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Master and I got our first wedding present this weekend. His boss sent us (me) a KitchenAid stand mixer. I just about cried as we opened the box. It just seemed like too much for someone we’ve never met. I was overwhelmed with happiness as well. Master insisted I break it in that day and I wasn’t going to turn him down.

I’ve wanted one for a very long time and doubly so when I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel at the same time I was beginning to make homemade bread. I’ve never really been interested in a bread machine because it’s so unitasker (thanks Alton Brown). With a mixer I’m in heaven to do a lot of things. I also have plans to someday get some attachments to make pasta and sausage.

That day I made a cake with homemade frosting. I’ve never baked a cake from scratch and I don’t think I like the recipe I used. Scratch cake was a bit dry for me, although Master liked it. The chocolate frosting rocked though. I’ll be making that again.

I’ve also been doing a lot of video watching for DIY hair and makeup so that I can do my best on wedding day. I’m going to do another trial run tomorrow because I wasn’t 100% happy with the way my hair turned out. I’ve got something else in mind but I’m not sure I can pull it off. We’ll have to see. The make up was nice and I’m sure I can redo it over and over. My makeup skills have really come along.

Master and I had our Monday talk about the progress of our relationship. He reminded me to stop focusing on the negative as we’ve had a lot of positive things happen in the past year. He reminded me of all the things that have happened this year that we’ve been blessed with and all the plans we’ve put into motion for the coming year.

We are getting married. Things will get better and change at the same time. Things couldn’t be better. I can’t wait.


Gah, I can’t believe I missed a post day again. This is getting  bad. At this rate he’s going to make me blog everyday just so that I get it in my head that blogging for him is important. And I even made a mental note about it yesterday afternoon too. Too bad I didn’t check my mental notes before I went to bed!

Thursday I spent a couple hours at the cafe so I did the exercises that I was supposed to do for Ms Abernathy’s training. First, I looked at the name tag of the person taking my order and then thanked them for my cup when they gave it to me using their name. They smiled big when I did that. I did the same thing when my name was called to pick up my food. I thanked the man behind the counter. He seemed a little confused, but nodded anyway.

Then to eat I picked a table in the middle of a bunch of people so that I could do the second exercise. This one was to close my eyes and try to describe the people around me with my other senses. Then open my eyes and look at them to compare. This one took all through lunch and smelling my food in front of me didn’t help me try to pick up perfumes or what they may have been eating. It appears I’m able to figure out who people are pretty well. Of course I tend to eavesdrop on other tables all the time so … perhaps I’ve taught myself how to do this long ago.

I’ll be moving on to lesson #9 shortly so watch for the post about that soon.

When Master came to bed last night he whispered, “7 days slut” and it got my heart racing. I really am counting down whenever I see him. He knows the look in my eye when I’m thinking wedding thoughts. We’ve been waiting for 18 months and the time is almost here. I’m having all sorts of wedding dreams while I sleep. Some are good and some are weird. I’m sure that comes with the territory.

I went out and purchased the last of the makeup I wanted to have. I bought a foundation primer, yellow concealer for my under eyes and a eyeshadow primer. All the primers are to make sure my make up stays put. I’ll be playing with the makeup today along with doing my hair a number of ways so that I can figure out what it will do on the day of. Sounds a bit obsessed I know, but these pictures are going to be special!

I asked Master last night if he wanted to add some character to his tux by wearing his trainers and fedora. I think it would be sexy as hell. We’ll see what he decides. I may try to convince him that if he won’t wear it for the ceremony if he would for some pictures after.  I’ll be getting the shoes I ordered on Wednesday and I can’t wait to see them with the dress. I have everything in place for the most special day of my life with KM.


Wedding Talk

Master tied me up and teased me into 3 Hitachi orgasms his afternoon. I love when we can connect like that. He spanked me for awhile with the vampire gloves. He said I had little blood spots on my ass afterwards. It was great fun. I’m still feeling the adrenaline and endorphins going through my body.  I feel great!

Tomorrow is Master’s last play date before the wedding. I asked for a week before and a week after the wedding for just us. I think we’ll have a great time. I’m going to the cafe while he plays to do some work on subguide.

I got a wedding gift from someone at Mischief in May today. S gave me the money I needed for the shoes I wanted to wear with my dress. I purchased them as soon as the money was in Paypal. Here are the ones I ordered in gold: Thank you S!

I’m still trying to decide if I want to wear a veil or not. I really like the birdcage veils I’ve seen. I dunno. I could go to a bridal store and try some on and see. Maybe I’ll do that next week. It’s no biggie if I don’t have a veil, I have this lovely feather headpiece and just thought a bandeau style would be gorgeous.

I’m also hoping to have enough money to get flowers for a bouquet. I won’t know till Master gets paid mid next week. Nothing like putting things off till the last minute. Heh.

I’m getting so nervous. I know that nothing will change in our relationship but I also know that getting married is a really big deal and I screwed up the first time around, I don’t want to do it again. Master is the perfect guy though. In the 7 years I’ve known him, nothing gets on my nerves enough for me to question my being with him. (The things that do are piddly things like his food preferences and what not.)

I’m getting married! OMG. I’m going to be slut wife in just 10 days.


It’s been over 2 years since I picked up the lessons in Ms Abernathy’s book again but it’s about time I consider where I need to be as Master’s slave (as I struggle still to identify as such) and where I want to grow and develop my skills. I am going to attempt, yet again, to do these lessons and others that I have in The Path of Service by Christina Parker (wedding gift from Jack Rinella’s slave Patrick) and The Submissive Activity Book by Shannon Reilly.

In lesson #8 I have to start to become more aware of the world around me. As the book says, a lot of us learn to tune out the world and lose focus on that which is around us. In this lesson I should start to pay more attention to the non-verbal clues that exist in my everyday interactions.

One activity is to pay attention when a server introduces themselves and then use their name when requesting or thanking them for something. I’ve mentioned this very thing to Master in the past and he liked it so now I just need to do it. We won’t be doing much outside the apartment before the wedding rush, but I’m sure this will become an expected protocol/rule once I start doing it because Master likes it when I’m polite and aware of others and this is right up that alley.

The second activity I will begin doing when I’m out to work the next time at a cafe. In this activity I will be closing my eyes and using my other senses to try to key into the people around me. I am to try to describe the people around me using these senses and then compare them with what I see to understand how the other senses help build an impression of people. This one is likely to be interesting and I look forward to giving it a shot this week sometime.

I did a search on Google Books for one of the suggested reading that I was interested in, only to find that the only library near me to have it is at my alma mater 70 miles away. I’d have to buy it and I’m not so sure I want to do that. Oh well.

So, ultimately while I’m on lesson #8, I have to wait until we are more extroverted and out in public to do it. I’ll have to watch for opportunities to practice the activities soon.


Mischief in May was a pretty good event for how unorganized I knew it was behind the scenes. The AC broke early in the day and we were forced to be hot and sticky during workshops. Ugh. I was glad when they found a couple fans.

The other presenters were good and I picked up some interesting information. I enjoyed the whip demo and the rough rope demo the most.

When it came to my presentation you could tell I was nervous and hot. I talked to fast, I got flustered and my confidence took a nose dive in a few points. Ah well, you learn from your first one to get better… right? I had a lot of people enjoy the information I had to give to that was good. Just gotta work on that confidence if I want to be an authority.

And the awesome news? I’ve been asked to present at another event later this summer. We’ll see if they meet my requirements.

That evening I got my first cell popping on my right shoulder. Here’s what it looked like the day after.It has the potential to last from 2 weeks to 6 months and could be permanent depending on how I scar.  I’ve had someone recommend scrubbing the scabs away with a loofah so that it will scar better.

It didn’t hurt much at all. I compared it to poking myself with a sewing needle over and over but it was hot too. That’s the best I could describe it. It was nothing like a tattoo.

Sunday we vegged out and did nothing but relax.

We have just 12 days till we get married. :)


I’m almost done hand sewing new side panels into a dress that is too small so that it will fit me on Saturday. I should be done tonight/tomorrow morning. KM thinks it will look great so I’m looking forward to that. He’ll be getting up really early with me on Saturday so that he can do a rope corset around my middle over the dress. It should be lovely! Maybe I’ll get a picture or two and share them.

I’m not as nervous as I was yesterday and I’ve read through my outline/notes a few times today. I’m getting more and more confident that I can do this well. I guess anything done the first time is going to cause jitters. Heh.

Saturday will mean 2 weeks till the big day and there’s so much that I’d like to do or get but we are on a buying freeze. I put in the reservation in at the restaurant we are going to. So I think that’s the last thing on the checklist. Tonight I am going to try pincurls in my hair overnight to see how they hold. I liked the hot rollers but I want to be sure about the style that I can do on the day of.

I love Master so much. I crawled back into bed with him this morning and just snuggled and he tucked in and sighed. It was very nice. Just the simple moments feel oh so good. This is what love is. Truly.




Yesterday I had a headache from hell.

Master worked his ass off, had a stressful day and we pretty much stayed apart the whole day.

I think I watched an entire season of Friends.

Mischief in May is Saturday and I’m freaking out about my presentation.

I slept terribly last night. The headache isn’t all the way gone yet.

It’s a heavy flow day.

I’m going back to doing nothing.


Started to alter a dress that I’d like to wear next week for Mischief in May

Finished work on a Submissive Guide course

Had sex 3 times, awesome, fabulous sex

Did a hair trial with the hot rollers I got, I like them and the style turned out okay. I’ll have to try again early next week.

Did a makeup trial and it looked fantastic!

Showed Master the marriage license and was looking for a reaction but there wasn’t one. Hrm. Guess it has to be closer to the day.

Zeus has been playing with a piece of fuzz from the futon all day. His current favorite game… bat it under the couch so that Master has to play fetch. He gets those adorable eyes that say, “would you get it for me pleeeze?” He can’t turn that down.


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