I missed my required post yesterday and Master is gracious enough to allow me time today to make up for that.

The last post really brought in a dark cloud for Master. He’s troubled that I will be stuck in this rut for awhile and it will affect all aspects of our relationship. Personally I think he’s taking it a bit further than I consider it to be, as I saw it was a personal inner struggle that while it has a few visible repercussions it mostly is my issue.

As so many of you noted, having cold feet is normal and to be fearful that one marriage will be like another is also typical. I am certain that I’ll get through those feelings soon enough. I love Master deeply and am sure that I will see that the same things that failed in my previous marriage can’t happen here. We are far more communicative and compatible.

We go to a new munch group this weekend. This one is M/s related and will have group protocol for the meetings as well as a dress code. I’m really looking forward to it! The leader’s intentions is to someday become a MAsT chapter. It could even be that this bit of protocol will liven up our relationship and we’ll seek even more in our private life. I’m sure we’ll fit in here just fine.