I’ve written about anal training before. You might be interested in my beginners post about anal training. My ass is going through a change. Master is preparing it for anytime use. I’m back on the schedule of wearing my butt plug every other night as a part of my bedtime routine. I don’t object to it as much as I did when I had to wear them during the day. I’ve made it a good 2 hours or so with it before I get up with the strong urge that it has to come out. Kindly he lets me take it out.

Even on bad butt days he’s been patient and let me take the butt plug out. Thank god for patience on those days. The butt cramps are not fun whatsoever.

But it’s more than anal training with plugs. Master loves anal sex. He’s anal fixated some days and I can hope that my inner system is agreeable. I love the feeling of Master’s cock in my ass. It’s more than that. I love feeling come in my ass. I can’t explain it but the force I feel of his cock pulsing and releasing is so pleasurable. It makes the painful entrance and the sweet tingling sensation as he fucks me all the more wonderful.

Playing with my ass is one activity that makes me feel very dirty. I’m not a complete slut unless he plays with my ass. Then I feel surrendered to my role as his slut. I like being his slut and he makes me feel so good when he’s using me as he wishes and playing with my ass or if I have something crammed in there to fill me up. The hottest thing he does is put a finger in there while he’s fucking me. God I love it and I can’t explain why.

So the butt plug training is not only just training my ass to get used to stretching, it’s to remind me that my ass isn’t off limits for his use. I also feel that he’s wanting me to feel very submissive to him and my ass is one of those things that brings me into that space.

Ass space, slut space, my sexual submission to him all in that butt plug.