Admitting a Misstep

I’ve always thought that the example of a good submissive is one that can admit mistakes to their Dominant before the Dominant notices and accepts punishment. I told Master that I think I need a maintence spanking/punishment for being so lazy this week. The house is a mess and I’ve not accomplished nearly enough with my time. I feel bad about it but apparently not bad enough to fix it myself. So I told him about what I’ve been doing… or rather not doing. He agreed that now that it was brought to his attention that it was noticeable.  So, I have punishment coming.

I’m not looking forward to it, but I think it will help recenter me and remind me what I should be doing with my time. I know that the last time we readjusted my behavior I felt a lot better about my submission. So jogging my memory will work I’m sure.

I don’t always admit my mistakes. It’s scary to look at Master and say I messed up and I need to be corrected. Am I a good submissive? I have my days. Something must be right if Master wants to be with me forever.

I weighed in yesterday (357.4) and got a starting point reset for my continued effort with losing inches before dress shopping. Master has set an exercise routine of 6 days a week. We are doing about 20 mins a day this week. I might want to up it to 30 mins next week with a goal to maintain that for all of April. We both have a desire to feel healthier.

Anyone else having insanely beautiful weather? The weatherman predicts 80 degrees tomorrow. I can’t believe it. I might have to dig out my summer clothes for the BDSM panel tomorrow morning. The season has arrived!


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    Just to add a helpful corollary: I guess you will then realize your ambitions in terms of wedding dress..!

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