December 2010

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When it comes to being sick, I think Master and I have had just about every cold and flu bug out there this year. We are sick yet again and it’s baffling. I’m definitely going to bring it up with my doctor when I go see him in January. The whole town is experiencing it – the cold and flu aisle is always picked clean when I go.  We are both taking Cold Eeze (Zinc tablets) to help cut the duration and severity down. It’s already making me feel better than I did before the tablets.

We aren’t doing anything special tonight and I don’t even know if I’ll make it to midnight. The New Year will be there when I get up in the morning too.

So that’s how 2011 will come in. My plans for this year are relatively simple.

  • I want to set up my stockpile pantry in the front closet. I want to have most staples on hand so that if we have a financial stress then food won’t be in jeopardy right away.
  • We will get married!
  • I’d like to start building our Emergency Fund. I’m tired living from paycheck to paycheck with the fear that something big will happen and we’ll be screwed.
  • I want to find my fashion and style and get some new sexy clothing.

That’s it. I hope you have a great new year. Kiss someone for me. We’ll be blowing kisses to each other most likely.


Final Exam [KA]

The past three months have been amazing as far as my sexual development. In the first few days I explored the site up and down finding topics that I’d love to learn about and play around with with KM. Then he tied my hands behind my back. He was not going to watch the videos with me; I was the student so I had to go about the learning. So, with the new information I went searching the site again and I’m pleased that even someone going at it alone can find a lot of wonderful videos with things you can do yourself.

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Sleep Lightly

Last night Master came to bed to try sleeping with me. He said I hadn’t been snoring very loud so I was happy to have him there snuggled next to me.

But there is now a negative aspect of the whole thing. When I know I’ve been snoring and Master comes to bed, I tend to sleep lightly so that I can catch my snoring (or try and prevent it) so that he’ll stay with me. I’m giving up sleep to make sure he can sleep. While that sounds sweet I then feel like a zombie the next morning.

I’m glad I’m going to the gym today.


Pain Down

Today I took down all the Christmas decorations and the tree. It’s all packed away till next year now. We don’t have any plans for New Year’s Eve and will be attending a munch New Year’s day.

As I’m working my routine into my daily schedule the house is noticeably cleaner. Tomorrow is laundry day. I hope to get all the laundry done for the week. If my wrists are under a 3 (out of 5) I’m going to try to do some sewing on the quilt that needs repair.

Reconnecting sexually with Master is my hope too. Since we’ve been sleeping apart so much I feel less connected to him and it hurts. I hate it and can’t wait to get my weight down so that my snoring stops. My snoring is like a constant monster in the room. It makes me cry, feel lonely and unwanted. It’s hard. I know that it bothers Master too.

The relationship is strained because of this and I don’t want to go on living separate lives just because I snore. It has to stop.

I’ve been playing with my makeup the past few days. I’ve worn more dramatic looks and loving it. I still like neutral looks but the purple smoky eye I’m sporting today is hot! Of course that drives me to want more makeup and I spent time in the HBA aisles today while I was out grocery shopping. I’m hoping to be allowed to have some money soon to get more makeup.


New Year Plans

Christmas yesterday at Mom’s was pretty good. I spent much of the time dealing with a headache and really sore wrists, but the kids were fun to watch opening presents and the dinner was pretty darned good too. I got some lovely new shirts that fit(!) a silver watch and some wonderfully simple kaji pictures to start decorating the living room with a Japanese feel. My aunt gave me a hand mixer (which happened to be at the top of my list since the one I have is really old and weak). I’m thrilled. Mom also gave me the painted pewter miniature Christmas town that my grandma used to put out in her crystal hutch. *beams* Overall I really hauled! The presents I brought were  a big hit with the kids.

This is week two of carpal tunnel pain above a 4 (with a scale of 1-5). I have to keep asking for an extension for Master’s blow job day that he requested on his birthday.  I’m really itching for a spanking too, but as anyone with some consistent pain will tell you, it’s just not good to try for good pain when you have bad pain overriding everything. Last night I wore my braces to bed and woke up with them still hurting. Usually they calm down a bit overnight. Today is going to be a grit my teeth sort of day. I have a lot to get done and I’m not putting it off more than I have to.

There are a lot of things I want to get going in the new year. I’ve already written about the protocol that Master and I are going to re-establish and of course I’ll want to add more this year as well. I’m also continuing to go to the gym, eat better and feel good about my body. I like the idea of “Healthy at any weight” rather than dieting. It’s just not working for me. I need to love the body I have and keep it healthy. If I happen to lose weight in the process I’m not going to stop it. In fact I’ll encourage it, so that I can stop snoring! I’m not going to deny myself foods that I enjoy. I’ll just have to relearn portion sizes.

We are getting legally hitched in June. I have a few dresses in mind so we’ll have to see what our budget looks like closer to Spring for that. He’ll need a suit too, we may just rent one. Then it’s just license, minister and chapel, and dinner for 4. I’m getting excited now, really excited.

Kink Network should be slowly opening up site after site. I expect Kinky Blogging to open late January-early February. Then Kink ID will have a showing. I think Master is working on Kink Database next, which will mean the change or death of The Iron Gate. I have yet to decide.

I’m going to continue my work on scratch cooking, simple living, home maintenance and more. I’m really enjoying putting together my home management journal and am getting better at remembering my routines. This should be the year I perfect that.

Well I’d better get going on my day. It won’t do the work for me!


As with everything BDSM has to offer, there are what are considered light play activities and those that are intense, even on the edge or taboo. Face slapping is considered the latter.  Two years ago I approached KM with a request for something I never thought I’d ask for. I asked if he’d slap me across the face.

He complied and we carefully added it into our kinky play. I loved it. It’s jarring and hot and sexy. We don’t have any training or education in this form of play so it’s always careful and he pulls his slaps, focusing on the soft tissue and avoiding as many bones as possible. I’m so very grateful for Ms Kali’s series on face slapping and can’t wait to add even more face slapping into our play now that we’ve had some excellent information.

Now, with face slapping, you have to be careful of a primal instinct of fight or flight. Physiologists will tell you that when you slap someone across the face, the chemical reaction in the brain tells the person to fight or run. This could have bad repercussions to what should have been a hot scene, so make sure you reduce that possibility by letting the person know you are going to slap them, and comforting them after with other sensations.

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On This Eve

With joy in our hearts and passion in our souls, KM and I want to wish all of my friends, readers and acquaintances a Merry Christmas.

I know I speak a lot lately about what the future holds and that’s because we have a lot of happy times ahead. Not only are we getting married, but our company should start coming together and we’ll finally make the services we have wished to have. While the money isn’t coming in as we’d hoped just yet, I know we’ll catch up. Our dreams are waiting.

Are your dreams waiting?


(I’m considering ditching titles in the new year. They are pretty darned useless on a personal blog anyhow. Dates work.)

I’m so ready for my wrist pains to go away. I’ve broken out the heavy duty wrist braces with the metal supports to see if I can cut it down a bit. I want to be able to please Master with a blow job for Christmas at least, if not before. I take Alieve every time I can and it’s helping, but not completely.  If I could I’d just sit around all day and not do anything that requires my hands. But then that means asking for more TV time just to waste a day and I’m not looking to do that yet.

We are supposed to get some snow tomorrow late through Friday. I’m glad I don’t have to travel anywhere. We aren’t even having family Christmas till Monday.

Christmas day we’ll be watching Dr Who all day and then the Christmas special that evening. I’m fixing turkey and trimmings. It should be a nice day.

Then, Monday we are going to my mom’s house where my sister and her children will be there and my brother’s daughter will be also. Lots of kids taxing Master’s nerves. He’s definitely not a kids person. I’m going to do my best to only be at Mom’s for as little as possible, but that’s still several hours. Dinner is at 3pm with present opening after. And at Mom’s house that means, one… present… at… a… time. Everyone has to watch what everyone else gets. The longest it’s taken is 4 hours. I really hope it doesn’t take that long this time.

Moving on to my service, Master and I have had talks about bits of service that I used to do, but have stopped doing. A few of them I expressed a desire to get back into it. I’m not sure why I stopped to begin with because I know Master liked it. I know I enjoyed it. It just… stopped. So, we’ll be restarting them now.

They were never rules, they were things I either just started doing and he told me he liked it, or it was something we did to keep me in a good mindset when I was having issues with that. So, Master never needed to correct me for failing to do it but now I’m asking him to ramp it on those if I get bad.

One of them is that whenever I deliver something to Master (ie. his coffee) I will present it to him with “Your coffee Master” and wait for a response from him.  I’m also wanting to add back asking for permission to leave his presence as well as acknowledging his presence when he enters the room. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing, but probably a word greeting with a halt to whatever I’m doing to let him know I’m available to him if he needs me.

I like protocol and dropping these things confuses me. Now, I’ve started up the presentation again, as that one seems easiest to restart. The asking to leave his presence and acknowledging his entrance will take a bit. We’ll have to discuss what we’ll like to do for that and what will work in public as well as private.

You may recall a few years ago, if you’ve been following me that long, that I had a home management journal in physical form. I didn’t have a place for it to live really so it kept getting put away, and then never pulled out and used. Well last week I had a light bulb moment. I’m online a lot, almost all the time. Why not use the internet to house my management journal. So, I’m working on adding what I want to it. You can peak at it if you click on the Homecare link up there in the navigation. Just remember that it’s pretty empty right now.


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