Have I said recently that Master is the best sex I’ve ever had. He’s been so very sexy and we’ve had an awesome time yesterday.  I have a few scratch marks on my back from a bit of fun yesterday. And Monday he used the Hitachi to force orgasms from me. It rocked.

But back to how awesome Master is in bed. I think he’s a natural. He came to me with very little experience and rocked my world from the first time.  Now I can believe that you can learn to be good in bed, but from the start? That’s a lucky me!

And his cock, can I say perfect? I’m so in love with it and him. I’m driven with lust for his dick and I’m always looking at it. He notices it. And likes it.

There’s so much about having sex with Master that I’m so in love with. He knows me, he listens to me and he sees everything that my body does. He can read me and sometimes knows more about how I’m responding than I am.

It’s not just sex, even when we call it fucking. It’s more, it is everything and it is so hot.

I can be the slut I want to be but am embarrassed to admit. I can let myself go and not worry about how things should be progressing. I can tell him all my dirty secrets and he loves it. That look in his eyes tells me so.

I’m in lust. And Master is my addiction.