We are in a heat wave. This must be what hell feels like, if there is a hell. The heat wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so darned humid! The warning lasts till Thursday evening. Ugh. We’ve been trying to stay cool, but since we already live naked. Can’t take any more clothing off. It’s also hindering the sex. It’s just too hot or sex.

Master and I slept horribly last night. The cats were running all over and then at 6:30am they started meowing at me to get up and feed them. I kicked them out at 7:30am and then slept ’til almost 10am. That’s insane for me. Then I took a nap.

Oh, but I needed that nap after Master got the Hitachi out and forced 5 orgasms from me. The first 2 were fantastic, the last 3 were intense sensations and painful yet hot. Very hot. I love when Master does that to me, even if by the time he relents and gives me mercy I’m exhausted, pussy drenched and throbbing and body aching from all the thrashing, my throat sore from all the screams and moans. It was definitely worth the nap I took.

I went to the cafe today and got a lot of work done. I have a ton more to do (as always) but I feel good with what I’ve accomplished today.  I had been worried about not getting enough done and now I think I just might be ahead by the end of the week. That’s good news since I can tackle the things Master wants me to finish before I get a new laptop. And I want that new laptop badly. (And a ereader or tablet, but that’s not in the deal… yet.)

Book of Days for week 7-18-11

  • Outside my window… It’s hot, so hot that at 9:45pm it still says it’s 90 degrees out. Ick.
  • my thoughts… are on sex. I want sex, lots of sex.
  • i am thankful for… Master’s hard work so that we can afford the things we want in life.
  • From my service training… I can officially take off the nightly dishwashing from my training list. I’ve done great at it :)
  • From the kitchen… Steak kebabs, Curry/Stir fry, Tacos, Chicken Parmesean, Pizza w/ low carb cheese crust
  • i am wearing… my wedding rings and nothing else!
  • i am creating… nothing is on my needles right now, but I plan to get 2 more knit squares done this week for my afghan.
  • my adventures this week… the social security office to get my name changed on my card!
  • Becoming well read… Well I finished the book I was reading for review on Submissive Guide and I haven’t picked out the next one yet.
  • i manifest and co-create… feeling healthy and happy in my low carb lifestyle changes
  • Todays Melody… The theme song to “That 70′s Show” I’ve been watching it way too much lately!
  • One of my favorite things… The Hickory Park sides list has dill pickle slices. I whole bowl of pickles! That is so much better than french fries :)
  • further plans for this week… pay the bills, work on more low carb week menus and make cheese crisps, green bean fries

Training for this Week:

  • Make up routine better
  • Brush my teeth more than 3 times a week.
  • Use Master’s title when asking him a question or addressing him every single time.
  • Sweep the bathroom floor every day (new)