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The New Bath Brush

After all the birthday celebrating, Master and I came home with new toys. The three rattan canes from Sir Areli and her submissives were the first to be experimented with. Master just tapped them a few times on my ass to see my reaction and for me to give him input as to the feeling and if they wrapped easily with his stroke. Master wants to read a bit on caning properly and probably watch someone before he will be confident to use this as a regular play tool. He’s all about doing it right or not at all.

Then we pulled out the new bath brush. It’s made of hardened plastic over a metal core. It’s weighty and has the blend of a thuddy sting. Just my type of toy! Master playfully tapped my ass, but from the first swat I wanted more. We moved to a more comfortable position on my knees in front of the futon. I wasn’t sure how much I could handle from that toy and was really excited to see how far I could go with it. My whole mental state was seeing if I could relax and take whatever he wanted to give.

Upon the first playful swats and the warm up I knew that this toy was perfect for what I needed. I needed escape, I need to feel the pain long after it was done and I loved the sound of the tool too. Master took it slow and easy at first, warming my ass for the harder swats later. I concentrated on my breathing and absorbing the sensations I was getting.

Taking turns on each side, Master warmed my ass perfectly and then brought more force into the brush. It sank deep into the tissues of my ass and I could feel it deep within me. I’ll make no lie, it really did hurt, but I loved it too. Through sharp intakes of breath, moans, groans and other noises I took in every swat.

It got harder and harder as Master started using sets to issue some light ones and then a hard one, still alternating cheeks. I noticed my left side was hurting a lot more and let him know I had a sissy ass cheek. He played that one lighter (although he could have been really sadistic and played it the other way!) and as I floated I got quieter. He asked me what color I was or how I was doing, I can’t really remember because all I remember is him asking me questions… kinda.

It was working. I was relaxed, enjoying the playful pain, the intense pain and the pattern of heat I could feel going through my ass. I could feel a vibration take over inside me, I felt giddy, I felt relaxed and I felt heavy. I knew Master was really getting into it too because he just kept going. It got pretty intense and I went really far. I think that the bath brush got me further than I had been in a long time.

Master played me just right and then slowly reduced his pace. It was ending but I was still high as a kite. He got the lotion and rubbed my hot red flesh and poked areas that might develop bruises later and then asked me to lay on the bed.

We cuddled for a long while. I got loopy. Master said he wanted to record it so that I could see how I act when dopped up on endorphins. Thankfully he didn’t. We spent a long time together. I know I got horny or admitted I was horny but I can’t remember the sex. It was in a fog but I know it was good. It’s always good. I’m also sure Master forgives me for not remembering. After another long time holding each other, Master tucked me in and off to sleep I drifted, in his arms.

Bath Brush Bliss.


Here is my list of newly discovered blogs within the BDSM blogosphere! I have found them very interesting and enjoyable to read. I hope you will enjoy them and feel free to leave a comment or two. You just may find a new favorite blog!

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After the shopping we checked into the hotel. Master left the paddle in the car, which I thought was odd but didn’t think to hard about it. After entering the suite I wanted to relax for awhile before going out to dinner. This is where Master informed me that we weren’t going out to dinner at a restaurant. He had set up with some friends of ours and we were going there for dinner! It was such a wonderful surprise and nothing as I expected. The surprise continued when he said that we were going to a midnight show. I was later to find out that it was a cabaret!

I took a quick shower and Master hoped into the whirlpool. Then we dressed and got ready to go. I was grinning from ear to ear with the new news about our dinner plans. Master said that they were making Shrimp Scampi, as I requested. (Master had asked me almost a month earlier what meal I would have for my birthday if I could have anything.)

When we arrived we were greeted by Sir Areli. She and her submissives Lilly and Catherine have become great friends of ours. I really enjoy the time we get to spend with them. I can relax and be myself without having to worry about slipping into lifestyle situations or uncomfortable conversation for others. I really feel that we have things in common and other things we can learn from each other.

Dinner was fantastic. I loved the company, the food was yummy and the home recipe angel food cake was a winner! Yum. What more can I say.

After dinner we chatted for awhile. Then Master (or was it Sir Areli) mentioned my birthday spanking. You could have seen the blood drain from my face. Master wanted to do my spanking at her house in her play space. Oh god. I was nervous and uncomfortable all of a sudden. Part of me was very excited though. Master went out to get the paddle and I ran to the bathroom one last time.

We went downstairs to the play space and Master and Lilly pulled out the spanking bench to the middle of the room. I undressed, even though Master said I only needed to take off my pants and panties. I replied that it would look odd to have my bottom half exposed while still wearing clothes on top. I think, now, that it was just a ploy to get naked. I got into position on the bench.

Master started out soft, a little warm up for the hard birthday spanking that was to come. I was breathing and trying to let myself go and enjoy it. It seemed pretty easy. He had me as warmed up as he could, I wasn’t turning pink at all but he said that the real spanking was coming. I had to count. I really hate counting.

The first strike was a surprise but then he dished them out in pairs and sets of three. I was gasping my counts and giggling because it hurt and felt good all at once. I think somewhere around 28 I lost count and being the nice Master that he is, only had me redo the one set of 3 to make it back to 28. I was giggling throughout the last ones and when he got to 31 I though it was over. I was wrong. Sir Areli asked about the one to grow on. So I got one more, but Master used his back hand it was weaker than the others.

I got cheeky here and I really can’t explain why. I’ve never done this before.

“That was whimpy Master.” Oh if we had time for a drawn out spanking I knew I would have been in for it. He gave a few more really hard swats and said that would have to be it. As I was getting dressed, Lilly knelt in front of Master and I and offered their birthday present to him. A trio of rattan canes on varying sizes. Oh, they looked fun. It was a special gift and wonderful idea.

Up until now Master has always reserved the cane for punishment but I’ve started enjoying the cane (and admitted it to him several times where he’d switch toys so that the pleasure wasn’t there) so we’ll have to find a new punishment tool.

Going to the show I was really giddy. I can’t believe I wasn’t tired at all. Sanding in the back alley of the theater (where the entrance to the midnight showing was) was interesting. There were all sorts of weird theater type people there. The seating only had about 40-50 seats but there had to be 100 people in line. Thankfully we were very near the front.

Entering it was really cool. The outfits were so trampy and sexy. As we sat down we could watch couples dance the tango. I was mesmerized. The show started with singing and dancing and debauchery that you would expect at a cabaret. The story was kinda weak but the fun never stopped. I enjoyed the dancing very much, the flirty nature of the dancing girls and the awesome gang fight that turned into a break-dancing competition! Definitely a great show!


We went to the mall. A pretty large mall by our small town standards. The mall was in a larger city and there was no way we would get through all of the stores even if we tried. I was so excited that I was going to be able to go shopping and not have to worry about Master’s patience. See, he’s like a lot of men; they don’t have patience in the way women tend to browse and shop.

I just couldn’t get relaxed though, I kept asking him if we could go here or there. He had to repeat himself frequently with, “You can go anywhere you want, it’s your birthday.” And yet I still asked, each and every store.

We went into Lane Bryant, where I thought I’d be able to try on some clothing. Everything I tried on didn’t fit. It made me realize how much I had gained back and after a few trips to try things on I gave up. It was horrible. So, I didn’t stay in there long. I wanted to have a happy day.

Anyone else dislike the new sizing system they have adopted for pants? It’s ridiculous. I’d rather know I’m a 28/30 than guess at if I’m a 8 yellow or 7 red. It’s so frustrating.

After the clothing store, we went to Bath and Body Works. I love all the wonderful scents in there and found some lucious apple shower gel and some sensual massage oil for Master when I do massages. We also picked up a wicked looking Bath brush. It’s hardened plastic over metal. Quite a weight to it and we swing it bit in the store. I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

We then traveled to the jewelry store, where Master had indicated he would prefer I get my birthday present. How was I to resist?! I looked at most of the birthstone jewels; I wanted a ring. At one point in time I had 4 on my hand at once trying to decide. I saw an Aquamarine set in white gold with filagree etched into the collar of it. It was so pretty. Master smiled and I got that one. It has to be sized yet, so it only fits my pinky finger. I can’t wait to get a picture to share with you all.

After I got the beautiful ring wrapped in the little box and put in the little bag, I asked Master if I could get a manicure. I’ve never had one before. He said yes and I enjoyed the pampering. I have lovely dark red nail polish. I don’t know how long it will last before I need to remove the polish, but I’ll definitely have to get another one. Master even said it’s something I can do to pamper myself like I get my eyebrows waxed.

(One day I’ll get the nerve to go for waxing.)

We left to get ready for dinner after my nails were done. I still had surprises to come!


My birthday happenings probably began the night before when I got a phone call from my sister. For a lot of other people it wouldn’t be a big deal, but I haven’t heard from her in 2 years. It was almost a fluke that it happened at all.

She had lost my number and then found it again and sent me a text to landline asking if it was still my number and to call her. I did and she had good and bad news. She is getting a divorce; which I wasn’t to surprised about since her husband has been in prison most of their marriage for various drinking offenses. He’s back in jail for falling asleep while babysitting and their two year old went wandering along a busy street with their dog in tow. For 4 hours.

The good news was that she was going to graduate with her Associate’s Degree in Business Management and has plans to get her Bachelor’s in Restaurant Management. I say good for her. She’s made some bad choices in her life that have lead her into trouble, but it appears she is straightening herself out. I’m glad and happy for her.

She wished me happy birthday and we said good-bye. I don’t know if I will hear from her soon, but I know she has my number now.

My sister and I have never been really close, we never had anything in common and when it came to growing up, I had to do it really fast. I was in charge of babysitting when my parents were both at work, and so being sisters together and pals never materialized. I was surrogate mom. I didn’t like it and we grew apart. She made some bad choices in life which left our relationship very sour. I’d always hoped she would turn around and be happy again. Hopefully she has her chance now.

Then Friday morning dawned and I slept in as per Master’s instructions. The phone rang while I was getting dressed and Master asked me who “*****” was. It actually took me a ring and a half to realize it was my mother whom I hadn’t talked to in over 4 years. (She has a different last name that I had never acknowledged.) I stared at the phone for another ring or two before answering. She sounded as she always did; hesitant and cautious. She said she got my number from my sister and asked if that was okay. She wanted to know if i was alright and healthy; that she had a feeling something was wrong with me. I assured her I was healthy and fine and that everything was going well with me. The call didn’t last long, and I don’t know if she will try calling again, now that she knows where I am. I am not sure how I will respond if she wants to see me. I’ve given her so many chances before and always been hurt. I’m not sure if I can do it again.

I didn’t hear from my dad, but I figured he’d try to call when I was out of town and will talk to him this week. I used the gift card he sent me on a new purse. It’s red and suits me just perfectly.

So, that’s the beginning of what my birthday weekend turned out to be. Stay tuned for more, hopefully juicy details :)


Tagged Meme

Uh-huh… Theresa tagged me. I was on a little break for my birthday but I’m here now :) Of course with 4 years of archives on this blog, it will be hard to come up with things that you don’t already know about! How about things that happened during my birthday weekend…

The Rules-
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* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog – some random, some weird.
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1. My sister called me, who I haven’t spoken to in 4 years. It was a short and interesting call. She’s going to college! Yay!

2. My estranged mother called me after 5 years of not speaking to each other. She got my number from my sister and I was okay with that. It was hard talking to her, mainly because I’ve given her so many chances before; I’m worried that I’ll just end up hurt again.

3. I got an Aquamarine and white gold ring for my birthday from Master! It’s getting sized this week so when I have it back I’ll share a picture of it :)

4. I went to a cabaret for my birthday, it was a wonderful surpise and so much fun too!

5. Wonderful friends Sir Areli and her subs Catherine and Lilly fixed my birthday dinner at their house and we had a grand time together.

6. Master was gifted 3 rattan canes for my birthday. Now that sounds like a new toy to explore and another adventure finding a punishment implement I won’t like. (I’m thinking the horrid misery stick that I keep reading about in kaya’s blog might be purchased for this purpose.)

and lastly…

7. We got a bath brush from Bath and Body Works that sent me into subspace on Saturday, I loved it! The brush is made from hardened plastic over a metal core. It’s heavy and has quite a thuddy sting to it.

I really don’t like to tag people, but if you would like to do the 7 things meme from me, please let me know so I can come read your answers!

More detailed posts about my birthday are sure to come, but this was a fun preview!


It's My Birthday!

Today is my 31st birthday.

Master is taking me out of town for the weekend so don’t expect any posts here till I get back (unless he asks for them). I’m so excited! He’s got all of it planned and hasn’t let me in on all of the details yet!


I’m a bit of an emotional and mental mess right now. I completely love Master for his patience and understanding during this time. This weekend was great, but the week has only turned sour. I hope that for the weekend it looks up but I can’t say for sure what will happen. I’m so frustrated with things that have happened.

I’m not wanting to talk about it too much, but I’m worried about my emotional strength. I feel like the world is against me. I was so down yesterday that I was really grumpy with Master. It was bad, so very bad. I don’t know if I’m better today, but I feel a bit more balanced. Hopefully I can make Master happy tonight and give him the foot massage he was supposed to have on Sunday.

I’m still feeling physically crummy. I really do hope that it’s all related to my period. Anyone have a period so bad that you hope it only happens once in a blue moon? It’s been that icky for me… just yuck.

Trust me, there will be more organized thoughts here soon.


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