September 2010

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Fuck me like a whore

I just had some of the best sex ever. I mean Master is the best at sex I have ever experienced and he just keeps getting better and better. Just enough kink, hot talk and pounding. I know I don’t share blow by blow anymore and that’s just not possible with me. I can’t even remember all of the details, I just know how it felt and ultimately how I feel.

My new favorite position we’ve been testing out since we moved. Because the day we moved we got a new bed and a frame. This frame, when I’m kneeling squat down on the edge lines me up perfect with Master’s cock. So perfect that I can feel the full length of his cock without rubbing other areas – just dick and pussy colliding. Just divine.


Tomorrow I have to do a lot of house cleaning to catch up on the fact I have been working on website stuff instead. I have no doubt I’ll get done with it. I’m feeling very good about it in fact. But that’s about all I can think about right now. The sex hangover has me fuzzy.


So, what's going on?

I’m feeling pretty good about the past couple of days. I’ve been to the gym twice, I’m eating a bit better too. I’ve done my chores, I’m slightly ahead of the game for Submissive Guide and I have good things coming to me every day.

I did have an overstressed period today where I thought that the 2 slip ups I had were causing Master to be upset with me. He admitted that he was frustrated but that everyone is human and we make mistakes as we learn things. Ok, so I’m just harder on myself than he is most of the time; and we knew that. I think most submissives tend to be pretty hard on themselves. It’s in our DNA or something.

So, what were the slip ups? Well, they both have to do with money. The first is that I went $10 over my alloted grocery budget. And I still have stuff to buy… So he is frustrated that I can’t keep within budget better. Then the second one was that we just got a new debit card for a different account and I thought that it might be useful to have it activated even though we don’t intend to use it as a cash in/cash out account. Master said no, and instead of just saying okay and letting it go I pushed my way until he gave in. Bad bad girl I know.

This evening I’m spending going over the free content of Kink Academy and becoming more familiar with what I might be doing if they hire me on. Should be an interesting time and I have no doubt that I’ll learn something.


Opportunity Knocks

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I love learning and educating the kink and D/s communities. That’s why this blog exists and why I started The Iron Gate and There’s no doubt that I find the education available online for those interested in BDSM to be lacking, I’ve voiced it several times on this blog over the past 6 years. Each time I investigate a new site that promises BDSM education has been a let down. It’s either a ploy to get people into their porn site or the education is so one sided and one true wayist that I have to toss it aside.

There is a relatively new site called Kink Academy that has been online for about a year now. There are plenty of free videos and information about their curriculum and current faculty available to peruse. I’ve been watching the development of Kink Academy for a few months now, with the interest of learning and hopefully someday having access to the members area. It is a membership-supported site, but for under $10 a month I consider it well worth it. I’m not even a member so that’s saying something. Since I don’t hold the purse strings and with saving for a wedding I never asked for a membership.

This could be my chance to see behind the door. Kink Academy is currently looking for sponsored bloggers to go through their curriculum and write on their personal blogs about the education they are receiving. This could be a wonderul opportunity not only for me personally to learn things that I don’t know a lot about, and for me to gain additional knowledge on ideas that I feel I have a solid foundation already.

With everything I learn I do two things. I think about how it can apply to me, because let’s face it, not everything is straight from one person and immediately usable by the next. My blog is the sounding board for those thought processes (as well as whining and complaining, but that’s par for the course). The second thing I do is try to teach others what I’ve learned. Part of my responsibility as an active kink practictioner is to pass on what I know. That’s one of the main purposes Submissive Guide exists. I’ve developed as a respected writer and submissive with an open view on BDSM and a willingness to see things in a variety of ways. I’ve proven as a consistent writer over the course of the 2 years (coming in January) that Submissive Guide has been active with well over 300 posts already on the blog. I can set deadlines and stick to them.

As most of you already know, I’m a stay-at-home submissive, so my time is spend in service to my Master. He has given me permission to seek out this position and will alot the time necessary to go above and beyond the job description requirements. I have no doubt that the wealth of information available to me will make it onto Submissive Guide in some form as well since I can rarely keep new knowledge to myself. I think Kink Academy would be a good fit for Submissive Guide’s readers and I know the people who follow me personally would see it as something that fits me perfectly.

And so, this post is my application to the Kink Academy Bloggers Pool. Hopefully I will be letting all of you know that I have been contacted and accepted as a Student of Kink Academy real soon!

I forgot to blog on Friday, then I forgot to blog yesterday to make up for Friday. So here I am today making up for the make up.

It’s amazing how at peace we are with our relationship right now. I can’t think of a single moment where I didn’t feel that my sole duty was to his service. He’s happy, our sex life is fantastic and only promises to get better. My domestic duties are getting done and the house has never been maintained this clean before (I contribute part of that for me liking this place). It definitely is a nice feeling to know that I’m doing what he asks of me and that we are grounded in our dynamic.

This perfect feeling of being in the right place in my life, of having that structure I’d been longing makes me wonder if I could shift to being a slave after all. Now, granted, Master already considers much of what I do as slave behavior but I just can’t open up to calling myself a slave. For me it has to have so much more. But I know that if this perfection is maintained I could see myself becoming a slave.

I find it quite marveling sometimes with how much I can analyze and think about my personal submission and how it relates to me. I question if I get self-absorbed in this pondering  often. I can not say if others think about who they are and why they are the way they are as often as I do. I try to weed out the excuses I’ve been using for years and really understand the reasons behind those excuses. It’s not an easy task at all and sometimes I come right back to the excuse again making no progress at all.

And yet I still progress. It’s evidenced by the fact that I no longer complain about blow jobs, that he hasn’t had a reluctant blow job in well over 2 months, and I’m starting to enjoy them. Enjoy them enough in fact that he has started really working with me and my gag reflex with deep throating. It’s not an easy task. Master is well endowed and very wide, so while it might be easier to deep throat a thinner cock because it doesn’t press the epiglottis I don’t have that luxury. So, we are taking it an inch at a time. I’ve not progressed much in this yet, but I do have faith that I can achieve great things and give him more pleasure this way.

In the end it’s all pleasure.


Master and I are so alike in many ways. We are dreamers. I know that we both create and invent new ways to make money, businesses we could start, things we can make. Some of it gets done, like Submissive Guide, other things get tossed aside. We have many wheels rolling. It could be the big thing that makes use happy and successful.

Our wedding isn’t far away really. Eight months is nothing and we have so much to do yet. I’m beginning to feel so very behind on things. I can’t wait to get moving on the important stuff we still have to do! I made the design for the save the dates all done, now I need to print them and assemble them. I have 12 to make for all the out of state guests.  We need to nail down a minister so I have to contact the caretakers of the chapel and get his list. We should be booking a bakery and looking into florist costs in case they can do it for about the same price as DIY.

Tonight I’m dealing with some stuffiness and a headache. I’ve not been resting well either. I tried to take a nap earlier and wasn’t able to get past the drifty feeling. So I got up more tired than I laid down with. Hopefully I’ll feel better soon because I want to explore my exhibition and have Master start taking pictures of me. I’m sure I can find a couple to share with you. I’m already working in my dirty talk and that’s turning out great for me and I think Master likes it too. It’s just such a hot button thing for me that the other day when he was doing more talking than I’ve heard from him it was so so HOT! I hope he keeps it up.

Last night Master came in and woke me up and we had some amazing sex. I was sleepy but I remember it well and I loved it. I felt so sexy and hot while he was fucking me. He teased those magic spots inside that I love so much and he shows that he’s very experienced with my body. I’m amazed at how wonderful he is every single time.

He’s mine ladies!


Ah sex!

Today was finally the day.

With a false start at the beginning when I woke Master up in a sexy nighty and just desperate, my period decided to give a little final hurrah. So we waited. I gave him a fun lubed up hand job to hold him off for later.

After lunch time I lured him into the bedroom and he face fucked me while I lay over the edge of the bed, slapping my face, tits and mound. He brought me so close to orgasm before I was denied and he came in my mouth.

Not an hour later he had me back on the bed, fucking me like I had been craving the past week; but that wasn’t it. When he came he rolled me over and held me tight while giving me an awesome orgasm. Thank you Master!

I’m sure there will be more later. Lots lots more.


This excerpt is from my Diet Blog on My username is lunaKM if you wish to friend me.

I always start the week with good intentions. How I finish the week is always up for discussion.

I went to the gym twice last week. My goal is to go 3 times this week. Ultimately going 6 days a week.

I need to change some of the foods I’m eating… or rather the amounts. I bought lettuce so I’ll be having a salad with my lunch (or as my lunch) every day this week.

I know I can do it and right now the number of pounds I’d like to lose is very daunting. 160, re…

Read the rest at my SparkPeople Blog

I'm so horny

Master developed a sinus headache today. He’s been miserable and hiding in the makeshift sauna of the bedroom. I feel so bad for him and there is nothing I can do but support him with drinks and quiet time. Hopefully he gets better soon.

It’s a bit of selfishness that I’m hoping he gets better soon. My period will be over soon and I need sex. I need lots of freaky sex, rough sex and pain and bondage. I want it all. Now we need to wait till both of us is ready and well. My desire will just have to stir and brew more and more.

I have issues sharing my desire on this blog of late. I’ve noticed that it’s gotten very domestic in nature but that’s not always the way it is here. I think Master is well cared for in the bedroom. I think part of my desire stems from the book I’m reading for Submissive Guide.  It’s about learning how to be more  exhibitionist. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist already, but this book is stirring some fantasies and ideas that I can’t wait to test out. I’m definitely sure that Master will love seeing a dirty talking, sexy-clad sex goddess in his bed.

If I had more TV time I know I’d be watching porn. As it is I plan my day in the morning so that I know what TV I’ll be watching that day. I’m so addicted; I’m embarrassed to say. It is my hope to learn to do other things that will benefit my life and Master’s comfort so that I don’t miss the TV as much as I do while adjusting. I can’t believe I can get so bored so fast.  So, I’ve picked up my knitting again. I’m almost ahead of the game with writing for Submissive Guide and I’m keeping the house pretty clean.

So, until we are well and ready for playtime I’ll keep myself busy with adjusting to the new way of living.


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