I’m sitting here again today with illness dragging me down. I’ve spent the bulk of this weekend with a sinus headache and today I felt like I was finally getting over it only to be smacked with it again. It’s really frustrating because there is so much I’d rather be doing.  The steam room I’m sitting in to try to loosen up my sinuses is my temporary home.

And Master takes such good care of me. I’ve learned to accept that when I’m ill he is like my nurse; constantly checking on me, almost waiting on me hand and foot making sure that I have everything I need to get better. Saturday night he even made chicken noodle soup at 1am because I was hungry and laid with me for some time while the headache was doing its worst.

I’ve had a lot of time to play one of my favorite strategy games – Pharaoh. I’m one of those players that likes to use graph paper and draw out the housing blocks in all different shapes to make sure they will be stable and maximize population. For me, that’s a lot of fun. I’m learning more and more about desirability points, entertainment and culture ratings and everything else I need to ‘enjoy’ the game. I’m in the final mission of very easy rating before I try my hand at Cleopatra campaigns. I’ve also started another game at the easy level. I plan on playing that one all the way through as well. And then normal, hard and very hard.

If you’ve been following my or Master’s twitter, you’ll know of our stresses with consistent internet speeds. Today we were informed of the ‘resolution’ to wait till the upgraded systems are installed in our area in 2 months. So, they’ve discounted our current package for 6 months and will call us in December to let us know when we should see a more reliable speed. This has, without a doubt, been the most stressful period for Master as his work relies on using the internet but also his recreation of online gaming. It has been hard on him. I am sure he sees this 2 month wait as forever and a day. I hope that when the upgrades occur it fixes our issues.

I’m still waiting for Author access into KinkAcademy so that I can start blogging about the learning I’m doing. I’ve watched my first 2 videos and plan to watch at least 2 more this week. With me being ill we haven’t gotten to practice the new skills as often as I’d like, but I’m sure that will change once I’m better. Perhaps the ones I watch should be academic instead of practical until I’m well. Either way, shortly you should see the first post I’ve written, already queued up here at the blog when I get into the writer’s dashboard on the site.