I’m often amazed with myself and my ability to come up with things that need doing around the home and then my inability to get it done. Like today I thought I should

  • make more laundry powder
  • repair the quilts I have
  • make flax bread
  • make homemade Febreeze

Okay so I probably had a longer list, but Master and I just had sex so my thinking is mush. It’s going to take me awhile to get back into a thought process that actually makes sense. Hah, that’s unfortunate for you!

I got my test results back from the lab work on Tuesday. My TSH was 5.38 on a scale of .5 to 5.5. Yeah, I told you I was in the top end of the scale. Now I’m giving my Dr time to look over the tests and contact me. He’s willing to work within the range of the test to move it closer to .5 and see if my symptoms subside. My previous Dr wouldn’t do that. There is promise!

Okay so that’s it. I’m out of thoughts.