Master expressed interest in flogging me this weekend. I didn’t expect to play at the play party but there was a glimmer of hope when he mentioned bringing the toys with us.

Early into the party, Master requested I get out the Florentine floggers and the blind fold. Like most parties at this location they are slow to start, so I asked Master if he wanted to play now while it was still pretty quiet. He agreed and I undressed. We walked to a pole in the middle of the floor that had been wrapped in a blanket to make it softer. There was a narrow stool that I straddled and sat upon, wrapping my arms around the pole for support. He placed the blindfold on my and the world was between Master and I… in the dark.

The flogging started slow and tender. He struck my ass cheeks a bit but concentrated most of his strikes on my shoulders. It was startling at first because it’s been so long since we’ve played like this at all. I wanted to relax into it, allow it to absorb me into it. Become one with the pain, turning it to pleasure.

The pattern on my back went from one flogger to two with a gentle rhythm. It ebbed and flowed, some strikes were strong and sharp, others more like a caress. He checked in with me and I felt his heat close to me. Master asked me how I was doing and I asked for more. He mentioned that I was not making a lot of noise so he couldn’t tell how I was doing.

In the second round of flogging I was more in tune with the pain. I could feel my heart flutter and my eyes shifted as I sensed the endorphins in my system. Pain faded a step and as he increased his impact with one and then 2 floggers then back to one I was beginning to feel my sensations relax and I made more noise. I arched and curled against the pole.

He had me turn around and lean against the pole then, to flog and then squeeze my breasts. I raised my head out of the way and he wailed on them for awhile. He had me on tiptoes when he’d take my breast into his hand and squeeze and pull.

And then I did something I don’t think I’ve ever done. I asked him to slap my breasts the way I don’t like. I honestly can remember saying slap them in the way I don’t like; insane! Of course he had me ask correctly and say please. In no time my breasts were swinging like a pendulum and then he’d take break to grip them in his hands again and squeeze so hard. By that time I was feeling so very good and actually exclaimed that it felt so good.

He turned me around to punch and slap my back. I was totally into anything he wanted to do to me at that time. The punching; which we’ve never done was wonderful. It was deep and thuddy almost not painful and the slapping was very sharp and stingy.

I know that we ended when I started swaying a bit and he was flogging me really hard. I think I called Yellow once and he checked in. That was it for me. He took the blindfold off and that was the end. And the marks left from it are going to last a few days. That’s for sure.

There are pictures behind the cut if you are interested in the resulting marks!