August 2010

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Now that Master has been paid and we can cover our bills with room to spare we went out and got him an iPod Touch so that he can develop some apps. He’s been having fun with it tonight since we got home. He is also still sick. I’m better, almost 100% now. Not sure what he’s got that’s making him ill and hopefully he’ll be better soon. I worry when he’s looking tired and pale.

He’s been working hard lately to recover the savings we had before we moved. I love him so much for that. He said I might be able to buy the wedding dress at the end of September. That would be right on schedule for when I wanted to get it! I’m now trying not to obsess about wedding stuff too much but I’m so excited.

We might be going to a Ren Faire the middle of the month. It sounds like fun. I’ve never been to one; I don’t think Master has either. The weekend I want to go will have jousting and weight lifting games. I think they will be insanely good to watch – as well as all the costumed people. Not to mention the food. Yup, I really want to go.


I'm sick

So, I have whatever Master has. It’s not full-blown with me yet but I’m feeling especially tired and congested and just overall icky.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll recover and be back to normal by Monday.


Master is sick

Master is sick today. Well he’s been developing a sore throat for a few days now but today it bloomed into a flu. He’s cranky and irritable and I’m doing my best to take care of him. Hopefully he gets better soon. I hate seeing him miserable.

We’ve had some issues with our internet and had a network tech out today. He replaced a lot of lines and did a lot of testing but tonight for the real test it failed. Next step is to find the bad equipment in the building that is making the noise on the line causing all our headache. Master is so pissed that he can’t play is games right now. I wish I could help him.

I’m starting to not feel well either. I think Master has passed on some of his sickness. Hopefully I can combat it before it gets bad.


I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that Master works freelance as a subcontractor. This means that we are constantly waiting for him to get paid. This month his paycheck is late. Right now it’s about 5 days late. The stress it is putting us both under is horrible. I’m trying to hard not to let it get to me, but he can see it. I know he’s stressed too. It’s just something we have to bear with.

We have food for this week and then that’s it. I’m working in my mind with ways to feed Master with things he doesn’t usually eat… tuna… pasta… eggs. Things I know we have.  I worry about the bills that need to be paid. Even though it’s not my responsibility.

Even though all this stress Master and I are connecting sexually without sex. My period is taking longer than normal to finish up. I’m so horny and Master is too, but he can just come to me and wave his dick in my face and get it stroked or sucked. I’m being a good cock slut right now.

Focus on the positive and not let the negative overwhelm me. That’s the goal right now. Master is constantly telling me how much he loves me. It feels so good. Our love is still strong even with this stress, and maybe it’s because of the stress that our love is strong. We can be beat this and come out a blissful married couple at the end. Just have to pass this hurdle.


Wedding Blues

Today has been a tough day for me. I’ve been thinking a lot about wedding stuff and wanting to get going again on things. We’ve had to wait to save for it since we moved and had a sick cat. The wedding is just over 9 months away and we have the venues reserved and a photographer picked. That’s it. I feel that I’d like to have the attire picked out soon now. And the Save the Dates need to go out in October to the out of the state/country guests and I have yet to design them.

I’ve spent a lot of time on the wedding dress site where I’d like to get my dress. I’d love to go to the store but that’s a 10 hour drive. I’m stressed. I’m down. Master has noticed. He keeps checking on me. It’s sweet but nothing can be done right now to clear my head. I’ll just have to work through it.

It probably doesn’t help that I’m watching a lot of wedding TV today.


Period is Looming

That’s right, the bit of down feelings has morphed into PMS. Grr! And Master and I still haven’t had any good butt sex. Now we have to wait. That just totally sucks. I know you all wanted to hear that, heh.

I’m almost all done unpacking. I think I have about 10 more boxes or so then it will be official. I can then start planning the decoration of our apartment. The living room will be Japanese inspired with red and gold and black, bathroom will be blue and bedroom will be purple.

I love purple, it’s my favorite color. That is of course until Master changes it to red. He’s trying very hard, or not trying at all really. Just that most of my clothing is now red.. hmm. Funny how that works.

Zeus has recovered pretty well. He seems like his old self again so that’s a good thing, although I can never figure out why he likes to drag Max around the house by his scruff. I just don’t get that. Max always lets him. Whatever.

I purchased a bridal eyeshadow palette. I’m really looking forward to practicing my makeup skills for wedding day. That’s right, I’m doing my own makeup. I’m sure if you watch my dailymugshot you’ll get to see all the practice I’ll be doing. Natural look after natural look. Of course I’m doing thick black eyeliner and red lips a la the 50′s pin up. I’m going to get some false eyelashes to play with too. Girlie fun!!

Master has said twice now that we need to get back into the gym but we haven’t followed through. I’m feeling the need to get back on track myself so I just need to push myself out the door one day. I’m sure I have undone all of the progress I made and will have to kick butt to get back to the 1 hour workouts I was doing. More on my diet and exercise plan later though when I’m not tired.



I’m feeling really down today. I can’t explain it and I don’t know why. I’m going to just have to find peace with myself and enjoy Master’s love for awhile…


I’m not really sure what to talk about today. I was going to continue the hell story, but I think that’s just done; I don’t want to relive it anymore. Let’s just say it took 3 days of horrible heat, sweat and heavy things.

The floods that came through here we are still dealing with. Drinkable water is still not coming out of the taps so I’ve started boiling water to replenish our supply. I am watching the news to see when we will be able to drink what comes out of the tap and every time I check they say that people need to conserve even more. I’m not sure we can. We aren’t flushing every time we use the toilet, I’m only using water to rinse my hands and boil for drinking. Master and I have taken 5 minute showers and only one each since Tuesday.  The dishes have piled up so I’m going to have to boil some water to use for washing again tomorrow morning (like I did today).

I’m beginning to get into a routine of cleaning and other housework and then website work. I’m planning on doing some of that same on the weekends as well. I only have a handful of boxes left to unpack. We have a lot of open wall space on this apartment and it feels great! The bedroom is huge and Master is planning lots of fun once I unpack the toys.

And I know you are probably thinking… you haven’t unpacked the toys yet? It all has to do with feeling like we are home. It hasn’t sunk in yet… probably because of the crap we’ve had to deal with since we’ve been here. I have no doubt that it will happen soon though.

Then we can start talking about the wedding again.


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