The New Bath Brush

After all the birthday celebrating, Master and I came home with new toys. The three rattan canes from Sir Areli and her submissives were the first to be experimented with. Master just tapped them a few times on my ass to see my reaction and for me to give him input as to the feeling and if they wrapped easily with his stroke. Master wants to read a bit on caning properly and probably watch someone before he will be confident to use this as a regular play tool. He’s all about doing it right or not at all.

Then we pulled out the new bath brush. It’s made of hardened plastic over a metal core. It’s weighty and has the blend of a thuddy sting. Just my type of toy! Master playfully tapped my ass, but from the first swat I wanted more. We moved to a more comfortable position on my knees in front of the futon. I wasn’t sure how much I could handle from that toy and was really excited to see how far I could go with it. My whole mental state was seeing if I could relax and take whatever he wanted to give.

Upon the first playful swats and the warm up I knew that this toy was perfect for what I needed. I needed escape, I need to feel the pain long after it was done and I loved the sound of the tool too. Master took it slow and easy at first, warming my ass for the harder swats later. I concentrated on my breathing and absorbing the sensations I was getting.

Taking turns on each side, Master warmed my ass perfectly and then brought more force into the brush. It sank deep into the tissues of my ass and I could feel it deep within me. I’ll make no lie, it really did hurt, but I loved it too. Through sharp intakes of breath, moans, groans and other noises I took in every swat.

It got harder and harder as Master started using sets to issue some light ones and then a hard one, still alternating cheeks. I noticed my left side was hurting a lot more and let him know I had a sissy ass cheek. He played that one lighter (although he could have been really sadistic and played it the other way!) and as I floated I got quieter. He asked me what color I was or how I was doing, I can’t really remember because all I remember is him asking me questions… kinda.

It was working. I was relaxed, enjoying the playful pain, the intense pain and the pattern of heat I could feel going through my ass. I could feel a vibration take over inside me, I felt giddy, I felt relaxed and I felt heavy. I knew Master was really getting into it too because he just kept going. It got pretty intense and I went really far. I think that the bath brush got me further than I had been in a long time.

Master played me just right and then slowly reduced his pace. It was ending but I was still high as a kite. He got the lotion and rubbed my hot red flesh and poked areas that might develop bruises later and then asked me to lay on the bed.

We cuddled for a long while. I got loopy. Master said he wanted to record it so that I could see how I act when dopped up on endorphins. Thankfully he didn’t. We spent a long time together. I know I got horny or admitted I was horny but I can’t remember the sex. It was in a fog but I know it was good. It’s always good. I’m also sure Master forgives me for not remembering. After another long time holding each other, Master tucked me in and off to sleep I drifted, in his arms.

Bath Brush Bliss.



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    I don’t think there is a better spanking tool
    than the hairbrush. Of course, the open hand has its advantage.And in the administering of a good spanking, any thing which comes to hand, can be passionately used.

    Happy Sugasm & cheers.


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