This new TV rule is interesting. At first, I could have sworn it was just because Master was pissed and wanted to take it out on someone (me). But it’s been a few days and he still tells me how much time I have allotted for TV watching and that any food TV is banned. It’s just odd and yet… easily accepted that I can’t just sit and watch whatever all day.

Honestly I feel like a little kid. I felt this way when he started the bed time rule too. Like I’m not an adult and can’t take care of myself. But I rarely ask to stay up anymore and when I do I’m lucky to last an hour later. ¬†Now I’m asking him how much TV I can watch each day and then I sit down with the TV guide listings and plan if there are any shows I just gotta see. Usually there isn’t, but I do have some that I enjoy.

Food TV is banned because he said it controls my life. That I think about food then all day when I watch it. That is possibly true. I don’t know why I’m fixated on cooking shows and the like. It’s just interesting to me. But I guess that’s no more – or perhaps only on special occasions.

I know there are people who go everyday without the TV on, and there are even more that spend all day very active. I’m looking for a happy medium. Something I can enjoy and yet get everything done that I’ve wanted to do. I’ve been pretty focused and productive since he removed the freedom to use the TV. So it’s had some positive benefit no matter how I feel about it. And productivity is a good thing.