June 2010

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The news is in. We are moving! There is a 2 bedroom apartment waiting for us in another city – a bigger city. In just over a month we’ll be going to a bigger place and both of us are very excited!

I have a huge task ahead of me though. Master has never moved house like this and it’s been about 7 years since I’ve had to. Of course with the packing means decluttering and massive cleaning so I’m going to start as soon as I can. We have friends who just moved and are willing to give us their boxes so that will certainly help. Whatever I have I’ll need a long long list.

How to do this without spending a ton of money is my task. Frugal move, is that possible?


I figured that since I missed writing this yesterday that I’d get it done this morning before Master awoke. I have a breakfast casserole in the oven so I have just about 25 mins. Let’s see what I can get out in that time.

We are still waiting to hear about the apartment we applied for last week. I’m hoping we hear something this week because we’d like to give 30 days notice to our current landlord if we are moving. It would also help us with the dreams and plans we have as far as the new place. I try so hard not to do too much planning with the new place in mind because I don’t want to be let down if we don’t get it.  The suspense is killing us!

I purchased a book through Amazon the other day and received it yesterday. It’s main purpose was for a review on Submissive Guide but I think that it will be an excellent book for Master and I in our further development. The book is Protocols: Handbook for the female slave by Robert J. Rubel, PhD. I’ve read the preface so far and am looking forward to sitting down and really digging into this book. I believe that this book and Miss Abernathy’s Erotic Slavehood omnibus will really assist us in our dreams for an erotic service relationship.

The past couple of Fridays Master and I have gone out for a date and we talk about our relationship, our dreams for the future and our happiness. It’s been a wonderful bonding time and I look forward to these times out of the entire week. It really is all about us in those moments; the world just fades away. I couldn’t be happier with him and our life together.

We are in a holding pattern as far as wedding progress. We need to find a bakery sometime soon so that we can go in for a tasting and get our cake ordered. I’d like to have the menu down before the end of summer too.I have a sample of the paper coming for our invitations so that I can do a mock up. I think I’ve priced all the online wholesale flower places I’ve heard about to get the best deal on the flowers I’ll be buying to DIY the florals. We need to pick out my dress in September as well. But all this is waiting until we hear from the apartment because we might have to dip into that savings to move and then replenish it after that.

Times up, off for breakfast. Till next time folks.


This excerpt is from my Diet Blog on SparkPeople.com. My username is lunaKM if you wish to friend me.

I found this article and wanted to save it somewhere.


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Pushing Harder

I learned something today. I tend to push myself harder at the gym when I’m alone than when Master is there working out too. At first I honestly didn’t want to get the entire planned time done, I wanted to just quit, but somewhere inside of me I just dug down and pushed to get those minutes done. It’s amazing what you can talk your body into doing.

Tomorrow I’m going to make a better healthier meal plan for myself and Master. I’ve got to make some huge changes over the next few months if I want to see any progress weight -wise and Master has agreed to help be my drill sergeant. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about how to lose 100 lbs in one year. It’s doable, so many people say that it is.

My blog post on SparkPeople have everyone saying I need to take smaller goals. Knowing myself and Master I think I can do more than just a few small ones at a time. It’s not about denying me things, it’s picking better choices. He’ll help me do all this.


This excerpt is from my Diet Blog on SparkPeople.com. My username is lunaKM if you wish to friend me.

Today I cried. I cried because I realized that as I look at the obese people walking around today that I’m one of them and I swore I would never look like that. I would even whisper to my friend or boyfriend, “Don’t ever let me get like that, stop me before I look like that.”

It’s an area of discomfort and sadness for sure. It means giving up or working to succeed. I have lofty goals but I don’t try hard enough I know that. I want to lose weight for the wedding. I want to feel beau…

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Rich Vanilla

One of my tasks as Master’s stay at home submissive is to find cheaper ways to do things. I love embracing from scratch cooking as one of them. While not everything I do is old fashioned cooking, the modern vices of convenience foods is something I can find alternatives for. I found a recipe online that I just had to share. If you are addicted to General Mills International Coffees then this is one to try. I know I’m going to just as soon as I run out in my tin.

Rich Vanilla Coffee Mix


She has other flavors as well. Toffee, Swiss Mocha, Bavarian Mint, and Orange Nutmeg can be found on this page. If it’s cheaper than $3 for the 9 oz. tin, then I’ll be making it. The comments on the page rave about it so I have no doubt that I’ll like it. If I remember I’ll price it out and tell you guys if it’s a bargain or not.

I’ve also been busy with my knitting needles this past week. I made 3 Swiffer Mop cloths so that I won’t have to buy the paper ones anymore. I’ve even read that they work better than the store bought pads! I’m excited about it. Just 2 more in the box and I’ll be using the knitted ones.

Right now on my needles is a bath mat. I’m using 100% acrylic yarn to help ward off mold and it’s a simple double yarn garter stitch. I need to see if I have a circular needle large enough to do a border once I have the mat done but I’m thrilled with it so far. I think I might make a ‘scraps’ one with all the left over cotton yarn I have from dishcloth making for a kitchen mat.


This excerpt is from my Diet Blog on SparkPeople.com. My username is lunaKM if you wish to friend me.

I really envy all you wonderful folks for being able to lose weight and stay on track for more than a day. I’m really depressed today for several reasons.

I’m PMS’ing which is probably why everything else is bothering me the way it is. I feel so very fat and lazy and frustrated.

I also went to try on some clothing today and while that shouldn’t get me down, the mirror was evil. I hate the mirror. There was a moment I wanted to break down crying or run out screaming. I do…

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Waiting Mode

Yesterday we applied for an apartment. I’m hoping to hear next week if we got it or not. It would be so great to have a new place and new town. It’s so exciting. The wait is horrible. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high ya know? Cause if we don’t get it, we don’t have another apartment to look at yet.  In my head I’m already figuring out where everything will go and what furniture we’ll need since there is less kitchen storage. I’m dreaming of sitting on the balcony and watching the morning go by… or the evening.

First impressions on the apartments we looked at (still occupied) was that the floor plan is slightly smaller in person than what it looks like on paper. The dining area will need to be extended kitchen space so I’m looking to get a set like this one for seating. I’ll want to get a buffet or a hutch.

Master is not going to be shocked that I’m already shopping for furniture. He said the first purchase will be a bed and I totally agree! We’ve needed one for over a year. Of course with saving for the wedding getting things for the apartment will be under his discretion completely. A girl can dream though, right!

We can do this. It would be so exciting!


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