Come Swallowing Again

Yesterday was a crummy day. Master decided that yesterday was the day he’d tell me everything that he is frustrated about or things I’m failing on, etc. I really wish he’s not wait till all of it piles up and then I feel like shit and not worth the collar I’m wearing.

No where does it say here or on Submissive Guide that I’m perfect or that I don’t have issues, so I really hope that people aren’t holding me up to a higher standard. I’m still a person and I can have problems and issues. Obviously I now have a lot to work on.

Trust me, this blog will probably be very interesting for awhile.

First, a common and reoccurring issue with Master and myself. I have a huge issue with blow jobs. Well, actually it’s the swallowing that he asks for. I have a block for the taste and it totally trips me up. I get the heebby jeebbies. Master insists that I learn how to swallow without complaining, the tremors or spitting. I’ve been trying since we first got together. When I’m in slut mode then I can definitely do it without the mental block, but when he’s asked me while he’s jacking off or when I’m giving him the hand job I just don’t have that mindset to swallow. Blow jobs are worse. I dread the end, I really do.

We’ve talked about it and this can not be a limit for me since I do it occasionally. It has to be a mental block. Something I need to get over, and soon so that he’s happier. I’m really not sure how to get over the block since practice doesn’t seem to be doing a good job at that.

Spitting doesn’t count. Even though I find it to be progress in the right direction, he doesn’t agree. So, I realize that practice will be part of it but how I can mentally work out the block in my head is another issue. I swear I’ve talked about this issue so much on this blog you all have to be sick of it. I can hear you all know, “just swallow already!”

So Master got totally pissed when he asked me to swallow and I spit instead. The big part of it though was the complaining before hand. I’ll cover that in another post since I’m still digesting it.

I’m looking for recommendations on how to clear the mental block. I have plenty of suggestions about how to make it taste better. I don’t need more of those. It’s not just the taste that stops me. That’s where I need help.



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    I definitely understand where you’re coming from. For me, it’s the texture of come that I can’t get past. Not so much the taste, because well, it’s the same as swallowing a gallon of salt. I wish I could offer advice on how to get past the mental block, because I, like you, don’t mind it at all when I’m in “slut mode”. Just here to offer support and let you know that you’re not alone!

  2. alexjade’s avatar

    a few techniques but the top: build up your spit while you give the blowjob. it will neutralize the taste when he comes.

    okay, so this is something i am -very- good at. every single person i have -ever- given a blow job to (ad beofre you get ideas t’s not -that- large – maybe 5 or 6) has said it was the best. a couple of them even prefer it to sex. :)

    i used to absolutely hate them. i dreaded give giving them. my mouth is very very small so it’s hard for me to even fit them. one thing i have learned is position. if youre able to swing it, find a position where you are more able to contain it. if that’s hard – men go crazy when you tuck it into your cheek, between your cheek and teeth, and slide it that way. maybe because it isn’t done often? maybe because it’s very wet – more than the back ofyour throat – but there you go.

    as for the swallowing. i was the same there, too. i went form not letting them come in me (had them do it on my chest instead) to lettign them but spitting it out. it tastes like shit, regardless of those make-it-taste-good foods. finally, i was able to swallow – but only if they had a drink right htere immediately after so i could wash my mouth out with a better flavor.

    eventually, there was no longer a drink there, and i loved the person enough to do it anyway. i learne dosmething that helps me. if you build up your own saliva while you give the blow job, it will neutralize the taste when he comes, and make it easier to just swallow down in 1 gulp without any thick feeling or super potent taste.

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    I can understand where you are coming from, because before I got involved with Mr.E I would not swallow for no-one. The way I got over the mental block was to think about the person who I was giving the blow job to. You know what he eats and drinks. You also know where his penis has been. Just think about the pleasure you are giving him. When he goes down on you he swallows your cum. so turnabout is fair play.I know it will be hard to get over the block but it can be done. Remember that he is your man and you do not have to share that pleasure with anyone-else.
    Good Luck and Hugs from Shorty

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    You’re lucky you don’t have my Dom. He makes me hold it in my mouth and show it to him before I swallow. Be thankful you don’t have to do that!!

    I find that swallowing really fast is the best way to deal with swallowing – so that it doesn’t even really touch your tongue.

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    When I was young, I absolutely hated peas. Could not stand them. So I got into the habit of swallowing them whole so I could finish my plate and get dessert.

    Now, I don’t have the same kind of mental block that you do, but I look at swallowing cum in much the same way. Most of the time, I’m very ok with it, but sometimes it has that bleachy taste and ugh, I just want to gag. I just pretend they are peas and I must get them down or else I won’t get any dessert. :)

    Also, if you can swing it, use the old Altoids trick. The menthol makes his cock tingle and the peppermint is all you can taste.


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  6. Vincent’s avatar

    If it is a taste issue there are many interesting studies and information on the taste buds and how they define and distinguish flavors.

    If it is a texture issue the buildup of additional saliva to water it down as alexjade suggests is a good option. That of course depends on your ability to build and maintain saliva based on the intensity and length of time that Master uses your mouth.

  7. luna’s avatar

    Thanks for the support.I’m glad I’m not alone. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who can’t stand come. Ugh.

  8. luna’s avatar

    OMG, why have I never thought of lots of spit?! I’m definitely going to have to try that the next time he asks me to swallow. I tend to always have a drink or be allowed to go get one, so that’s good.

  9. luna’s avatar

    Thanks for the comforting words. I do have to realize that he’s with me and that he swallows my juices too without complaint. It may just help me. Thanks again!

  10. luna’s avatar

    Oh no! Now he has ideas… *sigh* As if he needed more :P

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    I still hate peas. I never got to swallowing them. They just sat on my plate till my family just tossed them.

  12. luna’s avatar

    It’s a bit of both actually, but there is also a mental side of it. I think it’s the mental side that keeps me from accepting the physical side of the issue.

  13. Sweet’s avatar


    At some point, your;re going to have to swallow all that spit you’ve built up.,, if your luck is like mine it will be about 30 seconds before he comes, and not give you time to build it back up. My only suggestion is this: If you know when he is going to come (and chances are you can just tell) try to put him as far back in your mouth as possible, and swallow immediately. The less come hits your tongue, the less you taste.. your throat doesn’t have taste buds, LOL!

    As far as the mind block, I don;t know what finally got past mine. I have been threatened, fussed, talked firmly too.. all I can say is that I’ve tried to always find my subspace when i get to a point of “don;t want to but I have to”. There nothing can challenge me, problem is I have only recently found it.

    I also decided on a mantra… I figure.. I am doing ALL this work I am GOING TO enjoy it as much as him. What’s the point of slurping my lips raw and swollen and not getting the final result??? In that way I kind of make it my decision. I’m swallowing because damn it I worked for it! After a while I was almost waiting for it!

    I hope something works for you. I kow how frustrating it is to have the simplest things get on that “list” that we hate.

  14. Catherine’s avatar

    I am facing the opposite problem right now. I didn’t have a problem with semen, I really didn’t notice it had a taste or a texture or anything. But I don’t like the taste of female liquids. Yuck. I harbored a secret fear that this meant I wasn’t into women! I’m trying to overcome it because She would really like that I did. I’m reading your blog with interest. I hope you find a cool method that I can steal. : )

  15. Areli’s avatar

    We should talk on a less public forum, preferably in person. I have tips. I’ve been there and when I ran the holistic healing clinic, it’s something that came up a lot.

    I’m thinking about you.

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