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I moved my blog to dedicated hosting instead of having it on our own server. The blog with the enormity of it was cripiling the other websites I have. Now that it’s moved it will run a lot smoother. That being said, I have an issue still with the .htaccess. I have to contact the hosting provider and find out why it won’t recognize it so that I can use a different permalink structure. If you come across links inside of posts that don’t work, that’s probably why.

Today was really busy. I took my car in for an oil change and found that the exhaust was hanging on by one bracket and it had a hole in it. Master approved all the recommended repairs over the phone and I spent over 2 hours at the auto place. After lunch I went grocery shopping. I didn’t want to go really, but I kept telling myself that it was part of being a stay at home submissive now. Master isn’t required or asked to go shopping and I miss his company when I’m out and about.

I got home and Master changed the DNS on the server so I had to set up my blog relatively quickly so that you guys didn’t think I disappeared without even a goodbye. My blog is important to me!

About my blog, I’d like to know what you all think of the Lifestream posts from twitter and other things. Should I not post them and just leave them in the sidebar? The people that don’t come to my blog to read never see what I do there, but those that do may be seeing it twice. What are your thoughts?

I’ve been forgetting Master’s coffee service a lot lately. I can’t explain why except that I’m just getting wrapped up in other things. It’s really bad and I feel horrible whenever he has to remind me. I’m not 100% sure what I am going to do to turn that around. He’s getting tired of it.

I have a ton of things to do tomorrow but I do feel good that I got the dishes done tonight. I can play catch up with everything else tomorrow. I’m off to give Master his SUNDAY foot rub today.


PS: Oh and those of you who want to know how the clone a willy kit went? Not successful exactly. We needed way more rubber than the kit came with, so I stuck a large dowel in it to try to take up some of the volume. Master’s a big guy :P I didn’t pull it back far enough and its edge is along the dildo, certain to cut me. We had to toss it. I’m sure we will do it again though because it was very very detailed and lovely. Every little crease, vein and skin texture was duplicated. It was awesome! I’d highly recommend it, but if you have doubt that your partner is more than average get extra rubber.

We tried one of those clone a willy kits today…. found out we didn’t have enough rubber to fill the mold. So instead of the vibrator they gave us, I shoved a dowel rod I had set aside for a flogger handle. It filled most of the mold up so we should be okay. I now have a dildo on a stick. *smirk* Let you know when we take it out of the mold tomorrow!

Yesterday’s munch went really well. We met Mr Iowa Leather 2008, Sir Liam and his slave Bella. He has a passion to unite all of the Iowa kink communities, create a community center in Des Moines and run a yearly (or bi-yearly) event in Iowa. He’s got the obssessive passion, if he gets support it can be done. Master and Sir Liam got along really well together. Master’s ideas of community unity are on a smaller scale (or Global) depending on your vision. :P

He spouted how we should start having parties for our group to grow. It’s something we aren’t against but it’s not the focus of our group and we are afraid that it might be if we try that route. He wants to have a meet and greet for Iowa to discuss what each group offers for the community and hopefully get some cross-influence.

Sir Liam wants us to get out and go to regional and national events. We’d love to if we had the money to do it all the time. We wanted to go to Shibaricon, but with my step mom failing fast, we cancelled those plans. We haven’t looked into other events because we have plans for going to an event sooner or later.

It sounds like we will be helping with the group they want to start to unify the Iowa Kink community. Master seems very excited to have some of his dreams realized in someone else’s goals. I’ve also been asked to help ISU Cuffs group with a kinky crafts night. I’ll have to figure out what they can make with little tools and cheap items.

As a couple they were fun to watch interact. Bella has a little bratty characteristic that Sir Liam fed on and enjoyed. Bratty behavior tends to drive me nuts but I keep it to myself. I’m really not sure why it bothers me. She was condescending a few times to her Sir and I had to bite my tongue because that is a punishable offense for me. Again, just interesting to see different dynamics.

I think Sir Liam thought we defined ourself as M/s instead of D/s soley because I called KM, Master. But then we didn’t correct him either. Could we be considered M/s to outsiders? It’s interesting. I could ponder it more, but I know that we just don’t fit the ‘mold’ that is M/s. I don’t think I could ever identify as slave. Nothing wrong with that but I’m happy where I define myself.


Earth Hour

Celebrating Earth Hour Extreme today. Going to be gone for munch day, everything is getting shut off before we leave this morning, back on tonight when we get home!

Earth Hour is at 8:30pm local time where ever you are. Spend some quality time with no electrics on! Kinky time :)

There has been less and less descriptive sex on this blog, other than the fantasy I posted this week. It’s not that we don’t have awesome hot fabulous sex or naughty play. Master has mentioned that he’s not really comfortable with private activites being shared now that we have so many people we know face-to-face reading this blog. So… blame him.

Now if you know us that does not mean you can’t read here!! I love knowing (or hate to love) that I don’t have to repeat myself when people ask me what’s going on. You already know. It’s kinda nice. Then again, you know my inner thoughts because I don’t censor them (other than the sex bits).

Who needs to read the sex we are having anyway? We are a committed couple, fully in love, honeymooning still after over 4 years together. Of course we are having hot monkey sex in every room, every way, every time of day. That’s just who we are.

My blog is always classed as a sex blog even though I don’t share a lot of pictures or sex scenes. I consider it kinda interesting. I know my blog is a lifestyle blog, but really… sex blog just because the lifestyle is alternative sexuality based? Hmmm.

All of you know by now that I’ve got a new blog, Submissive Guide. Did you know that I moved Submissive Journal Prompts too? It’s awesome. There are like 600 prompts on the site right now, with a random feature and it posts about every other day or so. Since I can’t come up with 5 every week, I have it pulling archived prompts too. I doubt anyone has written about all of them. I love the new way it’s set up. Let me know what you think about it! Is it missing anything?

I sometimes wonder if I’ll be able to do everything I want to do. I have dreams of a small toy store where I sell what I can make. I’m working on things for it now. The store part is complicated and I’m going to have to learn it before I can even let people know where it exists. I want to make basic floggers, unique other toys and some jewelry. It won’t be large ever. I won’t let it get big. The big thing in my work life will be Submissive Guide. I feel so connected to it already and it can only get bigger. :)

So, am I a sex blogger? Not really but I don’t mind be associated with all those hot bloggers who can share their bedroom fun with the world!


Happy Friday!

I woke up horny. Very horny. Master was very amicable (like he could deny me in that sexy black lace babydoll). Let’s just say he has the best tongue and fingers ever! He made me come so hard that I had tears in my eyes. Holy smokes was it good, but he had more plans. We fucked like bunnies and my god, if you have never had sex after an orgasm I highly recommend it. My pussy pulsed with sensitivity around his dick. Mmm.

Just an hour later we were at it again. Yup. He just got up from his desk, stood in front of me with his hard dick and said let’s go. Oh yea, off I go.

Lunchtime, more sex. I swear I’m feeling so juicy and good today. I’m sexy, Master thinks I’m sexy and that’s a grand feeling!


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