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Rope Space

I was asked by Graydancer to write a guest post for his blog on being a rope bottom. I produced a post for him and he has graciously added it to his blog. If you are interested in reading it, you can find it on his blog; Graydancer.com.

Here is my list of newly discovered blogs within the BDSM blogosphere! I have found them very interesting and enjoyable to read. I hope you will enjoy them and feel free to leave a comment or two. You just may find a new favorite blog!


Master’s Connection


Essin’ Em

Madeline in the Mirror

Goose and Gander


Vespertine Erotica

Devastating Yet Inconsequential

Kink In Exile

Thank you Master for allowing me to make this more intimate post.

Master is quite the anal fan. That’s not saying he has specific ways he prefers things but that he loves ass. My ass and his ass especially. Recently we’ve acquired a few toys that are meant to tease his P-spot. I’m learning how to pleasure him in that way because he likes the feeling of something up his ass. I’m not experienced in any way with exploring anyone’s behind but my own so this has been a challenge. Certainly fun though!

Unfortunately my fingers just can’t reach his pleasure spot, and he likes that I have nails which keep it hard to adventure up there. The first toy we got was a P-spot vibrator. It’s lots of fun and I love seeing Master enjoying it. I’m not really sure what a P-spot orgasm is supposed to look like so I don’t know if I ‘m getting the right spot. Most of what I’ve read online really only says it is a more intense orgasm.

Now that we have a vibe, what should we get next? I was thinking a butt plug or a slim vibe…


A Case of the Downs

I’ve been pretty down this week. Most if it has had to do with money concerns; something I tend to obsess with anyhow. Even with our collar-versary on Tuesday I didn’t seem to cheer up much. Master is really concerned. He watched me barely eat anything last night. I’m just not in the mood to eat. This is completely opposite what normally is the case. I’m generally a comfort eater. So you know something is bothering me when I refuse to eat!

My diet isn’t going as easily as I had hoped. I feel as if I have gained this week just because of my mood. I really need to get going on the exercise too, I’ve put it off too long.

My progress with domestics isn’t doing so hot either. I have been able to keep up with dishes, but the cleaning list hasn’t been touched. Master said I will have to catch up this weekend. I feel so disappointed in myself for not being able to get it going instead of being happy that the dishes have been kept up. It’s a huge thing since I normally let them pile up so much that we’d have to wash plates to eat on them.

I can continue to improve as Master’s submissive and I do see a more in-depth me as I progress. I’m so truly happy to enjoy the good parts of Master’s service. Master is pleased with me and tells me a lot that he’s comfortable with my progress, so the expectations I have are higher for myself than his are. I don’t know if that is normal or not.


An attempt

Master, being the tricky man that he is, caught me in a struggle with myself the other night. Since I can’t masturbate, I rely on him for orgasms and he knows that. Well, he had me so close, so on the edge that I was begging to be allowed release, and he throws a boomerang my way.

“I’ll let you cum if you swallow mine.”

I practically froze mid-tremble. Oh lord did I have a quandry to try to solve. Was I going to do it? I really wanted to cum, so very badly but could I really do what I have come to dread? I sighed. I would try.

“Well slut?”

“Yes Master, I will try.”

“My slut really needs to cum doesn’t she?” (3rd person speech thing again :) )

“Yes Master.”

And he let me cum, I came so hard that I had one of those after-orgasm headaches and my body felt like jell-o. He watched me recover for awhile, stroking his cock lightly and I knew I had to bring myself to do what I dreaded. I tried to find a comfortable position and began sucking him. I do enjoy doing that for him, it’s just the finale that I dread.

It didn’t take long for him to tell me he was close and then he said something I didn’t expect, “You can back off now if you don’t want to swallow it.”

What? I went through all that worry and he’s still giving me the option to not do it? What should I do? Can I do it now that I’ve thought I had to? I backed off and continued stroking. He was trembling as I do :)

“I’d really like you to, please.”

It didn’t take long for me to get down close enough yet again and very tentatively place his cock in my mouth and continue sucking. Before I knew it, he was cumming and was doing my best not to let the taste and texture get to me. I don’t consider what I ended up doing swallowing, most of it was just in my mouth and then back out, I spit but I still did more than what I’ve done in the past and Master seemed pleased.

He told me shortly after that he was proud of me and that he loved me dearly.



Today is our collaring anniversary. On January 27, 2007 I accepted Master’s permanent collar. He has since collared my heart, soul and mind. I’ve grown deeper in my submission and he has grown more confident of his mastery. It has been a joyous time. I hope that the future holds even more wonders to explore.

Our love will last a lifetime and take us beyond.


TMI Tuesday #171

(posted by Vixen)

1. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?

Iron Man, maybe? Or was it the new James Bond? I can’t recall.

2. What is your favorite movie theater snack?

Popcorn, no butter

3. Have you ever snuck in ‘outside’ food into a theater?

Yup, that’s why God created big purses.

4. Have you ever made out in a theater?

More than that, Master got a happy ending hand job during um, Star Wars III I think.

5. What is the ‘farthest’ you have gone in a theater? See above.

Bonus (as in optional): What is one of your favorite movie sex scene?

Basic Instinct where she ties him to the bedframe and fucks him (not the one that the guy then gets murdered of course)… or the time he goes drunk to the old girlfriend’s house and practically rapes her, or… hell all of them in that movie are hot!

Sugasm #157

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