May 2010

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Have you ever?

Have you ever been out of sync sexually? I think Master and I are a bit off right now. What he wants and what I want doing work well together. I’m trying hard to give him what he wants but since I’m not ‘into it’ it’s not doing anything for him. Basically he says today sucks. Well yesterday was phenomenal but that doesn’t count to him because today sucks. I just don’t get him right now.

That’s it though. Our lives are really going well and as we continue to figure out how to work together sexually we’ll be even better for each other. Just yesterday he was saying that the sex was awesome. We did it 5 times. And I totally agree, it was hot. The fact that today isn’t going exactly like yesterday is what’s frustrating him. I’m horny, that’s the truth, but just not was vocal or voracious as yesterday. And that’s where things fall apart. He’s wanting his wanton slut and what he’s getting is a pliable fuck hole. It’s not doing it for him I guess.

I’m available, I’ve masturbated in front of him and he seemed mildly interested but not enough to get excited about it. He asked me to do something I’m not physically capable of doing and when I told him I couldn’t the mood broke and we’re in separate rooms now. It seems insane and I’m sure at some point tonight we will reconnect and things will be back to normal but right now it’s just not.

I know every relationship has it’s ups and downs. It’s a normal part of life. The fact that I talk about our ups and downs on this blog makes it seem like there are more downs than ups and that’s just not true.

We’ve spent the past 24 hours in a hotel with a hot tub and indoor swimming pool. We’ve had a wonderful time enjoying being with each other, getting all pruney in the tub and then going to the pool to do it all again. Several times. We’ve gone out to dinner and had snacks in the hotel room. It’s been nice to see Master not working all day long. He seems relaxed for the most part. It’s about time.


One Month

This excerpt is from my Diet Blog on My username is lunaKM if you wish to friend me.

Tomorrow will mark the one month anniversary of starting our gym membership. I’ve done over 300 mins just this month. It’s way awesome! Next month my goals are to get to 30 mins on each machine I do, 2.5 mins on the stair stepper and once I reach that I want to start going 4 times a week instead of 3 !

I can so do it. Yay me!

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Game Weekend

I did my first DIY project for the wedding today. I had lots of fun this morning creating monograms. I want to use a wedding monogram on the invitations, cocktail napkins and a few other things. Check it out! I’m watching wedding TV tonight too. I’ve got the bug and it’s bad. Hopefully I can calm it down a bit, since I have a year. I do have a lot of DIY projects to keep me busy.

I’ve had a bout of headaches lately. We’ve not been able to figure out why they have developed so I’m going to keep an eye on it. It could be the medication change that happened recently. I’m getting concerned.

This weekend we don’t have a lot planned. I want to have a game day where we pull out the board games and have a great time together.  Maybe we’ll go get snacks at WallyWorld and just hole up all day just enjoying each other. Master is working on Monday since he took today off.

Master has found his groove as far as asserting his control. I get away with way less than I used to and I like that. It’s a shock sometimes but very worth it.

Oh and after tomorrow we will have been working out for a whole month! I’m looking for results soon.



I had my very first pedicure today! Master let me have one when we went in for his massage. I loved it! I got a manicure as well. Now I feel beautiful and my feet are nice and soft. He spoils me so much and I love it. Admittedly I was so nervous about giving the financial control over to him… that I’d lose any pleasurable things. He’s proven time and again that my life is so much better with him in charge. I’m so glad he’s in charge of my life.

On the way home from the spa I decreased the dumb bird population by one. He flew right in front of me and unbeknown st to me got stuck in the grill. Horrid, just horrid digging the bird out of the front of the car. Yuck! I’ve hit several birds in my driving experience, but never have they stuck, usually I punt them to the side or something. Why do they like to dive down in front of cars anyway? Are they playing a game of chicken? Is it a dare with the other birds? “Dude if you get within 2 inches of that car I’ll totally find you the fattest worm.”

Now, exercise is really getting better. I’m up to 40 mins at a time which makes me feel good. I’m hoping to see results soon in my waist or the scale but progress is still progress!

Hot and Humid

Today was a very hot and humid day. I think it got to near 95 degrees (F). We gave in early and put the window AC in. What a relief! Last night was horrible trying to sleep while sweating and sticking to the sheets. Ick.

Otherwise it was a non-productive day. I went grocery shopping and that’s about it. So… I’m in trouble. Tomorrow I have to have only plain water all day. Ugh. For those of you who don’t mind water it’s probably lame, but I hate plain water. I usually drink crystal light all day. Tomorrow is gonna suck.

But, if Master gets the blow job he wants then I’ll get to be right back on regular drinks on Wednesday!

I heard from my dad this morning. He’s out of ICU and will be able to leave the hospital late this week. I was relieved.

I started a wedding bio. I am in for all the wedding community fix I could need. You can perv the wedding plans if you’d like: Master let me get my first DIY project for the wedding. I’m embroidered a monogram on my bouquet ribbon.


This excerpt is from my Diet Blog on My username is lunaKM if you wish to friend me.

We exercised last night. I wasn’t feeling well due to issues with my Dad – which I’ll talk about shortly- so I didn’t reach this week’s goal for the treadmill.

I did accomplish 12 mins on the bike and a total of 20 mins on the treadmill (goal was 24). Not bad I say!

KM always says he’s proud of me and just have to be a raincloud don’t I… I said I’d be happier if I could see some results in my size. KM, being wise said that I need to stop focusing on seeing results and…

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Yesterday and today Master has had a headache. He’s spent a lot of time lying in the bedroom without lights and noise. I worry about him but there really isn’t a lot to do when you have a headache.

He woke up today without a headache and he’s had his way with me a couple times. Then he got his headache back so that has killed his plans for sexual slut training for the day.

Today, I have developed a headache. It’s been a miserable few days for us. My wrists are killing me today too. I asked to postpone exercise till tomorrow, which was approved. Master has been so sweet to allow me to convalesce in front of the TV. Wedding TV marathons! *laughs*

Speaking on the wedding…

I’m stuck on a dress I’ve never tried on.  I look at it almost everyday. When I dream about the wedding (every night) I’m wearing that dress. Right now, it’s MY dress, THE dress. I’m even considering skipping going to salons to try on other dresses. But then I wonder if I might find another dress that I love just as much.  I’ve already asked Mom if she wanted to come shopping with me and Master; she’s never gone dress shopping for her girl’s weddings.  I think it would be a treat for her. Do I do it for her benefit. (Master has said we are going anyway, this is just hypothetical pondering.)

The dress I love is online and in a shop in Ohio. Master has agreed that we can try to go to Ohio in September when I plan to purchase one. That is if I haven’t found one to trump my opinion of the one stuck in my head now.



I don’t really have anything to say today. I’m even at a loss of things to complain about; which is rare.

Worked a bit away from the house and got a lot done.

Only did 24 mins of exercise today; then got exhausted and I’m feeling better just sitting around.

Tomorrow I plan on doing a bunch of cleaning to avoid thinking of the exercise fail.


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