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I cleaned my oven today. It’s not been cleaned in a long time. It’s all sparkly! So, since we are moving soon I lined the bottom in foil to keep me from having to do a bigger job the day before we move. I’ve got a lot more cleaning to come yet.

Tomorrow Master and I are going to a single tail demo and play party. Should be interesting and hopefully enjoyable. Master expressed wanting to play but not sure if he wants to play in public. He’s craving some intimate play time. ┬áMaybe we can play on Sunday (of course this means digging out the toys).

I’m so ready to be done packing. Everywhere I go I find more that needs to be packed away in boxes. When I signed up for this whole domestic service thing I totally didn’t know I’d be agreeing to doing all the packing and cleaning when we move. (Of course Master has said he’s doing most of the actual moving of boxes, so is that a fair trade?)

And another thing…

Master and I aren’t sleeping well; and certainly not together. I’m snoring, or the AC is resonating the walls, or it’s just plan not good sleeping. We are both pretty tired and cranky lately.

Suggestions for better sleep anyone?



  1. WhippedBlade’s avatar

    Have either of you tried sleeping with earplugs in? If you both find you’re able to sleep better with them in but can’t hear the alarm clock, you can buy a vibrating alarm clock that you put under your pillow.

    Have you looked into your snoring to see if it’s a sign of a bigger problem?

  2. pet angel’s avatar

    when we have trouble sleeping i burn lavender oils its calming to the nerves. also if you are having trouble breathing at night use evergreen or eucalyptus oils or evergreen it clears breathing passages. a big part of the sleeping has to deal with the maze of boxes your living in LOL. we just moved into a bigger place and for the week we were packing no one slept comfortably even with the boxes being in an other room. its a constant reminder that your changing things. excitment anxiety ect. hopefully sweet dreams soon!!!

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    I suck at sleeping, but that’s just ’cause I’m on thirds. But what I normally hear recommended is that A) Don’t use your bed for anything but sleeping. Apparently, the mind will start to see the bed as a non-sleeping place and make it harder to sleep. B) Establish a bed-time ritual. Doing the same thing every night lets the body know it’s time to sleep. C) A lot of people recommend taking a really, really hot shower before bed since when you get out, you will be slightly chilled by the air and it will lower your base body temp.

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    My Dr speculates that it could be sleep apnea but since we can’t afford the sleep study right now, diagnosis for that is on hold. He and I are hoping that weight loss will make the apnea (if there is any) go away.

    The noise bothers Master more than me and he has tried ear plugs but they just don’t seem to work well enough. He has very sensitive hearing.

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    I honestly never thought that the move would be impacting my sleeping like that, but now that you mention it … it probably is. I even dream that I’m packing/cleaning for the move.

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    i am not sure if you have tried this but you can do melatonin which is a natural herbal sleep aid. We use it at times and it works well for us. Actually i like to take Ambien but it’s a script. Do you drink soda? If so, dont’ drink it very late in the evenings.


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