavicide wipes are coming from Amazon and should be here tomorrow/Wednesday. At the store I got alcohol prep pads, sharps container, gloves, a small spray bottle for alcohol (we already have 70% in the fire kit), a metal tray for his prep of the instruments and a plastic case to put it all in. I threw in a few trash bags for good measure.

Now some day I hope to have a needle corset on my side or back. I think it would be quite sexy even on my round flesh. For now I know Master and I will just experiment with placements, pain-creating, and other tests. He’s not really an artist so any designs would be to appease me I think. It’s the pain reaction he’s looking for.

Perhaps we’ll get a chance with them when he’s done with this deadline he’s working towards.


Pretty Hot

Master and I just got back from a trip to Walmart for last night food cravings. We usually get doughnuts, which we did. Also, Master is craving a pizza sub so we got the stuff to make those also.

I tend to enjoy these sorts of trips because it means I’m up later than my bedtime and I get doughnuts!

Tonight Master ripped the clothes right off of me and fucked me good. It was fantastic! I don’t recall a time where he ripped my clothing off before. Thankfully I had hoped he would do something like that and put on a piece of lingerie that I wouldn’t mind destroyed. And yet I didn’t tell him that was the plan. I walked to his office in it and waited for him to notice me.

When he did he got up and came to me and asked if I was fond of the outfit. When I admitted I wasn’t I could see a flame jump in his eyes.

And it was hot, he was aggressive and fierce. It made me so juicy.

It’s hard not to love fucking Master. He’s a good fuck.


Thursday Notes

I don’t normally blog today but I’m bored so what can I say?

Master allowed me to purchase our first quantity of needles today. I purchased 20 and 22 gauge needles from MTSLEnterprises. I’m quite excited to try a full scene with them. The three that I got to test last weekend were fantastic.

(Oh and BTW, if anyone has even better prices with their supplier, let me know!)

There’s something about needles that make it more about the intimate connection between the two people – the penetration of my skin, the trust I hold with Master than with the pain involved. While I know Master and he will make it painful; I know that I will feel spiritually connected to him while he does it.

I am looking forward to one day have a full corset (similar to this one) down my back. Laced and looking pretty. Maybe for an entire play party. Who knows!

I also purchased some Cavicide wipes for area prep. When the needles arrive Master said we can go to the drug store and get the other items (sharps container, alcohol prep pads, bandaids, gloves, storage container for the kit and a prep tray if he doesn’t like any of the trays I don’t use already).

Talking about play, Master and I want to play this weekend. It’s been awhile since we had a scene – most of our play is spontaneous and happens with sex in mind. I’m hoping we finally try out the leather strap that we got from BDSM-Gear a long while ago for review. I’m sure starla is wondering if we’ll ever get around to it.

I’ve been so happy that my sex drive has returned at least a little bit. It reminds me how wonderful it is to be a woman when you feel desirable and turned on. I’m actually watching porn more often just to have that feeling of being sexually excited. It’s just a great feeling.

Master seems happy but perplexed. Like today. I’m in migraine hangover so doing anything sexy sounds completely not possible and yet I’ve watched some porn and enjoyed the feelings in my pussy. I feel so alive!


Always Amazed

I am constantly amazed at the level of service that I provide Master. It doesn’t come to me without another person bringing it to my attention, it has become just a part of who I am. Last night during the Submissive Forum that I facilitate we talked about submissive resumes as a personal learning tool. While I was discussing the idea of the binder it struck me how much of my life is changed and decided for me.

I do remember a time where I pushed against any changes in my behavior or mood. I’m sure I have more changing to do and I’m always working on my own to be a better submissive.

I know I have the best Dominant I could ever have.  He’s fantastic for me and emits a strong natural streak and it’s such a pleasure.

… and now I’m stuck for words. I’ll continue later.


Pentatonix Memes

If you don’t know already, I love Pentatonix and can’t go a single day without listening to some of their covers from Sing Off. I can’t wait till an EP comes out!

OMG, I just found this link via the Pentatonix Twitter feed. It has some funny memes on it so far. I hope it continues to grow :)


Play on Needles

As I said on Friday, Master and I went to a play party this weekend. Master played with his new play partner and it’s the first time I’ve watched him play in months. I really enjoyed myself and got excited watching him play.

Something I noticed about his play that I haven’t seen in other scenes I’ve watched at parties is that he has an intimacy or connection that you can see. The other scenes I watch appear disconnected. It’s just pain play happening. Sure, it could be because I have a relationship with him that I can see it working. Then again, perhaps at play parties the people playing have issues bringing the relationship into the play and feel like it has to be just play. I don’t know.

Saturday was also my first attempt at needles. Master’s play partner had all the materials for needle play with 20 gauge needles. He limited it to 2 needles in case I get an endorphin high that might hinder my driving ability. He put them into my breasts. The first one didn’t hurt much, the second one I asked him to put more skin through the needle and that one hurt more. I played with them myself for a bit, pushing on them and twisting them to create more pain. Fun!

I asked if we could do one more needle in my areola which is more sensitive. Master took a large length of skin and slowly put it in. Wow it felt wonderful and painful. We will definitely be getting the supplies to do this more often!


Oh Yeah!

I painted my nails not too long ago so I’m slow typing as I’m never sure how long they take to dry. I’ve been busy with cleaning today and I’m thrilled with the results. I do know I might have overdone it a bit as I’m now exhausted.

I promised Master a blow job later so I have that yet to do, might as well get my blog written now while I’m thinking about it.

As I’ve mentioned tomorrow we are going to a play party. Master is playing with his play partner there and I asked if he could make sure to give me some flirty attention as well. The drive is 2.5 hours each way, we definitely will be leaving the party around 10pm so that we don’t get home too late.

That’s about it from here for this weekend.

Yesterday I was Master’s fuckmeat. He even wrote it on my stomach to remind me that I’m his slut. We had so much sex and and each had 5 orgasms yesterday. So very hot. I’m thrilled to think that my sex drive is back. And I’m still a bit horny today even if my pussy is tender. That definitely tells me something.

I still got it!


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