Master and I have had talks about adding more ritual and structure into our relationship that would help with my focus and mindset. I mentioned a few things to him recently and he told me he wanted me to blog about them and think about them so that he can decide whether he likes the ideas or not.

One of these seems to come up frequently in my mind. Those positions you can read in almost any BDSM fantasy. The ones that exude submission and service. The positions held for long periods of time only if you are some skinny Barbie doll used to kneeling and sitting still.

I’ve read all about slave positions. I know that not every relationship does them, nor do they do the same ones. There are pages and pages of links about submissive positions and how they are to be done.

Part of me, a strong part, craves to have some set positions. I know that the positions that Master would select for me would be ones I can do physically and would enhance the beauty of my body and my role. Master has already expressed that he likes when I get up from the floor to turn my back to him and get up so that my ass is up in his direction for a time while I rise. I have to get into the habit of that.

Some of the ideas I have for positions follow what I’ve read/seen but others don’t.

For example:

At Rest: I see this as a seated position, on the floor with my legs folded Indian-style. I’d have my hands rested on my thighs and my head would be level. I’m thinking this would be a good position in a chair or short stool also as long as I can not fidget and keep my eyes from wandering around at what’s going on.

Attention: Standing or seated or kneeling for short period where I’d have my hands behind my back either behind my neck or clasped lower back. My head would be level and eyes down.

Present: Standing with my feet wider than hip distance apart, my hands clasped above my head with my chest out, eyes level or down.

Thigh: When on the floor or kneeling and given permission to caress Master I’d love to have a position where I rest my cheek on his thigh in love and adoration, and a sign of my submission to him.

Beg: Used for asking permission or begging — Kneel and then lower chest to floor, weight on elbows, hands turned up. Face/head should not touch floor. Once acknowledged, rise to attention and beg or ask permission.

These are just a few of the ones I tend to imagine doing or learning in some capacity.