Master is sick, and cranky. It’s made for some tense moments today. Mainly because I’m cranky and sick myself. I would not want to be the kitties and they’ve been smart to hide most of the day.

We are dealing with a lot of stress lately and it makes for a difficult time right now. Being sick means we can’t release tension via sex. This has been a sex-less home for 4 days. That’s right ladies and gents, our longest time is 5 days. We need it, want it, crave it. And our stress level is insane without it.

Even with the wedding postponement and the decrease of money stress with that decision we are still about ready to blow our top; Master more than me because he’s working really hard and hasn’t seen a lot of money from it yet. Sucks to work on contract.

My birthday is coming up soon and I want to not acknowledge it. This might be the first year that I’d like to just let it pass. ¬†We’ll see when the actual day occurs but right now I’m not ready.