If you are submissive you have likely been in trouble in public. It’s just a matter of time and mood for most of us. A lot of times it isn’t intentional either. And in those moments as you look your owner in the eye you know that s/he will decide to either chastise you there or wait. Both are not in your favor.

For me, I’ve been mildly disciplined in public and it is a humiliating experience. Master does try to keep it intimate and private by having me say my proper apology and sometimes I get a swat on my ass too. Worse yet is ‘the look’ and somtimes my full name. Oh my do those hurt. All things considered we are pretty descrete about the discipline aspect of our roles when out in public.

I just as I feel about public displays of D/s, I think that these displays should be toned down too so that we aren’t forcing others to be a part of our lifestyle. Other than the obvious odd looks we really could get ourselves in trouble legally and be accused of abuse or domestic violence; both things we don’t want to have to face even when falsely accused.

Even if you don’t follow a discipline aspect in your relationship, I’m sure there are times where you stepped out of line and got called on it. How obvious that is will send warning signs and confusion to the uninformed people present. Recently I had erred when in lifestyle public and was called on it vocally and immediately. I can imagine how the scene would have played out if we were in a more vanilla setting. He would have said my first name forcefully, maybe pulled me aside, most likely given me a look and then make the decision for me on what I was to do. I admit that this looks odd to anyone not clued into our relationship, but how much more odd than a couple that is having a disagreement in public? Not much at all.

How are you punished in vanilla public? Is it set aside and dealt witih later on? How is it indicated that you are in trouble?