On Friday night we weren’t even sure we’d have a moving truck. It was one of the worst night’s of stress in my life. Saturday morning wasn’t that much better. I called every 2 hours to check on the status of a truck for us, only to be told that there wasn’t any available yet. At 12:30pm we got a call that they had found a truck for us(a 26′ behemoth) but it was 2 hours drive away. The towing dolly was available in our local branch office. We accepted the truck; there was no way we were waiting in line for a different one. I called the location that the truck was at so that I could let them know when we expected to be there. The man on the phone said they closed at 2pm. Even if we drove like our tailpipe was on fire we wouldn’t make it before they closed. When I shared my plight he said he’d wait for us. Blessing number 1! While I calculated the time it would take for me to go get the truck, drive down to get the dolly, drive back up to get my car on the dolly and then back down to start loading it looked like we’d be able to put things in the truck by 9:00 pm. That’s right. We had till midnight to be out of the place.

Luckily we have some fantastic friends that we called last minute and they agreed to drive up from another hour south of us to where the truck was (a 3 hour drive for them) and drive our car back down for us. That way we’d be able to start loading by 6pm. And that’s what we did. They stayed to help us load the truck and bid us safe driving around 9:30 pm. Some quick cleaning and we were on the road at 10:30 pm. I seriously doubt we’ll get any of our deposit back because I had left so much cleaning left to be done, but by then I just wanted to be out of there.

We hadn’t eaten all day. We hadn’t stopped to rest. We were so beat and I had to drive to the hotel in our new city before the rest could happen. It’s a rural drive for the most part and things aren’t open past 10 pm so eating would also have to wait till we got there. We both wanted showers really badly. The cats had been cooped up in travel bags most of the day.

Driving a 26′ truck and towing your car is insanely hard. I was grateful for the quieter night roads and the fact that I was barely going above 55 mph the whole way. Our new home was about 1.5 hours away by car and we had a hotel room waiting for us and the cats. We had to be there by 2am or they could give up our room to someone else. The road construction was the most stressful. I was gripping the wheel so hard; never sure how much clearance I really had between the pylons. That was the longest 6 miles I’ve ever driven.

We rolled in to the hotel about 12:30 am. We wearily checked in, got the cats out of their bags, talked with the hotel clerk about where to find food and a Walmart because in our rush to get packed we forgot to pack overnight bags == no change of clothing.  Unloaded the car in the dark and practically collapsed inside. Went to Perkins and had some comfort food then over to Walmart to get clean clothing. We got back to the hotel room about 2 am. I showered quick and then passed out. Master did the same.

Tomorrow we hoped wouldn’t be as bad.