I got a comment on this blog the other day that was something I’ve covered here before, but since I’m feeling opinionated lately I’m going to talk about it again. The comment I got said something along the lines of, “Why are you teaching novice submissives, it’s like the blind leading the blind.”

I have raised that question to myself several times and here’s what I believe and why I think Submissive Guide is still growing. I am not a novice. Therefore, just like every other person that has life experience I feel I have something to talk about and share with those ‘younger’ than I am. I am constantly reading the misinformation on forums, the old websites that told you how to be submissive or talking in all these fantastical terms that no one can reach.  Submissive Guide is hopefully there to help weed out the crap and let people find the submission that fits them; not some silly mold that others are trying to push them into.

I know I’m not perfect, but seriously, who is? Have you ever seen a perfect submissive? Have you asked them if they are perfect? Even the ones who have been around longer than I have will say they are likely not perfect. I would not want a submissive who thinks they are perfect talking to me about anything. I want the submissives who struggle and learn, the ones who can say how they should be even if they aren’t attaining it. I want to read about the submissives who are clawing their way into their own submission and happy with their progress.

I don’t write about anything I don’t know about. I’ve admitted on Submissive Guide that sometimes I need to take my own advice but isn’t it that way in a lot of areas in life? Take dieting for example. Everyone knows what they SHOULD do, but not everyone follows through to actually doing it. Does that mean they can’t write about what they know to be true or worth trying for others?

I’m not trying to defend my right to write about things I feel impact novices. I’ve been there. I understand why I felt the way I did and I want to share that with others. That’s why I write Submissive Guide and that’s why I think it’s doing so well.