Seven in One Day

Saturday was a lot of fun here at home. We both work up very horny and gave each other what we needed. During the afterglow later on in the day, I think perhaps the 3rd or 4th time we fucked, I casually mentioned that just a few more and he’d break my record of getting a man off 6 times in one day.

Of course that meant we had to break it that day, Master isn’t about to let a challenge go. We had a great time, and as a result my pussy is sore. This isn’t distracting to my sense of excitement though, as I’m sitting here thinking of more sex. I think we had sex 4 times on Saturday. I say I think because it’s all a sex crazed haze! I know that he got a blowjob and a handjob. I think the last one was shared masturbation. I sucked on his nipples and played with his balls while he got off. It was hot, very hot.

Something I’ve been fantasizing about recently is Master wearing a very tight pair of jeans, so tight that nothing is hidden. He wears gauntlets of some sort, either leather or rope and nothing else. Then I dream of him working me over, with pain and sex. I get all excited when I imagine him rubbing his crotch in my face. Must be the look of blue jeans or something.

Master doesn’t own a pair of pants that fit like that. I’m not sure I could convince him to get a pair. It’s definitely worth my fantasies of late.

My lust for Master just keeps building and we are so hot for each other. I love knowing that without a word Master can get turned on by just looking at me. I feel so desirable and sexy then. I hope it never fades. Laying in bed with him pulled close was sweet in itself, but to know that he had to go before ravaging me one more time, so that I could drift off to sleep was so powerfully moving and I felt so feminine and loved.



  1. Florida Dom’s avatar

    Congrats on the lucky 7. Are you going for 8 next?

  2. luna’s avatar

    I’m sure he’ll want to at some point :P

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