February 2010

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Red, Pink and Yellow

Master is such a wonderful man. I’m feeling so full of love and affection towards him. I’ve been lost in the clouds today and while it’s really not clear why I know that some of my thoughts have been about the fact that I’m going to be with this man for the rest of my life and how perfect that is.

I’ve been going through wedding stuff and Master opened up the door to talking about it so I’ve been bringing him ideas all evening. Red, pink and yellow seem to be the colors I’m settling on. I love the idea of having flowers, lots of flowers. I have invitations bookmarked that I like, a cake I JUST saw that looks awesome. Oh and these favors I saw (that Master isn’t thrilled about) that are plantable seed cards. How cool to give them wildflowers to plant!! Maybe he’ll like them later.


On the D/s front…. One of the things I’m supposed to do is remember to clean the drain of my hair in the shower (gross, I know). We’ll I’m on strike 2 of 3 and if I get in trouble again I’ll be bathing out of the sink for a week. Ick. He’s been easy on me for domestic chores as I’ve noted, but I know that’s over. I have to get my butt in gear for next week.


Master and I are in a dangerous mood. We want to go spend money willy nilly. The scary part is that neither of us would stop the other, I don’t think, and we’d be living on bread and water until his next paycheck. It would be bad.

Besides… we have plans for March. We want to go take a look at ceremony venues and place a deposit if we like the one that I’ve been oggling from online. I want to go see my friends in Des Moines and talk wedding stuff. Mom wants to have lunch with ‘the girls’ and share new baby news and engagement news. We have lots of things going on hopefully for next month.

Master has been really sweet to me this week. I’ve had PMS from hell and he’s been a bit lax on me for my domestic duties. I know I’ll get back into the mess of it once the cramps fade so that I can function. (Why do I hear in my head that ‘trwoo’ slaves would work just as hard during their cramps, so get over it?) Master treats me special, I’m spoiled. So there.

We’ve been exercising. It’s good. Both of us want to tone or lose weight for the wedding and if we start now we’re sure to get there. I hope the momentum will continue. I have a goal of at least 5 inches around the waist that I want to drop. More would be good, but 5 would put me in a dress size that I’d likely find more sample dresses to try on in. Master has already noticed a change in his belt. I can’t tell a thing about me since I’m a bloated as a whale. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell next week if I’m feeling leaner. I know I’m happy to be exercising. It feels good.

Oh and for those of you who have asked for pictures of the ring… it’s due back from the Jeweler on the 2nd.


The PMS I’m suffering this time is horrible. I’m tired of the cramps and bloating and painful boobies. I’m really tired of the feelings of depression and hell. I wish my period would just start.

Master could see my need to be alone today and granted my permission to go to Panera for the afternoon. It was nice and while I didn’t do a lot of work I think I came home feeling better than I started.

I’m also still driving Master nuts with wedding ideas. He told me he wasn’t talking about it today and except for a couple of times that I brought it up I think I did a good job. We should be getting a call to let us know that the ring is back and ready for pick up. That will be an exciting day.

That’s about all that’s going on here right now.


Really Happy

This week we’ve spent letting the family know of our engagement. It’s been a pretty overwhelmingly positive response. I’m really happy and it makes planning a wedding that much more exciting. Master is hoping to have his family come over from England and I would love to meet his mother at least.

I’ve changed my status on Facebook and FetLife to declare my love for Master and our engagement. Next week I’ll be able to flash my ring to everyone; it should be back from being sized by next Friday. Master has said on several occasions that he can’t wait to see the ring on my finger. I think that is when I’ll have my OMG moment. Then it just might set in.

Our sex life this week has been lacking and it’s mostly my fault. I’m not feeling it, and then today I woke with cramps ramped up to an 11. On meds they sit at a 6. Not exactly lust creating. But that doesn’t mean I’m not horny; on the contrary. But the idea of his cock pounding my cervix is scary. Today he asked me if I could put my hands behind my head to survey for bondage purposes and told me his desire to put the hood on me, tie my hands behind my head and face-fuck me. That’s coming soon, I know it.

If you are on my RSS reader you are most likely getting bombarded by my recipe additions. I’ve decided to put my recipe box online so that my favorite recipes are all in one place… and heck I can share them with you! There’s a link on the left for my Recipe Box if you are interested.


New blog post on SparkPeople.com. If you are following my weight loss journey, you’ll want to hop over and read it.

lunaKM on SparkPeople

Red is the New White

Thank you everyone for your congratulations on our engagement. Master has set a June 2011 wedding date so that his family can save to come over from England if they want. In the meantime instead of just enjoying being engaged I’m driving him insane with wedding ideas and questions about his idea of a wedding. Oiy I’m so excited though, I really am.

My heart beats really fast thinking about marrying Master. I admit though that I’m not at the OMG moment where I realize that I’m getting married, ya know? It hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m still floating on cloud nine. I’m going to have a diamond on my finger and Master is committed to being my husband as well as my Master. It’s just the best feeling in the world.

I’m not wearing white, that’s been decided. It’s my second wedding so I wouldn’t anyway, but Master wants me in red; so red it will be. I am looking at wedding dresses to decide the style of dress I want and I’m thinking ballgown with a flat front. Not sure about strapless as I have these horrible fat pockets under my arms that I just can’t hide. Maybe I could get an alteration to add shoulder swags to cover that. Guess I’ll worry about that when I actually find a dress, right?

I’m not making a separate blog to talk wedding stuff so I apologize ahead of time if you get tired of it.

I’m working towards losing weight before I go dress shopping next winter. I have a goal to have a waist size under 50 inches and I think I could get it down to 46 with effort. That would be 8 inches down in the waist alone. Master exercised with me too, it makes me feel good. Food will change too I know.

Lots of changing going on!


If you’ve been online at all in the past 12 hours, you may already know that Master and I are now engaged. It’s been a fantastic night of love and romance and passion. Along with giddy childish grins and laughs. He says that’s cute. Which makes me blush even more.

We went out for lunch yesterday, something we commonly do for Valentine’s Day. I commented that Master appeared to be doing a lot of thinking during lunch; he just had that lost in though look. He said no, he wasn’t thinking about anything. We enjoyed our lunch, held hands across the table. When lunch was done and the plates were cleared away he shifted in his seat and I thought he was getting up to go the the restroom when he got down on his knee, my hand still in his.

I admit I stuttered and in an embarrassed question, “Is this cheesy?”

He said he could just get back up, which I told him no to stay.

By then I was grinning and it had only been a split second. He looked into my eyes and asked, “Will you marry me?” and as steady as I could I said “Yes, I will marry you Master.” We kissed and held each other’s hands even tighter.  Master said he wanted to go ring shopping right then, and so off we went to the jewelry store that I prefer (for their customer service).

The first ring I looked at I loved and when I put it on it was even prettier. I tried on several more, and other enhancing rings and different other styles but kept going back to that first one. So that’s what we got. It’s being sized and I’ll get it back in about 10-14 days.  Then, of course, I’ll share a picture. I’ve never had a diamond before; it’s really exciting!

Once home we had the red velvet cake I had made that morning for Valentine’s and some sparkling wine. We celebrated with some light play and enjoyed each other’s bodies. Bliss could never be better.

The issues I bring up on this blog are hardly ever as bad as they seem. Master is always telling me I’m really hard on myself on this blog. Sure we have issues and have had arguments but one of the best things about our relationship is that we have worked them all out when they come up. They don’t fester and get worse. Even some of the same things that keep coming up have had improvement; they just aren’t perfect yet. Our love and commitment, that is perfect.

And no, we don’t have a date set yet.


He Asked…

and I said yes!

We are getting married!!!!

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