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I’ve always thought that the example of a good submissive is one that can admit mistakes to their Dominant before the Dominant notices and accepts punishment. I told Master that I think I need a maintence spanking/punishment for being so lazy this week. The house is a mess and I’ve not accomplished nearly enough with my time. I feel bad about it but apparently not bad enough to fix it myself. So I told him about what I’ve been doing… or rather not doing. He agreed that now that it was brought to his attention that it was noticeable.  So, I have punishment coming.

I’m not looking forward to it, but I think it will help recenter me and remind me what I should be doing with my time. I know that the last time we readjusted my behavior I felt a lot better about my submission. So jogging my memory will work I’m sure.

I don’t always admit my mistakes. It’s scary to look at Master and say I messed up and I need to be corrected. Am I a good submissive? I have my days. Something must be right if Master wants to be with me forever.

I weighed in yesterday (357.4) and got a starting point reset for my continued effort with losing inches before dress shopping. Master has set an exercise routine of 6 days a week. We are doing about 20 mins a day this week. I might want to up it to 30 mins next week with a goal to maintain that for all of April. We both have a desire to feel healthier.

Anyone else having insanely beautiful weather? The weatherman predicts 80 degrees tomorrow. I can’t believe it. I might have to dig out my summer clothes for the BDSM panel tomorrow morning. The season has arrived!



My wedding obsession is getting really annoying. I feel so bad that Master is constantly telling me that he’s had enough for awhile. It’s all I talk about lately. I get like that; a sort of broken record for awhile. When the newness wears away I know it will stop, but when will that be?

I have a weight loss buddy; hi buddy! Hopefully we can work together to stay accountable and reach our mutual goals of looking good on our wedding day. I’ll be posting to SparkPeople about my diet stuff and only posting updates and success here so if you want to follow the rest of my diet journey you will have to go there.

Thursday morning we have to get up bright and early to do the BDSM presentation at the University. This will be the 9th semester I’ve orchestrated it. Hopefully I’ll remember everything I want to cover before we open it up to questions. I think I”ll want to write an outline so that we talk about everything I think is important for vanilla people to know about what it is that we do. Master will be on the panel as well as a F/m couple we know. Should be a good time.

I’ve not been feeling myself lately. I am finding it hard to focus on anything and my motivation to do my duties is waning. I’m thinking a maintenance spanking may be necessary soon to get me back on track. I’ll see how the next few days go and if I can’t get it going myself I’ll be asking for help from Master. I don’t want to fail him.

I’m having fun with my new make up and trying new things. I did a thick back eyeliner today and while I can see that I still need to practice with that I like the initial look. The mascara however sucks. It flaked off all day and caused a raccoon eye effect that I just hate. I don’t line my bottom lash line for that very reason. Ugh. I also thought I was setting the liner with some shadow and I think I just made it more of a mess because the first time I blinked I had a black halo of shadow above my crease. I guess I still have some learning to do.



That’s right folks, I’m in formspring. Ask me anything, anonymously! :) And just so folks who don’t go there can know my answers, I’ll be posting them here also. Stay tuned as I post the previous question/answers.

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Master is taking over control of my exercise and diet again. He’s vowed to be really firm with  me. It’s because I’ve been driving him insane with whining about my lack of weight loss but not doing anything about it. So, he had me tell him my goals and now he’s whipping me into shape. I know by this time next week I’m going to be exhausted.

I go to the Dr next month on the 20th. I could potentially lose about 20 lbs by then. I could lose 30 lbs by the time I try dresses on in June. More than 50 by 1st fitting. Who knows where I could be on our wedding day. That’s being hopeful. I know Master is serious. I hope I can stay serious too.

It is my responsibility to work on my eating. I’m going to start using my food diary again. I will make sure that my portions will be smaller, my food choices will be smarter and I’ll have a set time at night to not eat anymore. Oh, and Master is insisting I drink the water I’m supposed to drink every single day. That, ladies and gents, is at least 100 oz daily. 150 would be better.

Guess that’s it.


I’ve been re-reading the Marketplace series. Reading it always makes me want to improve my submission for Master. He suggested I make a list of the things I’d like to work on. I haven’t done that yet, but I will. Some of the things on the list will be better voice training, a couple basic positions and immediate correction/discipline for failure to behave. Yeah, I want to make it harder on myself. Am I insane?

These are all things that Master has mentioned he’d like to have. We hold a higher protocol at home anyway so intensifying it is an awesome idea. I’m nervous of course. It’s a new level in our relationship and one that means giving up another independent part of myself over to Master for his care.

We are also discussing yet again about my diet and health. I need to lose weight and my personal dedication to it just sucks. I fail. Master doesn’t like the idea of controlling this part of my life, so I’m not sure what we will be able to negotiate.

Quick bits of play should be a part of everyday I think. Perhaps it would help keep our D/s playtime more alive and well. Right now it gets stagnant to non-existent.

I don’t know why the Marketplace series stirs me so much. I know it’s fantasy. I know that trying to attain the same level of submission is rare or impossible.  Does anyone else have the same feeling? I know in my heart I could never be a slave like those in the books, but I know I could bring myself closer to the submission I can feel in me with some of the ideas in the books.

Do you have a book that you feel tug at your submissive heartstrings?

I got a comment on this blog the other day that was something I’ve covered here before, but since I’m feeling opinionated lately I’m going to talk about it again. The comment I got said something along the lines of, “Why are you teaching novice submissives, it’s like the blind leading the blind.”

I have raised that question to myself several times and here’s what I believe and why I think Submissive Guide is still growing. I am not a novice. Therefore, just like every other person that has life experience I feel I have something to talk about and share with those ‘younger’ than I am. I am constantly reading the misinformation on forums, the old websites that told you how to be submissive or talking in all these fantastical terms that no one can reach.  Submissive Guide is hopefully there to help weed out the crap and let people find the submission that fits them; not some silly mold that others are trying to push them into.

I know I’m not perfect, but seriously, who is? Have you ever seen a perfect submissive? Have you asked them if they are perfect? Even the ones who have been around longer than I have will say they are likely not perfect. I would not want a submissive who thinks they are perfect talking to me about anything. I want the submissives who struggle and learn, the ones who can say how they should be even if they aren’t attaining it. I want to read about the submissives who are clawing their way into their own submission and happy with their progress.

I don’t write about anything I don’t know about. I’ve admitted on Submissive Guide that sometimes I need to take my own advice but isn’t it that way in a lot of areas in life? Take dieting for example. Everyone knows what they SHOULD do, but not everyone follows through to actually doing it. Does that mean they can’t write about what they know to be true or worth trying for others?

I’m not trying to defend my right to write about things I feel impact novices. I’ve been there. I understand why I felt the way I did and I want to share that with others. That’s why I write Submissive Guide and that’s why I think it’s doing so well.


March Q & A

MrJ asks, “how to help a submissive to timely hand in written assignments, if punishment helps only to a limited extent and the underlying problem is the perception that they are additional obligations in a full life?”

Simply put MrJ, to get her to write and hand in assignments on time is to make sure that it’s a priority. You and she obviously see that her life is full of other obligations, but if you really want her to focus on the written assignments you will do your best to clear time for her to do them.

Establish priorities for your submissive and express just how important your tasks are to your continued relationship. When you see her, if the written task isn’t complete, then make that the time that she has to do it. She has to sacrifice seeing you to complete something you have assigned.

If you want her to reorganize her life to fit your assignments closer to the top of the list, then help her do it. If there are kids involved offer to babysit, if the extra obligations aren’t required, then ask her to remove one from her life until she can figure out how to work your requests into her full day.

It really boils down to how important she finds your tasks. If they aren’t important to her, she will fail to move them up in the priority list. Realize that perhaps written tasks aren’t helping your relationship and choose other tasks. Or if they truly are important to you and your relationship then you must find a way to help your submissive put them where they belong.

Could it be that her already full life doesn’t have room for the written assignments or is it that she just doesn’t want to do them so she finds them a chore? You really didn’t say. Get to the bottom of it first. If it’s her attitude toward the chore then you have work to do. If she really doesn’t have time to fulfill your wishes, does she have time to do anything else related to your tasks?


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