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Are we moving?

We are supposed to be moving out tomorrow. Uhaul over booked their reservations by 135 trucks. They can’t guarantee a truck for us now….. we booked over 30 days ago, WTF! We are stressed, we have calls in to everyone, no luck they are all booked on the busiest moving day of the year.

Uhaul said they might be able to get us a giant 27 foot truck by 7pm tomorrow. I’m crossing my figures for something, anything.



There aren’t any wash cloths. I had 2 out for him to use for showering ( I use poufs) and he asks me today to get him one. There aren’t any, they are all packed I say. You can use one of the ones you’ve already been using. He needs a new one. I have no clue what box they are in. He gets to shower without it.

There is no food we want to eat. It’s all garbage so my stomach is pissed at me. All the cooking supplies are packed. So, when we get hungry we go through the same 3 things we have and then opt to eat out… or eat the crap we have and then deal with the crankiness we get.

And now Master is saying he’ll pack the media server soon; so no TV or movies on the RAID.

We are at that point in our packing that it’s inconveniencing us. I can’t wait till Saturday/Sunday.



I’m so nervous about moving I feel like I’m thinking in 4 different directions at the same time. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had a ‘normal’ move experience that I forgot what it was like.

The move before this one was from upstairs to down so we didn’t have that much packing to do, if any. We just moved via laundry baskets.

The move before that one I was all alone and used my car to make trips from the storage shed to the apartment. It took me 2 weeks.

The move before that was to put everything I was taking with me in the separation from my ex and putting it in a storage shed until school started; and living with my best friend.

So really it’s been almost 10 years since I’ve had the pack everything into a truck, say goodbye to the old place and hello to the new in anything that would be considered a normal move. I’m stressed.

And it shows. It’s the end of my period and normally I’m one raging hormone but I’m not really, well its there but it isn’t, ya know? Master asks why we haven’t had sex yet today and I have no excuse other than to say that I’m really stressed and will get to showering and cleaning myself out for him later. This has been done and now I’m watching him do some fancy stuff with Submissive Guide to make it run faster hopefully.

So yeah, I want sex. I want to feel him taking me over and over again. I want to be panting and sweating and sticky with juices but I just can’t wrap my head around it right now.  Maybe a bit of ice cream will help.


This excerpt is from my Diet Blog on SparkPeople.com. My username is lunaKM if you wish to friend me.

Just 6 days until we move apartment. Eating has been really poor lately since I don’t want to have a lot in the fridge to try to transport. It’s crap food really, honestly. I think I can survive the week on this. Next week I’ll be buying yummy healthy foods.

We’ve not been to the gym on our regular schedule either. I feel bad about that but I know that the move is kinda overwhelming us right now. We’ll be able to transfer our gym membership to the new town and that’s good thing. …

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We watched the movie Inception last night. It was slow to start but really good at the end. I’d recommend you go watch it! Took me a bit longer than usual to try and fall asleep after; my mind kept thinking there was someone in my dreams. Silly, I know.

I’m doing cleaning and packing today so that the next week thing will seem to finish. I’ll have practically everything packed. The massive cleaning list will be complete and I’ll be doing the list that the landlord gave me (which isn’t as specific). I’m so ready to move into the new place. I’m so freaking excited! I’ve been having some wonderful dreams about being in the new place. Time spent on the balcony in the morning. Working from my desk in the dining area, baking, cooking and cleaning in harmony.

Doubt it will be that easy right off the bat, but dreams are a wonderful thing. I know that Master has been dreaming of his office space and what he wants to have in there to make his sacred space.

Ya know, I think part of why I am really looking forward to it is that the new location will feel more like ours. I’ve been living in this town for 10 years, 3.5 of which was married. I’ve got memories here that crop up every now and then. I’d like to make the new town a place we have our own memories and I’m not clouded by ex thoughts. True, I have lived in the town before as well, and I was dating my ex then, but I lived there alone. He never lived there with me. So I feel a clean slate when I think of moving.

We’ll be able to start saving for the wedding again. Master said we can go dress shopping in the next few months so that’s a great thing. There are things we’ve put on hold with the move that I want to get back into doing; our wedding is only 10 months away now!


We are in the home stretch for moving day. All the final appointments have been made: oil change, veterinary appointment, massage planned, U-Haul truck reserved, visit to have car evaluated for tow dolly and new apartment check in.  I have practically everything packed. Food is down to bare minimums so that I have less to pack in a cooler for the trip. I have the deep cleaning started and I’m sure that I’ll have it done by the time we get out of here so that I don’t have to do a lot on the day we move out.

I’m dreaming of living somewhere new. I want to explore new places, meet new people, make new friends. I think it will breathe new life into both of us. It’s possible our relationship will change a bit as our surroundings change. For the better I hope. In my head we hold an apartment warming party, but I don’t think Master would actually approve of one. I guess I’ll ask once everything is unpacked and the place is presentable.

The past couple days Master has had to wear a heavy mantle of patience. I’ve come down from the intense play on Saturday right into PMS. It’s a wonder that he doesn’t just laugh in my face sometimes with how insane I’ve been. I’m like a chameleon. One moment I’m happy, the next I’m irritated and now one can escape my agitation. Even the cats have seen my rapid mood swings. (Thankfully that has now subsided with the onset of my period.)

The marks I earned are fading to yellow. I figure I’ll have them for the next few days and then the bruises will remain over the weekend. Master caresses them and smiles. He likes that he’s taken me this far. I am looking forward to the next time, and the next.


This excerpt is from my Diet Blog on SparkPeople.com. My username is lunaKM if you wish to friend me.

I haven’t meant to neglect this place recently… although I haven’t made effort to be here either. Km and I haven’t gone to the gym very regularly. It’s one thing or another that is keeping us from going. He’s injured and I’ve been adjusting to new meds. Before that I was injured and he won’t go alone. So, getting back on the fitness wagon is our goal.

My eating has been hit and miss. Mainly because with us moving I’m shopping skimpy… ya know. Just what we need and they have to …

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Master expressed interest in flogging me this weekend. I didn’t expect to play at the play party but there was a glimmer of hope when he mentioned bringing the toys with us.

Early into the party, Master requested I get out the Florentine floggers and the blind fold. Like most parties at this location they are slow to start, so I asked Master if he wanted to play now while it was still pretty quiet. He agreed and I undressed. We walked to a pole in the middle of the floor that had been wrapped in a blanket to make it softer. There was a narrow stool that I straddled and sat upon, wrapping my arms around the pole for support. He placed the blindfold on my and the world was between Master and I… in the dark.

The flogging started slow and tender. He struck my ass cheeks a bit but concentrated most of his strikes on my shoulders. It was startling at first because it’s been so long since we’ve played like this at all. I wanted to relax into it, allow it to absorb me into it. Become one with the pain, turning it to pleasure.

The pattern on my back went from one flogger to two with a gentle rhythm. It ebbed and flowed, some strikes were strong and sharp, others more like a caress. He checked in with me and I felt his heat close to me. Master asked me how I was doing and I asked for more. He mentioned that I was not making a lot of noise so he couldn’t tell how I was doing.

In the second round of flogging I was more in tune with the pain. I could feel my heart flutter and my eyes shifted as I sensed the endorphins in my system. Pain faded a step and as he increased his impact with one and then 2 floggers then back to one I was beginning to feel my sensations relax and I made more noise. I arched and curled against the pole.

He had me turn around and lean against the pole then, to flog and then squeeze my breasts. I raised my head out of the way and he wailed on them for awhile. He had me on tiptoes when he’d take my breast into his hand and squeeze and pull.

And then I did something I don’t think I’ve ever done. I asked him to slap my breasts the way I don’t like. I honestly can remember saying slap them in the way I don’t like; insane! Of course he had me ask correctly and say please. In no time my breasts were swinging like a pendulum and then he’d take break to grip them in his hands again and squeeze so hard. By that time I was feeling so very good and actually exclaimed that it felt so good.

He turned me around to punch and slap my back. I was totally into anything he wanted to do to me at that time. The punching; which we’ve never done was wonderful. It was deep and thuddy almost not painful and the slapping was very sharp and stingy.

I know that we ended when I started swaying a bit and he was flogging me really hard. I think I called Yellow once and he checked in. That was it for me. He took the blindfold off and that was the end. And the marks left from it are going to last a few days. That’s for sure.

There are pictures behind the cut if you are interested in the resulting marks!


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