September 2011

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I’ve been busy today trying to get materials made for our munch group so that it’s more organized. Master and I had a talk about what the group really needs to make it successful and all sorts of other things. I feel very helpless about the way it’s going but since it’s run by a board and I’m on the board at least I have a voice.

This evening I got all cranky and I can’t explain why. So Master is staying away to let me work things out on my own. It might be the whole frustration with the community and how I want it to grow but the lack of volunteerism in the group. It’s like people just want things to magically happen. I guess it’s that way in a lot of communities.

I’ve been fighting with allergies or a cold. I can’t tell which right now. We have a frost warning so if my symptoms are lighter tomorrow then I know it’s allergies. It’s been really annoying.

Master has given me the weekend off from the gym. My lower back is aching pretty bad so I’ll love the break. Right back at it Monday though.


Lemon Peel

I am making some lemon essential oil today in the crock pot. I also made a new recipe of dishwasher detergent that I’ll be trying tonight. The essential oil will be used in my cleaners so that they smell good. I hope it turns out. So far all I can tell is that the oil I’m using has darkened, hopefully from the lemon peel.

I got all excited to get some cleaning and cooking done and well…. petered out because it got really warm and my back started hurting. I had to take today off from the gym too. No fun.

So, since I know that it’s supposed to be cool and windy tomorrow I’m going to try to get bread made, mop the floors, vacuum and laundry.

Master has been playing the the BF3 beta and has been pretty difficult to talk to him. He had a terrible allergy attack yesterday which made him miserable so I’ve been avoiding him as much as possible. I love him but prefer him to be healthy and happy before I interact with him.

Not much else to really share today. Guess I’ll close for now.


Earning the Title

Yesterday was a great day. I became Master’s fuck slut completely. We finally had buttsex (it had been a long long time) in the morning and it was great. So good. The rest of the day we had even more sex and pleasure and fun. I was used this way and that. In every possible ways and it was so wonderful. I was exhausted by the end of the day but feel asleep feeling wonderful.

I’m sure I can live up to the slut part of who I am. I really enjoy being his slut. He makes me feel so very special, so desirable, so lovely.

This morning I woke up still horny but absolutely fatigued. There was no sex today.

Now I really don’t have a lot to say today because all I did was fuck him yesterday. And that’s great for memories but not for tales on this blog.


Orgasm Coma

I’ve had some amazing sex today. The orgasm I had left me feeling so very good that I’ve had issues concentrating this evening. Everyone should have sex like this at least once a week!

And that probably makes this post a bit rambling so I apologize in advance. I’m not sure where my head is going to be from one moment to the next.

Went to the gym today, second day in a row. I’m beginning to ache all over and I know tomorrow just means I’ll ache even more. I’m really ready to get into the habit of going to the gym in the morning. I’ve set my alarm and I get up and out the door in about 40 mins. Master has been mentioning more frequently how he misses sleeping in the same bed with me and I miss it too. My weight must come down.

It is possible that I could lose some weight before my Drs appt on the 10th. If that happens I’ll be thrilled. I have a 35 lbs goal for the end of the year which I could make if I push myself.

I’ve been working to have more low-carb snacks and food available. A lot of what I find means prepping it so that it’s ready when I’m hungry. That way I don’t reach for the bad foods. I’ve been wanting to make almond thins (wheat thin substitutes) and some cookies but never got around to it. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow.

I made an awesome Asian pork and cabbage skillet for lunch. It tasted just like the insides of an egg roll. Mmmm.

I’m back on deep throat training and I asked Master if we could restart wearing the NJoy at night so there will be that as well.



You know a good day when you see one and for me today has been a good day.

First, I have been productive. I made bread, flour tortillas and then Low Carb Oppsie Rolls for myself. I did a load of laundry and cleaned up the kitchen.

I also did some writing. I have some excellent candidates for writers on Submissive Guide so that’s great news as well.

I love the Sing-Off. I’ve been watching the groups several times of the course of today from Monday’s show. I can’t wait till next week’s episode and 8 new groups! Acapella is such a beautiful sound. It’s one of my favorites. I have a whole station on Pandora that is Acapella Bands. :) It’s not perfect but it gets better with each up vote I make. If anyone wants me to share it with them, let me know.

Other than being busy today I don’t have a whole lot of new things or newsworthy things going on. I still need to learn that working on subguide at home should be just as productive as when I’m at a cafe. I just feel more at ease with work when I’m in a cafe. Master says, and I agree, that I dabble at work when I’m here at home. Yup, a little here, a little there. That’s me. Definitely means I don’t get as much done.

Current and New Training:

  • Go to gym every day.
  • Brush teeth every day.
  • Proposition Master every day.
  • Eat lower carb and make better food choices.
  • Practice silence.


I got up today all gung ho to get some things done.

I got the kitchen dishes done before Master got up when I realized that the dishwasher wasn’t working quite right. I don’t think it’s worked right for a long time. I stuck my hand in there during the wash cycle and the water was cool. Not warm, not tepid, definitely not hot. No wonder my dishes aren’t getting clean. So I called the landlord to put a service call in. Wiped down all the surfaces, swept the floor, fed the kitties.

Master got up and I made his coffee and picked up the living room. While he was getting ready to go to work I got the living room picked up and then moved into the bathroom.

One of my kitties doesn’t like to squat to potty, so I’m constantly gifted lately with puddles. I have had enough. I mopped it up and then went off to find another solution. I found 55 L tub and cut a hole in the side. Their old box fits into this one perfectly and it gives it another 3 inches in height so if he needs to puddle it is still contained. I’m also hoping it will help with the smell. I’m a good kitty mommy, I swear! Swept and mopped up there.

Mom called and talked my ear off about cheap decorating ideas for my nephew’s basement bedroom, I got her sold on learning to make homemade laundry powder for Christmas presents and she wants me to make bread, more hot cocoa mix and lord knows what else. It’s going to be a homemade Christmas I think. Which is fine for me. I feel good when I give them things I’ve made and they enjoy it.

I did a load of laundry, took out 3 loads of trash and then went grocery shopping. I bought the flavorings for the homemade yogurt I will be trying soon. Next shopping trip I hope to get the canning jars. Then I just need milk and plain yogurt starter (yogurt with active cultures). With homemade yogurt we’ll be saving money and the planet. Yogurt is expensive, the plastic containers are waste and homemade yogurt lasts longer, can be made into greek yogurt or quark (a yogurt cheese).

I’ve been busy.

And after dinner I will try to go to the gym and get a decent night’s sleep.

Speaking of sleep…. Master and I both are tired of sleeping in separate beds. If you recall we do this because he’s a sensitive sleeper and I snore really bad. Not a good combination. The solution is to get my ass to the gym more often and lose weight. I need to keep my eye on the prize- sleeping with Master again.

Tomorrow I have a lot of kitchen food prep planned. I’m going to roast some root veggies (parsnip, rutabega, sweet potato, peppers and onions), cut all the onion and peppers I have and freeze them, saute my mushrooms and freeze them, cut up all the celery and carrots I have and freeze them or put them in the fridge for munches. Make deviled eggs for snacking, crock pot TVP “oatmeal”, sausage-pepper-mushroom breakfast cups for freezing, almond thins (like wheat thins for LC diets) and if I have time some no fruit fruit leather. Yeah. I hope I can get through all that.

I postponed my Dr’s visit to mid-October so that I have a bit more available cash until then. I’m not looking forward to interviewing a new Dr. I just hate it.

Master has been working hard on Kink Network things he wants to get Kinky-Blogging out of Beta soon and then he’ll work on Submissive Guide to get the community improvements there. We’d like to be profitable by the end of next year so a lot of work has to be done yet.


Apple for the Teacher

Master I had a wonderful time tonight. We were supposed to go to a play party but Master had to work a lot and was stressed so we stayed home. I had a school girl costume all put together to wear to the party so I wasn’t going to waste it! After he was done with work I dressed up and presented myself for a caning. It was lots of fun and kept calling me a naughty slut and I was so excited!

He fucked me inbetween caning periods and then I got to suck his big dick. Oh I love being  a naughty girl! This costume is definitely going to be in my play dress up and fetish wear – we had a hot time!

And then my period started so thankfully we had something memorable to keep him and I going for a few days. And boy do I have a headache now!

Master will let me share pictures he took of me in my outfit so watch for those!

I’m off for some aftercare and then to bed.



Selectively Simple

When I first started being a stay at home wife I decided that I was going to try to save Master money and learn some old-fashioned homekeeping and cooking skills. I’m thrilled with what I’ve learned so far and have some ideas for the future when we can afford the materials to start.

We aren’t simple in everything we do. The fact that Master has 6 computers and I have 2 says something to that. We love technology gadgets. Technology can make things I do simple and fun. After all, I have learned all my frugal and simple living things from reading online ;)

Here’s what I do so far:

  • Homemade Laundry Powder
  • Liquid soap out of bar soap (still not quite right)
  • Homemade Cleaners
  • Bread
  • Buns
  • Chicken broth
  • Prep and store vegetables
  • Knit dishcloths and washcloths
  • Reusable grocery bags instead of plastic
  • Bargain shop for groceries

Things I want to do soon:

  • Homemade yogurt
  • Canning (salsa, spaghetti sauce)
  • Basic sewing to make my own clothing
  • Develop my Low Carb cooking so that I have snacks, desserts and quick foods on hand
  • Build my stockpile of non-foods (6 months worth)

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