I’ve been trying to figure out all day if I have contracted a cold or if my scratchy sore throat and cough is from all the cigarette smoke I was around on Saturday. I’m hoping it was the later because that means I won’t be sick. I’ve been resting a lot today though just to be sure and since I slept poorly last night I really need to rest.

Our bed gives me back aches. We bought it last year when we moved here and it’s a super plush. I’ve never slept on anything that wasn’t a firm mattress and I’m wondering if it’s the plush that’s causing my back aches. I sleep so much better on the floor

Our AC doesn’t work again and lucky us the past 2 days have been in the 90′s. Thankfully tomorrow and the rest of this week the predictions are not above 80.  While I enjoy a lot of what this apartment offers, there are things that just drive me batty.  We may be looking for a new apartment sooner than we expected. I don’t look forward to saving up the money we’ll need to pay movers, the down payment and deposit, etc. It’s just so much work!

Friday Master and I are going to a play party. It looks like this one will have a lot of people at it. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable time. If I’m feeling well then Master wants me to try fireplay with someone who knows it better and that can test my limits to see if I have a primal fear that we can’t get over or if it was just novice fright for the almost disaster when we tried it a long while ago. I’m not sure how I’ll respond.

Interestingly I want to dress up but don’t really have fetish clothing so I got this idea to make a no-sew tutu sort of petticoat to wear with my corset that is 10 inches too small (It will likely have a 6 inch gap in the back (shrugs) for the party. I’ll have to see if I have the money to get the materials or not. I may have to just wear something else.