Yesterday we applied for an apartment. I’m hoping to hear next week if we got it or not. It would be so great to have a new place and new town. It’s so exciting. The wait is horrible. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high ya know? Cause if we don’t get it, we don’t have another apartment to look at yet. ┬áIn my head I’m already figuring out where everything will go and what furniture we’ll need since there is less kitchen storage. I’m dreaming of sitting on the balcony and watching the morning go by… or the evening.

First impressions on the apartments we looked at (still occupied) was that the floor plan is slightly smaller in person than what it looks like on paper. The dining area will need to be extended kitchen space so I’m looking to get a set like this one for seating. I’ll want to get a buffet or a hutch.

Master is not going to be shocked that I’m already shopping for furniture. He said the first purchase will be a bed and I totally agree! We’ve needed one for over a year. Of course with saving for the wedding getting things for the apartment will be under his discretion completely. A girl can dream though, right!

We can do this. It would be so exciting!