The Ren Faire was lots of fun. I really enjoyed watching the firedancing show; we watched it twice! The comedy jousting was funny, but got old really fast. The food was lacking (except the turkey drumsticks) and the homemade root beer was not fermented. It was more like root beer water. I still enjoyed the costumes and the comedy. A good day. The most fun was when my friend L. and I went into Queen Victoria’s Secret and bought a waist cincher. She was so hot in it!

Yesterday was a pretty tense day. I think Master is experiencing  a huge amount of stress so it just blew up. During the blow up he banned me from the TV.

Today he gave me 3 hours of TV time. It really made me think about what I wanted to watch instead of just sitting in front of the TV, which is probably what he was thinking. I learned to manage my time a bit better today. Chores got done and I hardly wasted any time online. It was good.

On to what I did read online, I follow this blog about simple living called Down To Earth and I it gets me thinking about making things instead of buying them. I’m really hoping to learn how to make my own bar soap and she covers her recipes and how to’s on it on a regular basis. She teaches how to make yogurt, cheese, ginger beer, bread, home cleaners, soap and so many other ideas for how to live simpler. I love it. I want to do more of it.

I’d be making my own bread once I have a KitchenAid mixer. Kneading it kills my wrists so I have to do no-knead bread or a stand mixer. I’ll get one soon enough. It’s on my wedding registry in a few places I think. Maybe someone will gift one. If not, we’ll get it after I figure.