October 2010

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Kink Academy is so full of  interesting videos it was hard to decide what my next course would be. I went through the entire archives several times jotting down the videos that caught my attention. Sure there were the kinky play items on there that KM and I would like to improve, but there are also a lot of personal development videos that caught my attention. There are ones on protocol and service that I’m sure I’ll be enjoying in the future. (Jay has already watched a few if you want to read his experiences.)

Since KM has told me that my explorations through Kink Academy is for my own journey and development I chose a series of videos that have to do with enhancing my own sexual experience. We all want that, don’t we? I love sex. I think KM and I have fantastic sex. So I honestly was a bit skeptical on how this video would help me have better orgasms and ultimately we’d have better sex.

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Are We Bored Again?

Oh how empty my brain is when I’m bored. I can’t even think about what I have accomplished today but I know I was productive up until the headache came on. Oh yeah, I wrote a post for Kink Academy (it will show up here tomorrow).

I did some website work, some knitting and very little cleaning. Today has just sucked.

And I’m getting really bad at remembering Master’s coffee. He’ll ask for it and I’ll either start it and forget to make the cup or forget to start it all together. One of these days I’ll be in big trouble and it’s soon, very soon. I can feel it. I think I’m going to have to start parking my butt in the kitchen till the task is complete in order to get it done. Bad subbie.

When money is tight we seem to get on a road of not doing anything, afraid to go anywhere and just sitting about moping. Master has been depressed because of it. I’m trying to make due with what we have and stretch that grocery dollar. And then Master hollers that there is nothing to eat. Ugh.

I get to try my hand at homemade dishwasher detergent this week when my gel runs out. I hope it works well. It would save me about 6 bux a month. The recipe I found is just 1 Tbsp of borax and 1 Tbsp of washing soda per load. When I’m out of rinse agent I’ll be trying white vinegar. *cross fingers*

I bought the things I needed to make the cocoa mix I love. It tastes so much better than the commercial stuff and way cheaper too! Alton Brown made it on one of his chocolate episodes. Mmmm.

The knit afghan I’ve started I calculated I’m going to need like 150 squares to complete. So what I might do is make at least one really large square for the middle and build off of it. I’ll have to see that the longest circular needle I can get is. Maybe I can find a neat faire isle pattern to copy for the middle. Perhaps put some words on it. Who knows. I know it will take over a year to complete though!

Since I missed the gym yet again today due to my headache (yesterday because my back ached) I will be going to the gym tomorrow to make up a day. I’m going to be super luna when I’m able to really go for a whole hour 5 days a week. Way cool.


Fall Fury

The storm that has hit the midwest is just glancing Iowa right now. We have intense high winds and cold. Yesterday it even tried to rain. But that’s just a little taste of what the rest of the midwest is dealing with right now.

Our furnace went out last night. We spent a chilly night curled under the covers and I’ll be calling the landlord this morning (in about 40 mins). Hopefully he’ll be able to get it fixed today. Today isn’t going to be any warmer really. It’s quite chilly in here.

I’m thinking I might start some baking to offset the chill. Master has been wanting me to make the cake that I have a box mix for. Totally sounds good to me!

I’m really aching today as far as the workout. I only did 30 mins yesterday because I got a thunderclap headache. So that killed the rest of the workout. This morning I’m feeling the pain and I think I might ask Master for a skip day for the gym and hopefully recover.

And that’s pretty much it for right now.


For my birthday KM asked me what I wanted. When I told him I wanted to try the Tie ‘Em Up and Fuck ‘Em Harness by Graydancer (10 mins) he looked at me skeptical. Not because he doubts Graydancer’s abilities because he doesn’t, but because with everything rope he’s had to adjust it to accommodate my size. Let’s face it, I’m not just big, I’m really big. That hardly keeps me from trying just about everything and that includes rope bondage. Add some hot sex into the mix and I’m there.

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Soap and Chicken

It’s Monday again which means I’m back at the gym for 1 hour every day this week. I’m not looking forward to the muscle aches and pains that will accompany me on say… Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I am looking forward to the fitness results, because let’s face it I am going to be making progress in my health. Thankfully I zone out when at the gym or I’d constantly be self-conscious about what I look like doing the exercises. It was pretty busy today and I had to wait to use the Elliptical. That’s not usually the case. I’m guessing that everyone has good intentions on Monday and then fizzle out by the end of the week.

I can’t fizzle out. Master made it a rule and for some reason that makes it easier to follow. When he left it up to me to exercise and stay fit I rarely went to the gym. And while my rules state that I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle it didn’t get much more than feeble attempts. I have to prepare myself for the almost immediate result of the exercise though, hunger. I can’t believe how much I can eat when I’m working out. It feels like insane hunger. It’s scary sometimes.

My birthday yesterday was really low key. We had cake in the afternoon and then went out to Cold Stone and I got the birthday cake sundae. I love cake flavored ice cream, Yum. I got to watch as much TV as I wanted and I didn’t have to cook dinner, Master cooked it for me! I’m such a spoiled slut.

I’ve got a ‘rubber chicken’ in the oven. If you don’t know what a rubber chicken is, it’s a way of stretching a meat and making more than one meal out of it. Some people make it an art. I just want a good roasted chicken and then stock, but I’ll definitely have meat left over also. I bought a 5 lbs one so I’m sure I can get 3-4 meals out of it. Tonight’s dinner, then chicken a la king or pot pie and finally stock/soup.  That is if I don’t go crazy and eat a bunch of it tonight.

After a long search for Washing Soda I found it in the grocery store across the street! They have Fels Naptha Laundry bars (for only $0.89) too so I’ll be able to buy that for my grated soap in the Laundry Powder. I’m pretty darned excited about that. Next week I’ll be testing a Dishwasher detergent powder to see if I get similar results from the liquid I currently use but pay way too much for. I’m crossing my fingers. I’ll be switching to white vinegar for the rinse agent as soon as that is gone too.

Today Master said something along the lines that he is living simply with technology and I’m going more for rustic living. I consider it frugal, but he gets the rustic from the fact I’m going back to doing things they way they were done before chemicals, disposable and discardable items. I want to make, mend and sew rather than buy too. I still need to learn to sew from a pattern though so hopefully the Jo Anne Fabric near by will be having classes I can take sometime soon.  I’m back to knitting as well. I’m doing granny squares of different types to make into a Shaker Style afghan. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I will love having it on the bed when I’m done. I figure at the rate I’m going it will take all year. I’m doing about one square every couple of days just because I pick it up when I watch TV and with my TV restriction that’s not a lot of time for knitting. Still though. Once I’m out of the cream that I have I’ll need to head to Hobby Lobby for some purples.  I found a few simple faire isle patterns to do as well so that should be fun.

I’m off to check on the chicken. Have a great night everyone!


This weekend was a great weekend. KM and I had a fuck-ton of sex and play time that has left me sore and achy and satiated. But you don’t need to hear about all that do you? I’m here today to tell you how my practice with deep throating and sloppy blow jobs (spitting) went after the videos I watched on Friday.

It went great.

That’s the short story, but honestly I’m feeling really good about my progress with the homework assignment of improving my fellatio skills.

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Slut Day

My body is screaming at me. I’ve worked it hard the past 3 days at the gym and the slutty day I had with Master yesterday.  After I got home from the gym today I collapsed on the bed and Master came in and said the weekend was free from workouts. Yay! My body is going to need to recover for sure.

Yesterday morning, I crawled back into bed with Master when I went to wake him up and snuggled against him. He rose to the occasion and aggressively fucked me, growling in my ear that I would be his fucking whore all day. I repeated it for him and I felt completely comfortable with that decision. I would be his slut.

Closer to lunchtime he came and fetched me from my work and we had another really hot fucking with me kneeling over the edge of the bed, he spanked me, and scratched me and pussy slapped me till he orgasmed.

Mid afternoon I gave him a slow loving blow job. And then after dinner he got a handjob.  I finished with another blow job a bit later.

Then it was my turn. Master had such a fun time, you could see it in his face as he put on the gloves and lubed them up so that he could play with me and make me come. Master played with my g-spot and he was barely moving his fingers, just pressing and releasing my g-spot. It felt so good. Then he started rubbing my clit and I was shaking and in bliss. OMG and the orgasm was one of those ‘whooshing’ orgasms. So hot!


No More Countdown

This excerpt is from my Diet Blog on SparkPeople.com. My username is lunaKM if you wish to friend me.

The wedding is postponed so I won’t be counting down to see if I can lose any weight before the big day.

We are still getting married on June 4th however. We are eloping with a couple of friends as the witnesses. We still want the big dress kind of day so we’ll plan a renewal of vows later on and invite the family. It’s just not working out for us right now.

As far as my health, I’ve stopped weighing myself months ago so I have no clue what I weigh. KM says I shouldn’t c…

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