Yesterday was one hell of a day. In order to tell it I need to start with Sunday night.

Sunday night I asked Master to cane me and he did. It was an awesome scene and once the caning was done Master took me. In a break in the action he grabbed the hitachi and started punching my ass. Oh god that was good. My tender ass and the thuddy impact was great. So very good. I think I fell asleep almost immediately afterwards!

To yesterday morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I was cranky and moody.  I went out to get lunch for Master and I and immediately dropped mine on the floor when I got home. I snapped and threw a real temper tantrum with jumping up and down and everything. It was insane and I couldn’t explain why I was that pissed.

Master asked me if I could be having some sub drop and while it sounded likely I wasn’t ready to embrace that. Ultimately I did though and he took good care of me.

In the afternoon my father called me. He’s in the hospital again with internal bleeding. I’m worried again about his health and I’d like to think he might move back closer to his family so that if something happens he’s not all alone. I won’t know anything for a couple days on how he’s doing.

Talked with sister that night and informed her that our wedding will be no kids zone. She blew her top and said that she was bringing her kids anyway. She said that my wedding needs a ring bearer and a flower girl and she thought they would be in the wedding. She also asked me why she hadn’t been asked to be a bridesmaid either. OMG I was just… what the heck. She said that since I’m having a traditional wedding I need these things. Whatever. I told her no and had to say several times that kids are not welcome and that I’d help with babysitting if she needed that. She basically threatened to crash the wedding then. *sigh* I’m glad I have a year to hopefully get her to respect my wishes for our wedding day.

Let me tell you I was so upset. Master said not to worry about it, he’ll take care of it.