“Master can we have spanking sex tonight?” I question. It’s what I call it when we blend pain and sex. Generally they go together but I wanted a bit more pain than usual so that’s how I ask for it.

“I’m sure we can manage something,” he replies with a wicked grin.

The preliminaries are hotter than they have been recently. We kiss deeply and I can’t help but touch him all over. I nibble on his neck and nipples and then back up, whispering in his ear my desires and lust. Nasty talk drives him wild. I touch his cock and tease him. “You like it when I stroke it, don’t you?” “You want me to badly, I can feel it.” “You are so hard!”

He’s caressing me all over too and thankfully leaving my tender nipples alone he dives down to my puss and starts tugging on the fat mound. He tugs it softly at first and then harder, so hard that it makes me groan and squeeze my eyes shut in that painful surrender. He asks if it’s too hard. I’m hoping the look on my face says no, dear god no! Master continues to squeeze and pull on my pussy lips and mound. I’m so thankful that I can love the feel of it and moan with lust.

He fingers my clit for awhile, teasing me up to a frenzy and then we lay head to feet and he sucks and nibbles on my inner thighs, moving closer to my mound. Those first slow laps always make me nervous that I’m not going to be clean enough or smell good… I’m just like that. Just after a bath I knew I’d be fine. He’s so expert with his tongue he can drive me so wild and it wasn’t long before I was trembling.

My hands stroking his cock slowed. “Don’t you dare fucking stop slut.”

“Yes Master, I’m sorry Master.”

I’m rocking into him and stroking at the same time. He comes back up and continues fingering me, driving me closer to orgasm.

“Do you want to come or do you want my cock.”

“I want your cock Master, please fuck me Master.”

“How do you want it slut?”

“On all fours Master, I want to feel you pounding into me, please Master fuck me like that please?”

We are in position and as he guides himself into me I push back, wanting to feel all of him but he grabs my hips.

“You fucking slut, your eager aren’t you?”

“Oh yes Master, fuck me please?”

He rocks a few times into me and then impales himself deep. The fucking that ensues is rough and hard, he’s spanking my thighs and ass over and over. I’m trembling and screaming at him to keep going, take me deeper. It’s so good that mix of pain and pleasure.

He rakes his nails down my back and I feel almost a primal growl exit my throat. Oh yes, do that again I think, and he does. Harder, fiercer I can feel the lines burning after his nails have stopped. I can feel the sharp strikes on my ass again. It’s so good.

Then he reaches up and grabs my ponytail and pulls my head up and back. He fucks me harder like that and it sets me into a headspace immediately. He knows that. I feel so pliable and willing, the slut in me unleashed. He pulls harder and I arch up to compensate for the pull.

This dance goes on for awhile, my body taking it all in and his pleasure evident. Harder, fiercer and so deliciously painful. He stops and pulls out to play with my clit again, oh so delicious as he brings me closer yet again, I’m practically screaming my pleasure to the room’s echo.

He stops abruptly and fucks me some more, faster and harder than before, the spanking more rampant, the scratching heavenly. He takes my pony tail again and pulls really hard and I can feel him getting closer to his orgasm. His breathing ragged he takes his pleasure of me. I can feel him come hot and hard in me.

Collapsing I feel content and floaty.

“I’m not going to make you come, slut, so that you can enjoy this feeling”

I want to voice a thank you, but the words don’t come, I’m still moaning and sighing.

“Clean my cock, whore.”

I clean it well and don’t want to let go of it, that sword of pleasure I love so much. But the world continues and Master’s next request is the predictable.

“Go make my coffee please.”

And I obey.