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Do what I say

Today I got up on time and did my exercise this morning. I felt good all day long because I had done that instead of putting it off. I know that if I had, I wouldn’t have done it. I’ve had 1800 calories today too; all good.

I don’t have a lot to say tonight I’ve realized. Master and I had an argument (thus the locked post below) but I think we are doing better now. If relationships were easy I don’t think people would be so picky to get what they want, they’d hop person to person.

Master means the world to me and I’ll do anything to make sure that he’s happy and that we work well together. The issues I currently have are with my own submission, and I’ve said several times before that I need to take my own advice that I write about so often. I know what I should be doing, but I’ve not done it. Master’s got issues with that, and right he should be.

I’ve got a long way to go, no doubt about it, and Master hasn’t given up on me yet; although I think he’s wanted to on occasion. That’s pretty committed I think. I’m sure we’ll just get closer as I mature and grow in my submission.

I’m not really submissive right now. I’ve not been a good girlfriend either. I’ve just not made the switch from grief to actual life again. I live the dream and yet I’m not living it. How in the world do people do it? Of course it’s hard to say for sure that the blogs I read and the people I look up to aren’t having similar problems. The beauty of blogging is that you can write about whatever you want. People could just keep the hard parts of their relationship out of the blog.


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Green Light

I’ve found a desire to learn how to sew lately. I think the fact that I own a sewing machine now has done it… and that I don’t have clothing that fits me. I looked up a tutorial on making a wrap around skirt and am going off of that for the one I’m making now. I’m even going to try to make it reversible so that I will get 2 skirts out of it. I will of course take pictures of it when I’m done which will be this weekend hopefully.

I never got around to starting that flogger, as the fabric called me instead. I really need to make the flogger as it was requested by someone and I’m sure I’ll see them sooner or later and they will want to know where it is. Perhaps I’ll feel like doing that this weekend too, after the skirt.

Master has been sick for the past few days. He’s got a cold that is weighing him down. He spent most of yesterday and today in the bedroom with his laptop just recovering. Hopefully he will get well soon as one thing I really miss when he’s sick is the kissing. Forehead kisses just aren’t the same.

I made a group on Sparkpeople for anyone interested in having a support system for weight loss. Send me an email and I’ll give you the link. It’s a private group so it’s invite only. Consider this your invite!

Went to the Dr today. He renewed my meds and we talked about how I’ve felt after the anti-depressant was out of my system. It turns out it was making me more fatigued. I’ve not had to nap since I stopped taking it. He’s put the sleep study on the back burner for now and we’ve got a game plan in place for the weight loss. He agreed to 1600 calories a day and getting up to 5 days a week of cardio to start the program. I don’t have to go back to see him for 6 months unless something comes up. Go me! I want to have at least 30 lbs lost by then…. 50 would be way cool but the top of my goal range.

Master got a Zeus Digital box for electroplay this week. Looks like a lot of fun. I can’t wait till my period is done so that we can test it out properly. The bit of play we’ve had so far is promising. It’s a learning curve of course. Anyone have any experience they want to pass on?


Help Me Out

I’m still not 100% today. I woke up with a migraine that is still clinging to me. It doesn’t help that my period is major bad this time. Master isn’t doing so hot either. He’s been trying to work even though he feels icky. We are just a bunch of boring here today. I hate migraines (doubt anyone loves them)

Yesterday I went crazy and used a coupon code that I got from to buy something they had on overstock. I saved over $50! Tomorrow we will be getting a digital electrosex box from Zeus and a few attachments to make it fun of course. Master can’t wait to play with it. We’ll see how much excitement we can get from it. He’s always been curious to do electroplay and I know that we want a violet wand some day. This is just another step into our advance play dreams. He’ll likely read all the material he can find and get all the practice in so that he becomes skilled in no time.

I have a flogger I need to make for a friend of mine that I’ve not done yet. I think, if I feel up to it tomorrow I might crank that out. Shouldn’t take me more than tomorrow to complete. I really should get back to crafting things. I feel good when I make something out of nothing. I have some ideas of what to do with the fabric I received from Kathy too. Working on a shirt for a bit of it, and I have plans for a skirt to wear this fall/winter too.

My jeans have holes in the crotch, why is that always the spot that wears first? I went to look for new jeans and Lane Bryant changed their measuring style. I have no clue what I should get. I think I need to try them on to find out. I feel horrible that most of my clothing currently doesn’t fit. I’ve gotten that big. I’ve not been talking about my diet efforts because there hasn’t been any effort. I know what I should be doing, I just haven’t done it. I’ve got plans, but I’m going to talk to my Dr first on Friday. We’ll see what happens when I come out of that appointment.

You know I’ve been waffling about really sticking to a diet and a number of you have written me saying just do it already and stop complaining. You know what – a diet won’t work if you aren’t ready. Obviously I’ve not been ready. I’m tired of not having clothing that fits though so I really have to get going. That should be my push — to fit into clothing that doesn’t fit anymore.

So, why help me out? I’m looking for someone who needs to lose a lot of weight that needs a buddy. Someone I can be accountable to and make friends with. Someone not on a paid diet plan, but doing it themselves. If you are interested, shoot me an email.



This has been a busy weekend.

Friday my mother came to visit. I don’t really want to talk about it a lot but she basically gave me the perception that she owes me something (probably from absent mother syndrome). Master commented that he’s glad he trained a few of those bad behavior traits out of me. (!)

Saturday we went to Des Moines to see an old friend of mine that got back in touch with me via FetLife. It was wonderful. We had fun just talking and enjoying time together. Then Master and I went on to the Fair. It was pretty good. I wished I had more time, so next year if we get to go I want to be there all day. I enjoy the free entertainment the most, but the food is fun too.

Sunday we spent the day with another friend, Lexi. We had lunch, walked around the mall, visited a few other friends and then had dinner. It was a pleasant time for me and a social overload for Master.

Today we are exhausted and I think I caught a flu or something. I feel horrible. I’m icky feeling. Hopefully I’ll recover enough soon to do what Master has been waiting 4 days for.

That’s right, a blow job. Kinda a constant thing on this blog isn’t it? I should find a ticker and stick it on the side. :P


Mish Mash

This is most likely going to be a random thought vomit type of post. I apologize in advance.

I offered to get lunch for Master and myself today. It’s something I do occasionally but this time I had a great feeling a I drove to pick up subs. A sense of accomplishment and service. My emotions have been all wacky lately for a number of reasons but this day had a wonderful piece of happiness to it. I know that only good things can come from trying it over and over.

I called my mother because the last time I knew she was coming up to visit today. Well her plans changed and she changed it to Friday without telling me. Thanks for the stress mom and no, I guess I’m not doing anything on Friday. I haven’t seen her for 6 years because of a falling out. Why not make it another 2 days.

I’m not going to do pay services on Submissive Guide. You have all spoken and I realize that I don’t have the experience or expertise necessary. I will continue just offering my advice as I have been and find other ways of making money while staying at home. I’ve beefed up on reading for professional blogging and tactics to help ‘teach’ what you want to. I’m also looking into optional ad markets.

Has anyone explored Google Scholar or Google Books? They are way cool! I was doing some looking around for BDSM related materials and found a couple interesting things to read. The books aren’t full views, but the amount of preview I got on one of them was enough to get some interesting thoughts going. Gotta love another free way to find knowledge that might help myself and others explore who they are. I’m sure I’ll be sharing what I find when I continue to write for Submissive Guide.


People on Fetlife are judging me without even knowing me. Okay so I’ve not had 20 years of BDSM experience but the viewpoints and opinions I do have can help people. The people say that since I don’t have a degree in therapy or haven’t yet had classes in lifecoaching that I shouldn’t try to be a mentor to submissives. And yet I see it all the time.

I asked for people to give me their input into having online courses that people would pay a small fee to access. Practically a resounding hell no, why would we pay for something we can get for free? Um, people do it all the time.

I’m looking to start a life coach business attached to Submissive Guide but let me tell you that all the crap I’ve heard today makes me want to not do that. I don’t know why I let people get to me and Master says I need to not take things so personally. I just do, that’s the way I am.

So, 5 years of intense, immersed living doesn’t graduate me out of novice status into a more experienced role. *sigh* BDSM isn’t rocket science, you don’t need a degree to be a good listener and be able to communicate your thoughts well.

Submissive Guide has grown to be twice as large as The Iron Gate and even larger still than this blog. People are reading it and enjoying it. I just want to turn it into a business. I’m so irked at how people judge without thinking.

Am I really not ‘qualified’ to help submissives fresher on the path than I am?


Here I am again in front of a blank screen trying to come up with something to say about the progress with our relationship or just how the day went. Amazingly, I always have something to say even when I feel like I have nothing to say.

Today was an okay day, yesterday was better. I was a bit cranky for no reason whatsoever when I came home from Panera working on SubmissiveGuide. What made it hard for Master was that I denied that I was in a bad mood.

Then dinner was a flop so we went out for fast food (plan B).

Yesterday must have been really good because Master has mentioned that he was proud of me for how I behaved yesterday. Sure I could regale what made yesterday but I’m not 100% sure how to repeat the performance or what made my day so good for Master. Anyway, it was a good day.

If Master’s paycheck is in the mail tomorrow we’ll be going to the Iowa State Fair. If not, I’ll be working tomorrow as hard as I can. I’d rather go to the fair, but Master figures it will be here this week if not tomorrow so we still have time to make it there. I love the fair but it’s been over 6 years since I last went.

I’ve started using again for food logging. I tend to waffle but we’ll see how well I do.


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