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So, we are about a week into the challenge, Master and I have had sex 9 glorious times. It’s been hot and spicy. I’ve been wet most of the time, although there was a day that I was dry as a bone. But that’s not what we are checking in this challenge are we?

My libido… has it increased at all since last week? Sure has. Not by a lot but I am noticing that I’m thinking about sex more often and I look at Master lustfully frequently too. It’s a good thing.

Master seems to be enjoying himself too. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t get any sex. I was even enjoying the blowjob he got yesterday before dinner. He’s so sexy and hot.

Remember if you want to follow along, you have a few options.

You can follow my twitter. I post to it as soon as I can after we have sex.

You can check out my spreadsheet where I’m tracking my desire and satisfaction for each occasion.

About 2 more weeks left!


Thankful Goodness

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’m enjoying my day very much. Master and I haven’t bothered getting dressed all day. I’ve made a couple batches of Christmas Cookies, enjoyed watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

Master has had a haircut, will shave later and a nice hot shower. I then toweled him dry and lotioned his entire body. He thoroughly enjoyed it.

Turkey will be ready soon and then we can gorge ourselves! Apple pie for dessert (we don’t like pumpkin pie).

I hope all of you have a wonderful day.

Miss Abernathy’s Slave Training Lesson 3


  • List 5 things you do very well.
  1. Cooking
  2. Planning
  3. Type
  4. Learn new things quickly
  5. Kiss
  • List 5 things you don’t now how to do, but would like to learn.
  1. Canning
  2. Sewing
  3. Prostate massage
  4. Formal beverage service
  5. Recycling
  • List 5 things you are embarrassed about not being able to do well.
  1. Ask to masturbate
  2. Housecleaning
  3. Initiating sex
  4. Stick to a routine
  5. Swallow semen
  • List 5 things you love to do but would never admit to in public.
  1. Listen to NKOTB
  2. Turned into a sexual object
  3. To be forced to repeat phrases
  4. Watch Master work
  5. ??

I’ve written about other forms of public exposure of what we do but left this one to last for some reason. I’ve hung onto it for quite awhile becuase I’m trying to really sort out how I feel about public play. How subtle is some of our play? What about the fun of doing something with the possible chance of being exposed? What about the play that is hidden and yet in public?

So, out of all the other Public Displays posts where I said that everything we do needs to be hidden or very subtle from vanilla public, this one is kinda blurred. We can play easily while others haven’t a clue.

For example, what about having to wear a butt plug whlie shopping, or I’ve read that one person wears a trench coat and no clothing to go shopping. What about when submissives follow instructions at work to go masturbate in the bathroom? This is all play in public.

Master and I enjoy some subtle play in public. It spices up the relationship quite a bit. Some of it I over exaggerate and he seems to enjoy that. He’ll grab my ass just so and I’ll gasp out loud. I’ll masturbate in the bathroom and pray that no one comes in and hears me.

I can’t say that vanilla couples don’t do any sort of sexual and erotic play subtly. Of course they can!

What do you do that is fun public play?


Cannon said: In your post here:

…you mentioned that you had a lot of great ideas for affirming and strengthening a D/s dynamic, even at a distance. I would be very interested in learning what you came up with. I myself am faced with this very situation.

That’s a really good question and I’m sure you aren’t the only one wanting to know how to strengthen your relationship.

To do this in my relationship I had to first understand the most important facets of our dynamic. These were and still are communication, honesty, trust and love. If any of these falter then we have a bigger problem and affirmations are not going to help us. But to make sure they don’t slip too much we can affirm our relationship with a lot of things.

I’ll start with being apart. Master and I started as an online relationship with the intention to be together. To make sure our relationship stayed strong Master had me write a journal/blog to record what I was thinking when we weren’t talking to each other. I also wrote emails to him whenever I needed to feel closer to him.

Master set up rules for me, things like health and hygiene, clothing choices and other small things that would affirm that what I was doing was for him. Other basics were having chores (sexual or otherwise) to do at certain times of the day or week. Anything to keep the dynamic in the front of my mind was helpful.

I’ve also read that meditations or mantras really help some submissives. On FetLife there is a thread that someone had made up a slave’s rosary. I love this idea a lot and have even considered making my own and having a physical rosary bead set for the mediation. There are slave prayers and things all over the internet that if read or recited could help affirm submission even at distances.

Being together is another beast in itself, however the things done at a distance can be continued for live-in relationships or close but separate relationships. When you are together you can do more physical strengthening. Every Sunday when Master and I are done with dinner, I bath and massage his feet. It’s a very intimate service time for me and him. He looks forward to it every week. Then I sit at his feet on my subbie pillow while we watch TV until I can’t sit there anymore and I sit cuddled to him or next to him. It’s a part of just being together.

Little things that you do to strengthen the dynamic are all personal. You can use the ideas I have all over my posts in this blog or you can come up with your own. It’s all about finding what works for you to continue to remember how wonderful your dynamic is.


Ok, so the 30 day challenge has begun! Last night Master and started 30 days of sex every single day to see if it increases my libido. I’ve read and seen in places that frequency of sex increases the desire for more sex. We are going to test that out this month.

In searching Google I found a few interesting articles about sex frequency and increasing female sex drive. Here’s the articles that I liked the most:

Optimal Sex Frequency

Enhancing the Libido

Forum post with suggestions from readers on how to increase female libido (funny-ish)

Here’s the complete challenge:

  1. Have penetrative sex at least once every day until my next period.
  2. Orgasms not required.
  3. Twitter after every sex session.
  4. Keep a spreadsheet of the libido challenge, open for public viewing to record any increase or fluctuation in my desire.

I’ve started filling out the spreadsheet, so feel free to perv into the study and see what we’ve been up to; or follow me on Twitter!

My goal after 30 days is to see if the frequency of sex increases my desire for sex. No porn or other erotic literature will be used to turn me on. Just Master and me getting down and dirty a lot!

What would be interesting is if we could continue to ‘research’ the following month and add other enhancing items like porn, literature, writing fantasies, etc.

I’m so excited with this!


Underactive Thyroid

Diagnosed finally

With a disorder

That’s causing fatigue and forgetfulness

Weight gain and depression

My carpal tunnel and brittle hair


I’m on meds for life

To bring it up

So I can get through a day

Without a nap

And all my diet efforts

Will finally pay off

I’m happy it’s treatable

Dreading the new every day routine.

I asked Master if he was interested in testing a theory that the more sex you have, the more desire you have for it. I can’t remember where I’ve read it, but I have seen it several occasions. Of course this would mean lots and lots of ‘work’ in the line of sex with me. Heh.

He said sure! (Like I thought he would turn it down.) So I asked him for a month; 30 days of sex everyday. I’m thinking it has to be some form of penetrative sex, so while blowjobs could be counted, I don’t think they would increase MY libido, so I’ve asked him for vaginal or anal sex or sex with toys if he just isn’t up to the challenge (again, we are talking Master here *chuckles*).

Starting immediately after my period is finished in a couple days and going until my next period starts we will attempt to have sex every single day. I think it should be lots of fun. I’m trying to figure out a way to document our ‘efforts’ so that you can follow along. I remember Curvaceous Dee did a spreadsheet for her Mastrubation month, it might work well for the libido challenge too. Hmm. I’ll ask Master what he thinks of documenting it and go from there.

Day 3 into my synthroid and I’m already feeling less tired. Now, some of you are probably saying that it can’t be the meds, those take a month to build up in my system. I have always believed that medicine is part science and part mental persuasion. I believe that the meds will help me improve and thus, they will. Even if they aren’t chemically doing it — I am feeling better because I want to believe that they will make me feel better. Just as good as meds right?


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