Master has been working on my word use; especially the word ‘huh’. When I can’t hear him I have the habit of saying ‘huh?’ It drives him mad so he’s started to punish me when I say it. So far it’s happened the once, but I know that it’s going to be a long road before I get that worked out of my system.

Anyone want to guess how many times I’m going to get swatted on the ass with the dragon’s tongue before I learn my lesson? I’m getting it will be more than the 2 I earned tonight.

Some things are so hard to relearn or unlearn. The way I tell someone that I didn’t hear them or misunderstood has almost always been ‘huh?’. Well now it has to be, according to Master, “What did you say Master?” or “Pardon?”

We are going to a play party tomorrow. Master isn’t planning to play but I would really like to bring a small bag just in case the itch happens. I dunno, I just don’t like going to a party without the possibility of a tiny bit of play. It just seems wrong. I’m bringing The Motherlode bars with me so I’m sure I’ll be the light of the party.